Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nothing is more important than a smile

Feeling good today notwithstanding that I was caught in a heavy jam on my way to the office this morning, probably due to the election at permatang pauh and there was strict police checking along the way to the bridge. Anyway, feeling good with my breakfast and lunch companion today. yaking off our early morning with my team mates at pekaka dim sum and heard lots of stories from my friend during my lunch. I love this kind of gathering that gives me nothing but laughter's and light heart. =) You guys just make my day.

Nothing is more important than having a smile in a day. Don't you agree, my
ginger bread man?=)

It was pouring cats and dogs in the late afternoon, hopefully no flood in BJ area, plan to visit my favorite kayu later though. shivering and freezing in office.
Again, my gingerbread man agreed.

Poor him. Sabotaged by ys, the big bully. wt...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Great trip to KL=)

The plan to do my facial in KL Adonis had been pended for quite some times due to many reasons like failed in booking a slot at Sg.wang adonis, occupied by my parents schedule whenever they were in KL, working through the weekend and blah blah . But this time i was so determined to get it done and nothing could ever bust this plan, not even this month of having incessant rain almost everyday. And so Here I came, car pooling with sh where I slept the whole journey off, as usual.

#A bed made up with Brenda

Initially was planning to take LRT to cheras and walked to Brenda house for a night stay. But sh was unstintingly offer to drop me at Cheras as KL safety was kind of worrying nowadays for a lone ranger specially a beautiful lady(^^), moreover walking alone at night. Imagine...emm...
Me and sh nearly lost in cheras so we decided to pull over at cheras leisure mall to wait for brenda and bf to pick me up.

manage to snap a photo with the beautiful lantern decoration at leisure mall

It seems like forever while waiting and thank God they finally arrived after an hour.
Brenda and I didnt chat
away the night long enough as both of us dozed off in a split second, i wish we have more time of chit chat though..but was relented to a day-long headache and fatigue after a long day trip.

#The Best Bat kut teh in this universe!

Posing in front of brenda's apartment

I guess I never missed having bat kut teh whenever I dropped by KL. Initially was planned to have it on sunday but guess I just decided to drop sh from the plan since brenda and shouxin wanted to go today.

This BKT shop is famously known as the no.1 at this area. You can find a BKT shop in a stone throw of distance and almost every shop was fully seated. We manage to gulp the food in half an hour as the speed of serving was invincibly efficient.

After the brunch, 3 of us mucked around the sunway pyramid
to pass the time while waiting for my appointment schedule. The Mega sales is nearly ended and most of the things are at their normal price so we decided to ease our stomach, so here we were with the

yokomon icecream

Saw this event at sunway main entrance. It is a ticket distribution for avril lavigne concert. Every contestant will try to succumb all their guts and use their creativity to sing like Avril on the stage. Saw this guy who wore the same costume as Avril Lavigne album. His looks so hairy and muscular in his hot pant and sleeveless tee. I actually tried to convince myself that he was just forgotten to shave. emm...while allowing the imagination running wild, we also snapped quite a number of photo with our sheepish look as we started to feel the slothfulness of having zilch to do in sunway.

Like this..

And this...

I guess brenda was sleepy but she just refused to go back sleep. Anyway, I really am big enough to take care of myself and there is nothing wrong if you go back sleep if you are tired or sleepy ler dear.

Finally sh save their bell at 3 pm, after waving goodbye and promises of future KL trip again witb brenda and shouxin, me and sh finally headed to Adonis to h
ave our skin pampered. The beautician was terrified by my big and black eye circle and persistently convinced me to try on their ICO2 eye mask which costed rm150 for a trial and rm800 for signing a full 10 times eye care course. I was sternly refuse to top up on my facial course at first but since she agreed to give me the eye care + neck care trial with rm150, I literally agreed on the first trial.=)

The facial was incredibly comfortable at first til the beautician picking
on my pimples, at the very moment, I really thought i was nearly dead but the intense pain keep reminding me I was actually being slaughtered...willingly. But thinking of the outcome, I am sure this is not the last time i bear the pain. The funny thing was woon started to call me at 630pm as I promised to gather with yang and woon at 6pm actually and I was feeling so like to pee and cant stand for another 20 minutes to have my last mask. So I sort of using the excuse to call my friend back and quickly asked for a time out and scampered to the toilet as well as returning woon's call. By the time i finished my whole facial, woon and sh was waiting outside. The beautician once again trying to persuade me to sign up the eye course and this time i think I was totally feeling contented after the eye care treatment that given by my beautician so i agreed on the course unhesitatingly.

It was really a nice ladies gathering with yang and woon with sh feeling so boring mucking around with us and hear all our nonsense gal's talk.

Our dinner at the Vietnamese restaurant

adjourned to starbuck to view on yang's wedding album.
me and woon was so looking forward to meet the right one and have our wedding soon too. =( It was good to have this kind of binge that has only laughter and giving you nothing but gleeful mood.

The last thing that knocked my head before i finally dozed off, I wonder why i make such a good customer, am I loosing my mind? rm1000++ in a day????wt....

#walking like a zombie in One U.
I was actually feeling so exhausted on sunday, but was still hoping to find myself a pair of shoes. But finally carry a whole heart of disappointment and empty hand back to penang. Or maybe no...i still manage to grab an ice cream at DQ Julius. Feeling contented. =)

Friday, August 22, 2008

People comes and people go

All the FTS team member and some non related "passerby" at the back.

FTS team had this multi-purpose lunch this afternoon at manila place, gurney to save money for having too many celebration. This lunch is the combination in purposes to welcome our FTS new hire, yu shen and welcome Benghai for leaving FTS team to pursue his great undertaking, insurance and I bet he will live and die for Great Eastern.
Costly but you cant buy the fun of having a few nice folks talking craps and making sheepish conversation. =p

Here is the started, Salty mushroom soup and melted butter..=p

My tasteless spaghetti bolognese chicken

While waiting for ys to unload his big business.....

......still waiting......look at stupid yj..

here are the S4(stupid 4)

NIce you and him or her that catch up with me=)

A week almost reach its end again and I still pending on my last weekend's blog. I wasnt sure why i have so many unimportant stuff to muck about, probably hovering and addicted on a few junk sites for the whole week, loafing around at the template design webpage, and failed to decide on which template that fit me most. Not childish, not dull....layout that was not "oily" or "greasy". Will keep changing it though.

#1:Limtehing and movie with friday gang

Had a brief catch up with my usual friday gang where we will sit together and yakking on stuffs, waiting for our movie to start. It was nice sometimes when you get to see some people that you didnt see for week and enjoy the craps more than ever. Or perhaps no sometimes. Especially when zj try to guess what cup on lady A, lady B and hop to lady Z.....Come On, can you see a lady was just sitting next to you?@_@
Anyway, luckily i knew him for ages, or else I am going to loathe his unruly mischievous glance. :)
cheeky zj

guai guai kh

And our favorite lovely arabian gal

#Someone's birthday=)

Saturday morning was good for the old gang catch up despite celebrating buddy leng birthday on lunch at gurney kim gary. Mang and sh picked me up at 1130 while i was rushing in and out my roon to find a box to fit the pyjamas that I bought for leng. Upon reaching gurney, I quickly scampered out the car and grab a piece of chocolate indulgence from secret recipe. Leng looked thinner but i was just totally opposite with my size expanding...couldnt believe altera is a bad company to torture the employee and squeeze them to juice...but maybe a good fitness center for those like me?=D

The bubbly birthday gal with her one slice of cake

Leng and cw

Me and Leng

Clockwise: Leng, cw, sh, me and mang

PS: not forgetting those moment of guitar and olympics and sports..sauna, swimming and Chong wei's badminton match.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ikying's convo

I attended my secondary school classmate's convocation today. She is taking the master in mas com or perhaps it is education???.......@_@...i am unsure...(look like a bai chi, attend ppl's convo without asking them about the course). Bought a nice flower for her, it is pink and she claims that she is as beautiful as the flower and everyone thought it is from her bf. anyway..here is us with the beautiful flower(rm40...not cheap leh...=S)anyway, i have a blurred friend too...as she told me her convo is at 1130 but actually it was at 1pm.....faint.
Then I went to a quite decent coffee shop with my friend, alfresco to have our lunch. both of us ordered the seafood spaghetti, white coffee and cappuccino...
alfresco near the ivory condo
seafood spaghetti that was not so tasty

Let me clarify...I wasn't intend to upload this photo. I was just trying to show the nice nice white coffee but..seems like i forgot to take the white coffee picture except for this.(i look ugly....T_T)

Random post#2

Damn grumpy yesterday. he is such a weirdo, weirdo, weirdo. I swear he was my best friend for this 3 years but he could let go any of the friendship like switching the ON/OFF button merely because he is "shuang". You come when he waves at you and leave when he was moody. I wont weep a single tear for this kind of friend. Trust me. I actually convinced myself that he is just a zlich to me as he had changed. I, in fact am a different jiajia now. I wont care for things that doesn't deserve me, not like him. Never greet people when he saw you, always want people to pamper him, lift him up like a King, simply can throw tantrum on you and making you feeling miserable, and some more need to lick your wound yourself. I can still prancing through my life and don't think he can clutter my life anymore. Because I am just not the same old jiajia anymore. I slept soundly last night without worrying what had I done wrong in a day, what have I lost today...yeah, i checked on them every end of the day to make sure I will never repeat the same old mistake tomorrow. But yesterday was fine. =)

Ok....that is not what i want to share about. They were the past, not today. I have 3 meeting today and I hate meeting. They are boring and unproductive...maybe it is one of the management ploy where our manager try to fill into their schedule so that they wont look that useless to the team(not all but some). Gonna prepare for my meeting at 930am though I had tried to gather as much info as possible last night. Hopefully i wont miss out anything important.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dan in real life

I wonder if anyone watched Dan in real life before. Knowing this movie from my buddy, jie where he tried to sing the song in that movie "open up my heart to you"(i boldly assume this is the song's title as it occupied majority of the lyrics), and jie spoilt its nice mantra. There are a few meaningful script lines in the movie that cling wrap my heart intensively. First was from his witty youngest daughter, Lily " you are a good father but you a bad dad", I cant help my smile when Dan ask lily, "who made that up for you, is it jane?cara?jane or cara", Lily felt insulted and retorted " im four and I can make up something myself" Dan didnt believe and still asking" jane or cara?"...then jane and cara were disgruntled and support "she said she is four and she make up herself"..=) it shows how funny our dad is sometimes when they always treated us like a never grown up kid, like the day they first laid eyes on us and never changed the way of educating and controlling(at least my dad) us, And the second was " how can you fall in love in 3 days?" when Dan ask his second daughter, cara who dated a spanish young fine boy. Cara cried and snap " i love him, I love him........10x or 20x times...til finally she said.."you are a murderer of love". My parents used to murder lots of my love while i was young, I think they are still doing it now. I am 26 and i dont even have that freedom to choose who to be with? I think things wont change even if I am 40 now. They was fretted too much sometimes that you need to keep reminding them "mum, im 26"..but maybe their memory slipped back when they get older so they never remember i am 26. And finally the last verse that i like was from the spanish boy that cara dated when Dan tried to send him away,he said"love is not a feeling", "then what it is? " Dan ask..."it is an ability". It was a powerful word and it makes me pondered. It is an ability. I believe every human has this innate ability but are we appreciating and well using this ability? some of us might born to be slower, cleverer, more persistent, more socialize and that is our ability that is not fairly given by God. It depends on many external factor that might cause you slower, environment perhaps, chances perhaps....but love is an ability that everyone is equally inherited from God regardless of wealth, clever/stupid, your profession....even if you tumbled once in love before and you tell that you will never love again, but you know it is so much BS, cause you know you will love again! just because it is an ability in you that never died, unless your heart stop ponding. It comes impromptu and right to your heart...the hard thing will be, how you handle this ability? will you love to make people happy or you love to make yourself happy? will you mind if you love with an unrequited ending?will you?will me?

p.s: come to think about it, how about those guy who claims to love you when they are wooing you, and once you have a bf, they stop talking to you, greeting you, sway away from you? are they lost their ability or mentality disorder or what? we can always turn a lover's love to a friendship love, arent we? why would we make it die off just because your ego feel bitter when you swallow the failure.....beh dong.....=S

Friday, August 8, 2008

Random post

When I was young, I would look out the windows and looking up at the stars. I would wonder what was there. I would try and wrap my young mind around the concept that what I could see was only a fraction of something so vast and ever ending that my mere world was only a speck of light. A light so faint that if it should be snuffed out tomorrow no one would be the wiser. I have always grappled with the paradox of life on this planet and the existence of God. In the limitless arena of space I refuse to believe that this is the only planet to entertain life. As I grew older I began to pull away from the idea of God at all. I mean how could it be that an almighty spirit would choose to populate only one planet among hundreds of billions of worlds? Then to add insult to injury the creations that are placed on this sole inhabited planet are so flawed that they constantly teeter on the brink of extinction. Over the years I have felt my grip on the concept of God loosen until finally I had basically given up.

It's funny. When we are young we run around looking up at the sky. When we are older when spend a lot of time looking down at the ground. Perhaps if we spent more time looking up and not down at our feet we would see the truth. Perhaps if we looked up now and then we would see that God is really there. Perhaps I will spend more time looking up at the stars. Who knows what I might just see.

Monday, August 4, 2008

peace run

It was my first marathon run, which is a charity run that organized by Penang MPPP-SCI. In fact i was reluctant to go at first. But since already woke up early in the morning and my fren was so persistent to persuade me join the run, out of so many reason that I cannot say no, I finally had to grudgingly drag my heavy leg to youth park, which was the starting line.
However majority of the participant that joined the run was categorized in the early 20 and i suppose we were a few of those who stands out like the old citizen among them. =(...of coz you can still find lots of auntie, uncle who are the jogging amateur joined the run as well.
There were a few registration booths set up in the middle of the field. Around 740am, the event finally began and everyone started to run but i was still uncertain whether i should run or just walk for 6km...emm.....thinking***but after a while, i started to run and honestly, it was so tiring for me as i didnt exercise for months....imagine...my muscle was so stiff and every inch of my body was yelling for a rest...but anyway...i did run until the finishing line and manage to get myself my first marathon certificate ..kekeke.....^^V..
jiajia showing off time...

lovely yen yee showing off also....

here comes the showing off in groups..........

-_____-.........today, Im suffering the extreme muscle pain...=(
and lets take a break for some advertisement, don't under estimate this small tube of cream..it can magically soothing your muscle pain..
the magic counterpain

Friday, August 1, 2008

A life wihout female

I always know that galfrens are very important to me, coz we share some little "banned-male" secret that we cannot share with guys, holding hand when going shopping, exchanging some sensitive topic like"what is your size...blah blah..."but I not even have one who can talk such thing to me now. What a pathetic life...=(
lost some of the human touch, maybe it is time for me to get a pet. =)