Sunday, September 28, 2008

zj's 26th birthday

I Know my buddy, Zhijie for 8 years but this was the first time i celebrated his birthday, perhaps we started to appreciate each other more when we grew older.=p. Anyway, I do believe that even if I dont remember his birthday, we were still good friend to each others, those that you can share your ups and downs.

Had buffet dinner at Tao.

Adjourned to a lounge called Fuel after the long dinner, zj claims that this lounge has the greatest live band. Noticed that all were wearing green color that day except me..-____-. Distance performed between me and them liao....DEng Deng Deng Deng!!!!

Me and my bodyguards! It seems like this was my birthday rather than zj.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

If only

Not the first time I'm feeling perplexed and floating nowhere at somewhere so vast and hazy that you not even know when is the best time to make a good change in your life. As seems like I am living in the fear of uncertainty towards something unknown. Things that I wish it is answered the next minutes, things that I give a full faith but might disappoint later. I wish I have that psychic power that can herald me on how the things might turn out to be tomorrow, then perhaps I can stop thinking about its pros and cons. But no matter how, I know it will always be the bad one that i am trending to think more which I guess is a pessimistic side of me. And only the deep inside me that still waiting and eagerly hoping that possibly the outcome would prove more fulfilling to me.

From beginning until today, I have changed to be somebody who is so dependent on time, who put all the faith to time. Let the time or fate decide. Let the time heals the wound, let time reveal the truth, let them prove the righteousness. Let time undone and redo thing that goes wrong. And slowly I tend to forget I have a life that I can risk the time and yield for a change.

It is always when the nights fall or you are completely stall with nothing to do, and you begin to wish there are somebody whom you can sit together like some clingy couch potato watching some movies, people whom you can call him out loud with funny nickname without fearing to offend him, or just somebody whom you can fire him away with some trivial stuff. Somebody who is so real that you wont have to think whether he is pretending to be the best him, the one who doesnt fear of admit any shit that he did, and the one who can demand a suspend to my never ending unrequited love story. So I end up anticipating for the sparks, waiting for the voice in my heart to tell me again, lets give yourself a try. I suppose love needs an ammassing huge sums of courage to tell you it is right to be with him, a willingness to sacrifice the things that looks impossible, a confident to commit and to embrace the changes in life together.

There used to be so many faces that I wish to cherish but gradually erased them from my mind, people that I wish to run the extra mile but ended up letting me down, So I started to think I can be cynical or ignorant and stop tiring myself in contenting their needs. But behind my mind, I know I still cherish them as much as before and naively believe that I could make a change if only i try harder. But with a person like him, whom I tried to be good though he pretend to be aloof, attempting to make him understand he is always special to me because we had come a long long way to become good friend, until I had PARTIALLY given up. So I tell myself, there is nothing you cant live without..slowly I started to think of him less and less....especially when you are caught up to make the living. But sometimes, just sometimes that you remember him drawing that smiling face on his familiar face, or just that simple name of mine that he wrote on the snow, then you realise you never intend to leave. I wonder if there is anything he remembered. But how I miss the he that made such a great friend before. And that she, always is somebody I admire so much because she made such an outstanding person that it makes you feeling so small. I thought we finally pull back the distance but apparently i am too naive and unilaterally feeling relief out of nothing. So i started to convince myself that time will tell if I remain still at where I am now.

I do enjoy this kind of lonely space that cluttering my mind sometimes. It slits my memory and reminds me of things that I had put behind, things that I assumed had died in me. Things that slowly get over it when I am busy, and things that I had but not mine anymore.

I know life is very splotchy with lots of things that makes you feeling bad and it is very far from the perfection, but If only i would given a chance to choose a chocolate from the chocolate box that calls life, I will definitely pick the one that makes me believes, just in anything again.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Biscuit that calls Julie

I believe everyone had great affinity towards the Julie's biscuit when they were kids, i particularly love the peanut cream flavor that sandwiched by 2 round biscuit. Anyway, I never know any other Julie besides from this biscuit name, at least not after i came to Intel where i knew this gal named Julie. Maybe I should name my daughter Julie so that no kids will dislike her. Enough for the long winded story.

Anyway, Julie's birthday is tomorrow but we celebrated it today as we can grabmany people to join for lunch and the most important thing is, we have 2 hours lunch on every Friday which we might "accidentally" prolonged it to 3 hours sometimes. And this is one of the Intel very important benefit. But you see, we worked more than the normal hour, so it sort of recompense back the lost hours with additional bonus hour to intel. Nevertheless, we still earn the flexibility of working hour.

We decided on Matsuki for the birthday lunch as it is cheap and some more they serve haagen daaz ice-cream as the dessert, where can you find a set of Japanese lunch which costs rm 12++ with main course, cawanmushi, miso soup, coleslow and morever, HD's ice cream?NO WAY!

Julie's 25th BD with her blueberry cheese cake

Julie with her biscuit lover, Melv

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Intel infection

Today is quite a productive day for me, lots of issue awaiting me to resolved. While waiting for my test to finish compiled and running, it is good to snatch these few precious minutes to remind myself the result of working in intel!

Before working in skin was super good. S**t!


I know this is a super duper big face pic which might scare some of the cowards to off their window abruptly..anyway..this is not the keynote. Ignoring the spot on my teeth which i got it from one rainy day where I slipped and fall with both my hand and leg wide spread on the floor and the only thing that rescue me from hurting my head to kiss the floor was my TEETH!!! Thank God!...anyway, I am off topic again. The thing is..I got a Rossie cheek last time. But you can only find pimples on my face now..=(

The following photo...emm...I need to pig faced him as I don't want people to lose focus. I was searching for a pic which can manifest my tummy size. Did you notice that my tummy was small last time?(trust me that I didn't hold my breathe when the photo was taken) And now compare to the one that stick on me right now... They are unruly growing each day...and this unquestionably is the result from Intel super ergonomic chair.


ps: I must say that I was typing real fast as my test was almost compiled. I guess I will win myself the fastest typist award.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I just missed the fun=(

I hate to say that I missed the Teambuilding last night due to the fatigue after the long exhausted weekend. And it even provoke me when looking at the fun pic that shared out today, Dont care, I am going to faked it anyhow.BLLLERRK!!!!

Guess where am I standing??

Monday, September 15, 2008

Wedding Marathon

I had wedding marathon over the just crossed weekend. I suppose I will have more on the coming 1-2 years. At this age, everyone will plan to settle down, building a family with different form of life, a life of commitment and responsibility. I hate to say attending others wedding actually sporadically reminding me to plan for my future, but I darn know that the right one really need to wait.

My boss had his wedding on Saturday night at paradise hotel. I remembered the last time i attended the wedding at paradise hotel was 3 years ago, that time he was with his Uni ex, and after 3 years, his ex had married 2 years ago and finally his turn to saunter the red carpet with his beautiful wife, who was his friend way back in secondary/primary school. Anyway,we never know who will be the last person who hold our hand, so did he.

How much time do you need to waste til you meet your right one? Fate is a lame joker who makes people cry most of the time. The one you married might not be the one you loved the most, but definitely make the best of you and complete you.

No.39 table's lengluis, all in black

Melv with his submissive gfs

And I have mine too...ahahah=p

Early sunday morning, I, with a few of them sh, mang, kian kok and kar yee car pooling to Perak teluk intan attending our buddy hung yang's wedding. We departed from penang at 730am and reached ipoh at 9am. Of course we would seize every possible chance grabbing ipoh dimsum.

I wonder why am i look so yellowish

Apparently, it didnt spend us too much time to gulp down our food as everyone was starving badly throughout the journey. I must say that it was a day for marriage as everything was perfectly fine, the weather, the people, the journey, the traffic...dandy and sailing smooth.

Anyway, we manage to catch hung yang 's "出嫁" ceremony in kampar and getting ourself acquainted with the very chinese tradisional kind of marriage where yang and foo was incessantly serving tea to all the eldest folks in the family. After kampar, we tailgating the other car to teluk intan, which is ah foo's hometown.

Her happinese was visible

We were totally exhausted at noon but still tried to make a trip to the only tourist spot in teluk intan, the menara condong.

It was not a very special building but we still rattling here and there, taking photo like some geeky. The only regrets that we had was not able to taste the famous" zhu chang fen" that ys recommended as the shop was closing on sunday. what a luck=(

This is a shop to buy the local product, like famous Teluk intan "xiang bin"

I believe the happiness that yang felt today was totally apprehensive as both of them had plowed through many hardship and miles of distance and finally had each other in their arm. As for her good friend like me, I am really glad that I managed to witness the best day in her life.

The long journey crew, kk, ++, +2,km and sh

Friday, September 12, 2008

This post is for Buddy Leng

Though we never declare it but both me and Leng knew that it had been so long that we didnt hang out together, alone. There always had people who tag along with us, her bf, mang or sh. Staying at the same small island but find it hard to compromise each other time, maybe this excuse was rather unacceptable. I know. But I was once thought that, if things had changed the luster, means it changed. Although I know both of us was trying to get back the old time, when we went to Intel together in the morning and went back home together again. I remembered we seldom dinner together last time as she always had lots of date to kept her busy at night, but at least she was the first person I saw in the morning and I was the last person she met from office after the office hour.

Today is a good kick start for us to finally making the date happened.. =) I wasnt put much hope when she plan for the dinner as our plan often canceled in the past, so maybe it is not we didnt make any effort but accident always happen(lame excuse again)

I didnt feel awkward when sitting in front of her, not sure about her. Maybe I was rushed to old town egate after work and never had time to really think about all the possibilities that might happen after the long drifting apart. The more you never give it a thought, the more you dont care for the possibilities of feeling aloof and thus the more comfortable we were. At least I was. We chatted on many things, the new job, the relationship, people around us.....just update each other with news, i guess that makes the time tickled away faster than we thought.

Perhaps...people getting older, changed , but there are things that will remain. Maybe it is the feeling that we reserve for each other. And yes, today she made me realize that, we never really walked too far to pull each other back in place again.

The fellowship of the lok lok

Quite a lengthy of events going on these few days and also the days on weekend. Last night, we had a dinner gathering which we didnt do it quite a while. Having meal in a bigger group, not to say our friday 2 hours lunch. Thanks to woon for she was the one who suggested the dinner.

The dinner that chuck all the fun people back again.

The fellowship of the lok lok

In case you never tried the lok lok at pulau tikus, here are some pic to let your saliva drool. They almost have everything that your mind can name it. Good for those who never try the "lok lok celup" which is similar to the steamboat style

Everyone seems to be very kia-su

We will never missed all the gals taking photo together session.
From left: julie, woon, jj and su lin

Adjourned to Segafredo for chit-chatting after the lok lok as the night was still ssssoooo young!! Anyway, I felt young again.=p ( In case you dont know, I was wearing my sleeping pant!)

Never giving up taking the big head photo

Mr. skull and pretty woon with their order menu( the waiter was waiting patiently to take our order while we busy snapping photo)

From left: melvyn, kok mang,yann seng and sh

To tell you the truth, I was so fretted whenever I stand on my weighing machine. Will the pointer run out of the scale, breaking the mirror or the machine surface dent in when i stood on top of it? I believe I am seriously overweight but the temptation was so strong at time that it makes me break my vow again and again.. Anyway, I promise that I will keep fit tomorrow.=(

Thursday, September 11, 2008

This is my favorite time~

This was our last saturday outing at red box. The plan to sing has been pended for a few months and always call off at the last minutes. Anyway, it was a very fun outing though we had 2 people ffk.

Everyone's hand was occupied with something, mic and remote. See how active we were!

The best part of all was not solely schmoozing but having those who makes you laughed til your stomach cramping and your face muscle hurt.=)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rainbow after the rain

I know life isn't good everyday, there will be rough edge at the perfect bundle, giving me loosen thread that I need to ruminate how to put them in place, I thought I am numb, or I have been jaded or as cynics as I thought i could be. How I wish too. But no matter how hard you try to polish or construct your life, your daily hum drum, there are still many things that out of your reach.

I wouldnt want to say that yesterday was a bad day to me, but if I looked from the bad side, it was like I got 3 summon of the speeding ticket or if from the brighter side, I just got myself a missed hatrick into the goal( at least I was on target) Both are utterly unpredictable. And yes, at one moment of second, I was feeling so grounded and unguarded. But I was fine after that. =)

case #1:
I rushed back home with mang at 11am as the appointment with the technician was made at 11am. I expect that I would be most probably given a plane but thank God, he finally came at 12. It was still good, I think. at least he came. He changed 2 moderms and it still failed to connect. So he made a long phone call and finally claims that he need to go down to level 5 in fixing the port(level 5 is my management office, gym room, swimming pool..but I never know we can fix our streamyx there too). So he went. And that was the last time i saw him. coz he never came back til 2. Mang was calling him constantly and he said he was working in level5 still and he will fix it before 4. So, we went down to find him but as usual, level 5 was emptied in the weekday morning. And my streamyx still down at night......

i was feeling so tired and cold so i decided to go back early at 430pm sharp. But I failed to start my car engine. So yj come out and help me to take a look. And i sms mang too. So yj came, and justin passed by and dropped by and mang also came down. They suspect it was the battery problem or the car starter didnt work...jump start the car also didnt work fine, so we decided to push the car. We have 2 version of car pushing scenario. First was I drove and 3 guys pushing hard from the back, and it failed. Second was 2 guys and one gal push and kok mang drove...and ok, my car was alive again!!and we all cheers and me and mang drove away to the workshop that cause me 225 after root cause to be battery problem.
Not bad huh?=) at least I got the chance to push the car, some more at intel.

Then I went to see doctor coz I was not feeling well but i was told that I had a fever of ~39C and infection. luckily, no biggy....=) i still slept soundly last night though rushing to toilet a few times.

It wasnt a bad day right? at least I know there are so many people out there who really cares.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Random #3

I realize I am not good at handling people's emotion. I will treat all my friends good but sometimes it is just so tired to comfort them because I have my worries too. There are so many things that I need to learn, from books, from my friends. I still believe everyday is a blessing day, just like my streamyx. If I never had my streamyx port downtime, I would never learn to appreciate the flexibility of online at home, i would never know although the streamyx sux, we couldnt live without it because it is still far better than the other service provider like maxis and celcom.
From anger, til cool down til accept it, I still called to Tmnet officer everyday to ask for the status. So I guess just bare with it.

PS:It was pouring down everyday. And I wish, I could always stay in my slumber.Forever.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Streamyx really sux

Initially i was planned to put this post title as "streamyx sucks" but then I decided to lodge my complain report to the "help@streamyx" website that the tmnet officer gave me after i called them for the 21st time, at least before i started to blog. Ok fine, so I try to enter this url but I forgot this is streamyx coz the url is not existing and it prompt me the error!

So my rage is totally apprehensiveable. So I tried to search from google. Tapping in "streamyx complain" and ha! it surprise me that actually there is an official website for the consumer to drop their complain over streamyx and found lots of people who is actually as brilliant as me to post their entry as "streamyx sucks". I guess it is branded to streamyx. Just like the new vocab that I learnt today, "atomicity" which is unseperateable. But to double emphasize it, I named it "streamyx really sucks".Here is the officer website where you can register to be a fan/supporter.

Anyway, for those who dont know. I am pleased to tell you that my streamyx was down since the merdeka day(guess he is having public holiday but forgot to resume back his duty after merdeka..-_-'''). And it comes to 5th day today. Actually whenever you call for the tmnet technical support, you will be attended by different tmnet officer, so my case is...I strongly believe that I have actually talked to all the officer that available for the techinical support. I am now very popular among them and maybe they did chat about me when having their breakfast or whatever and laughed at how frustrated I am when having my wrath conversation with them. Ok..I guess they all are still puasa. BLERRK! Not forgetting the techinician that they assigned, he was the laziest person I have ever met although I never meet him in person but I can actually imagine his face especially on his empty promises that costs nothing. He convinced me that he would come and fix my port. But I guess he not even know where I stayed coz our typical converstion will be like:

The laziest technician in the world: give me your address
poor JJ:(scratch her head that is not itchy)I gave you yesterday
The laziest technician in the world: oh...solok tembaga ah..I know I know..I am there now
poorJJ: you sure?
The laziest technician in the world:yaya, okok..I will call you later
poorJJ: please update me with the status
The laziest technician in the world:sure sure.....
poor JJ: alo alo
(ensued by tu tu tu.......)

so know i finally know, he only know solok tembaga but never bring his a** there. And luckily, he has no audacity to pick up my call after that coz I only get to pour my frustration to the operator from the voice mail.

And today I just knew that I am so lucky that i am not alone as I would wonder if I owe tmnet any money that I was giving this kind of unscrupulous treatment. My buddy woon and ys also faced this conflict with tmnet. And lots and lots of streamyx user out there who cant do anything about it but keep paying for the money every month without any compensation or rebate after the poor service.

I am really frustrated and gone berserk over streamyx and my friend sh had actually sent me an useful link for me to online purchase the streamyx which you can wear for 7 days per week to protest!!!

Monday *streamyx sucks*
Tuesday *Look. It is tmnet*
Wednesday*streamyx QA failed*
Thursday*Sorry, google logo failed to load due to slow internet connection-by streamyx*
Friday*streamyx sucks*
Saturday*Streamyx time to get back to hell*
And the sacarstic one....Sunday*Stop speeding on internet*

G hotel's Miraku

I just realized I haven't posted anything on my previous luxurious dinner at G hotel's Miraku restaurant. It was sh's treat anyway. =) thanks a bunch!! (which is due to many reasons that he was forced to give me this treat..^O^)
I was almost starving til crawling on the floor when we finally reached G hotel some more it was raining drizzly but i wasnt really feel that cold, maybe I have a thinker layer of fat under my epidermis. So I make my daily vow again.."tomorrow I will start my diet plan".-_-

Working also not so serious..-_-

Both of us almost fainted from hunger when the food was served. Anyway, it was the mini portion of food compared from what it was pictured in the menu. wt..... why dont you charge me half prices as well? I was so disgruntled and keep whining, and some more the one who pay the bill didnt even uttered a word to complain. Anyway, this kind of ugly character usually done by ladies. Hehe.

I should say that the appetizer was not bad at all..=)

Sh's pick-teriyaki chicken

And unagi sure is mine=D

I think I only spent less than 15 minutes gulping down all my food, imagine! I could find a better restaurant with the same food quality but lower prices in penang ler...*hieve a big sigh*

Sh said he saw there is ice cream in each dinner set so I was waiting patiently......but the time tickles by and I never get my long waiting ice cream.....

It was still raining while we out from G hotel and I almost fell down twice..guess it was the punishment from above for being such a hard pleasing person I am.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Home made bao(Bun)

I was walking sluggishly out my room early Sunday morning with my shabby pyjamas and drowsy eyes and seeing my mum sitting at the dining table with lots of small white ball on her hand, and even more small white balls was neatly and inlinely placed on the table. If I am not stupid enough to see, she was making bao. BAO!bao!bao...hehe..amazing parents!

I quickly rattling to take a sit excitedly and grabbed a flour that had been minced,
stired, rubbed and moulded into a small ball shape by my father and followed my mum wrapping the stuffing with the flour ball. The first trial was incredibly awful where the wrapper was broken and you can see the filling even from the top, left, right angle...ARGH!! So i stole some flour from another flour ball and sticked it on my deformed bao. really retard T_T.

But that
didnt break my spirit as I decided to give myself another chance, so I grabbed another flour ball again and gave it a new attempt though my mum was futilely trying to stop me, yelling at her lung but I was pretended to be deaf and assure her that this will be a good one. Watch me! was another distorted product from me but far way better than the first one! I feel so proud of myself. * Self admiring*

I could hear my mum telling my dad to steam my
bao separately from hers when I fled into my room again after I threw a disaster to my mum . -_-'''

Monday, September 1, 2008

+2(kar yee)'s special day

Never been so obedient to wake up so early in the weekend. Today is Merdeka day and I guess the road to the bridge and qb or gurney was stranded like hell now. But the fact is, I need to cross over the Penang bridge to BM today as today is Kar yee and ah yong ROM day. I figured ROM is "registration of marriage". I could be possibly wrong though.

I was so busy flipping through clothes in my closet for half an hour, kept putting on and off one after another and never feel satisfy with the reflection from the mirror. I guess I am really putting on weight now. I looked like a ball who can roll but wrapped up nicely by the tight jeans which made me hard to breath. It is either I started to be cautious with my diet or perhaps buying more clothes that fitting me. The latter sounds tempting=)

Arrived at KY's ROM destination at around 1015am and leaving after an hour, which was unexpectedly fast. Kok mang was right about "marriage is easy as it only a paper signed" but i guess decision was hard to make and the life after it. I guess I was still hanging on as I never met somebody who really make me feeling I am the only one for him and he would love me more than he is loving himself. If I would oneday, perhaps it is my day to say " I do".=)

Busy parents

The fact is, I need to ditch Peking and Ikying off today as mum and dad visited Penang for their forth times in this year. Anyway, i guess their schedule will be fully loaded with my brother's new house furnishing plan. Nothing bad anyway but I would possibly been staying alone in my apartment after this September.

I was so thick face to take self portrait photo while waiting for my mum at the airport today. But was chased away by the police for the 1st time, then second time was by the taxi driver, and 3rd time, horned away by some cars.=( I wasnt really blocked their way, you know. I was just parked at the road side and the traffic can still resume like normal, like i am invincible, i saw a volvo can drive trough, why cant a proton wira?

P/s: mum must be very exhausted after her long journey to penang as she never realized her daughter just dyed her hair =p.. i was actually planned to buy myself an ear plug in case she was shouting on my face again. Poor mum...

Ah Pek in penang^^

I never have many old friends as in classmates/playing mates/tuition mates/temporarily good friend who budding with me since kindergarden or primary school years. If my memory serves me fine, me and my sis and bro had been living like Nomad with my parents since our primary school. We never settling down at a town for long as mum seems to keep moving due to her bad health.

She was a good geography teacher but she couldnt teach for long hour, sometimes i would hear her telling my dad that she almost blackout in school whenever she walked up the staircase or faced difficulty in breathing during her teaching. So literally teaching seems to unfit her, thus changing to an education related job other than teaching seems to be the best option at time. It might be a good stepping storm as without this changes, she might never be a school principal now.

And thus, I have been good in subtlety learn to easily adapt myself to a new environment since young. I never been a social pariah, I could easily make friend but most of them, I couldnt glue a strong bond as i would move again when we finally get closer. So the fact is I have many friends but never be leeched to a big group, anyway I am quite acquainted with the fact that I was naturally scrape out from the list of old schoolmate gathering or feeling aloof even if I joined the gathering. Luckily, I still keep a few close and old friends whom I really appreciate and would like to keep long.

Talking about pek ing, she was one of my form 3 classmate when i moved back from Sarikei town to Sibu town. She sat 2 tables behind me but was quite a bubbly gal too. We are in different gang but gals always can stick together after sharing a few gossips, so did us. But we were arranged in different class when we upgraded to Form 4. Anyway, I didnt really keep contact with most of them after form 5 as everyone will start to move on and starts different life circle again. Not to say when I went to university after form 5 and most of them continue form 6. Anyway, here was just dreary history of mine.

Us: Ik ying, ah pek and JJ at teluk kumbar seafood restaurant

Was meeting with pek ing and Ik ying since the day ah pek came to penang. It was good as everything seems to unchanging after a long depart. We were still the same, still single and eligible, still hoping to get married and still lots to gossip. :)

Ik ying

Pek Pek

and the cheeky me=)

Look can be deceiving

The lesson that I have learn today: Dont judge a unagi from its source.

I thought this was a Unagi when glimpse through the menu in matsuki but apparently it was not! I remembered it was the no.21 dish from the menu but couldnt recall its name. The fish was cook using the same sweet black source like unagi but they just taste totally different. =(