Thursday, October 30, 2008

I will miss you

For a second, I was dumbfounded. Searching for words but all I got was null, null and null. I wish I could say something, congrats maybe, render my wrath maybe…but I was submissively abide silently until she said would tell me when she sees me. I heaved a heavy sigh and at last, I continued tapping away my keyboard though my mind was jumbling. I stayed calmly in that ambivalence that I should be happy for her or gloom for her decision. And finally….not too long that I finally decided not to let these volatile mixed emotion keep consuming me and governed my perspective. If I am her good friend as we claim ourselves to be, then it is only “understanding” and “blessing” that a good friend should do, though there is bitterness stems.

Thinking of the fact that most of my close galfrens finally settled down somehow makes me in vexed. I am definitely not a so future driven person that only perfection takes place in life but I like to be in control of my life at least knowing where I am going. A plan, you know what I mean. Perhaps I am really selfish, really selfish little gal that I only think of my future and yes…MY future ALONE.

I wish I have a room to breathe and undo things. Rewind back to the moment when she came into the lab and me and xiao lei shake hand with her and exchanged name. When first time I drove both of them in my car way to steamboat and we yakked and chuck and buck up like we would see each other tomorrow again, in the same lab, and she gave me a kiss on me and xiao lei cheek saying that she loves both of us. I wish God can undo them for me, and if He does. I promised I would be a good Christian daughter again. I would pick up the bible and reading daily blessing that I despise because they are way too hard to understand.

But… nothing undone. Things happened and she will be leaving, soon. I tell myself not to cry, I knew I will be ok if I cry and acquainted to the fact that she is leaving and getting married. But I don’t wish to unleash my emotion right now. Let me stay like this for a moment. I will be ok.

Happy for your marriage and do take care in US.

Monday, October 27, 2008

It is Joe's birthday

We celebrated Joe birthday last Friday with ZJ's cooking. It is indeed a shame that ZJ can cook much much better than I do. HMMMP! but I dont mind as long as got people to cook for me sometimes.
Initially we was planning to sing our lung out on Friday night but due to many inevitable reasons and the bad weather, we finally called off the plan and have a cozy and warm dinner at my house.

The ingredient for the spagetthi bolognese and mushroom soup

This chef is so shy to look at the cam but still posing with a smile..blerrk!=p

But I am different, I was so busy taking photo though i told him I was time use this excuse again.

This is the first time a male ever cook for me except my dad's cooking that always end up with lots of vege or fried egg...-_-. Anyway, they looked good and even taste better. Sluurrrrp..

Happy Birthday Joe!




Sunday, October 19, 2008





Touring penang

There were many times when I was wondering hard why there is a hearsay that Penang is a food heaven where you can find tons of nice food here ( sorry to all my penangite fellow) but I personally think that Mainland had more choices comparing to island like the happening chai leng park where I loved its lok lok and dry fried hokkien mee, the yam rice(it is darn good!), the seafood, the cendol, the rojak at the pasar and etc. But it's difficult to find a good food stall in penang, every food is just mediocre except the durian!!(gleeful to find something nice finally:))

Kh was asking me and zj to accompany him to bring his sister and family around penang yesterday, visit some tourist spots and gulp on nice food. I wish I can bring them to mainland but that was rather rush. So we went to 点心之家 for our brunch before heading to Keklokshi but it was embarrassed that there was no electricity by the time we reached and everyone was drenching with sweat especially the sister in law who wore a long shirt. But he was still trying to comfort us by saying the food is nice.....errr...i personally do not have audacity to say that because the " siu mai" was hard and sticked to each other like adhesive glu til we need 2 chopstick to pull them off and nearly flew them off hitting people's face. -_________- and the "zhu chang fen" was oily and the kids face again was like.....-_____________-... :'(

Anyway we did try to compensate them to Keklokshi where the kids finally gripping smiles back on their faces and rattling around in the temples, snapping pics, making bust with each other and disboard their guard against us.(earlier on they were cool staring at those cold and stiff dimsum).

The 2 trasher

she was good in taking continuos shots, I wonder how she did that as i always was like "what should i do next ah.....errr" then end up repeating the same pattern again...-_-'''

After the temple visiting, we drove them to Lorong selamat to try on penang laksa, fried kuey tiao and also the cendol. I didnt take any pic as I was having intense stomachache and lugged zj to trader hotel to offload.

Somehow they was acting cool again during the dinner at gurney drive like those little timit kids...perhaps charging themselves first...(but that little devil never missed any cam session though she was like smiling reluctantly)

The mother wanted to take her kids to experience their first ferry ride, so we went to the jetty, parked our car and take a stroll to ferry.

swooshing our hair under the warm night breeze when the ferry took off from the shore and slowly you can only see the tiny little colorful lightspot blinking at you from the sleepless penang island.

I hope that little devil snuggles on her cozy hotel bed with smiles tonight, bringing those flashes of lights into her dreamland.

Friday, October 17, 2008

My first cave adventure

I owed myself a blog since last weekend, when you purposely procrastinated some things for awhile, they would literally fade away in your memory, til one day you only can recall some fragmented pictures but not whole, same thing goes to my gua tempurung trip.

I guess I had been traveling incessantly from penang-ipoh recently til I am wearily to blog on anything that related to the journey. Anyway, they are just monotonous from my past posts. So here we were, gua tempurung. If you never been to gua tempurung, then you should be prepared to equipped yourself with Spiderman power because you are going to do some stunts that are completely transcend all your capability boundaries that you can ever imagine! You would have alot of crawling and sliding, crawling again and sliding....and lots and lots of crawling and sliding.

My car pool mates. We have another bus with 40-50 plus Lamberger members, most of them are agong's USM coursemates

Giving you some gist on what to do before starting your adventure at gua tempurung.

Anyway, you can either choose the easy level walk which is the dry walk in the cave, the moderate one ( i am not sure how it is like) and the toughest one which was also the one that we sign up for, comprising wet and dry walk.

I was feeling twitchy when entering the cave that was so dark and damp with the dense air humidity that you
cannot see your path clearly without any torchlight , some of the space was so narrow that can only squeeze one body, besides you need to avoid your head from knocking on any of the rock or stalagmites or stalactite and also cautious on those smooth and round pebbles under your feet.
tousled me and zj inside the cave

Anyway,I was like a zombie who was brainless and can only take command from 2 body guards guiding at my front and back, telling me to bow down a little bit lower when crawling through the small cave or watch out for my steps for the slippery path. To be honest, it was quite a bliss staring moment especially when you are well taken care by your friends. Or perhaps it makes me a little bit dependent on them.

I fretted a little when I saw this slope and the tour guide was telling us to slide down. The mud was wet and splippery, you might not get a backbone smashed but perhaps just sprank your ankles or broke your arms. The tour guide was telling us to only use your palm and butt to control your movement when sliding down while keep your leg straight.

The cold and wet refugees. My 4 years long serving me nike shoes finally worn-out in the cave.

I am always the one who shun the rays and avoid bathing under the sun and get myself tanned, but for the first time in my life, I was touched to see a ray of sunbeam from the other side of the cave after 3 hours of cave walk.

The other side of the world

The heavenly view on our way pranching out from the cave.

And finally, this is my heavenly moment. Perak famous 鸡丝河粉。



Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Growing up is optional

I wonder why i didn't blog for days where once I've thought i would die if I dont blog for days. I miss how this little space taking over the habit of talking to myself while driving, making some silly poem when alone or having some deep thought while shampooing my hair. Whenever I felt like my mind started to hammering with thoughts or words, I will tell myself" stop! lets blog it out later!". Merely because i am those who pour out something then forget in the next minutes, or which mean I only take things seriously for a second? Why I love to blog so much? probably it makes me believe that I still have a hobby that I am capable to do, I love music but i cant play piano, I want to learn it but I have concern on the financial. I love planting but i have problem of keeping them alive, I admit I occasionally feeling lazy to water them, I love doggy but i am afraid of their paws or their hyperactivity that licks you all over your leg!bathing with sticky saliva?no!

So I end up having an nondescript mundane life that goes to work, having monday blue, waiting for weekends and occasionally thinking" what am i doing right now?". And then i was sitting inside those rooms attending some meetings that i was morosely wondering hard why am I here or accepting orders that i hesitantly obliged and not knowing if I could accomplish it. My friend told me I am not as brave as last time, back in secondary school time when I was the president and she was my secretary. I would stand on the stage and yell at your face if you were not paying attention. I guess I have chose to grow up(though my friend said my face actually looked alike to the photo when i was 5) but when I am growing up, I grow old as well. Perhaps I should be glad that at least i have grown up while growing old.

wise words of the day:"growing up is optional and growing old is inevitable"

Next plane home

I have this song that keeps playing in my mind today. Love Daniel powter after his "bad day" song.

I woke up early to baby blue eyes from the (fire) whoah whoah
and when the sun comes through and lights you like the angel you are whoah whoah
I know I do you wrong when I’m with you I’ve been gone

With every season change, it looks the same (november to june) whoah whoah
And dont these empty streets skip a beat the flowers dont bloom whoah whoah

I can’t believe I missed your birthday again
and I wanna come back but I just don’t know when now

And I’m so lonely your not here with me
That’s why I’m gonna be on the next plane home

The road that never ends around the bend I see your smile whoah whoah
I’d swim across the sea to be with you for a while whoah whoah
cos I’m made a life would be gone
now the way that I feel I just don’t belong

And I’m so lonely you’re not here with me
thats why I’m gonna be on the next plane home
And you’re you’re the only face I wanna see
thats why I’m gonna be on the next plane home

Stand around try to make every moment
and be somebody yeah anybody
it seems the whole world is taking me over
I need somebody to help me get back(to n)

and I’ve always been a million miles away
but things are gonna change
I just wanna come home

And you’re you’re the only face I wanna see
thats why I gonna be on the next plane home
yeah I’m taking the next plane home
Now I’m getting the next plane home
Now I’m taking the next plane home

Saturday, October 11, 2008

He leaves to graze on a greener pasture

I woke up this early morning with my drowsy eyes still in a daze and wondering why I felt so exhausted in the early morning before i recalled I had a ps2 battle with my friends til 3am this morning. Before I dozed off again in my cozy slumber, daniel face suddenly popped up and augmented in my belfry So i promptly seized my handphone to check the time. After a few second ruminating to call or not to call him on my bed, I texted him and told him i felt like having a breakfast with him before he catch his bus at 1030am. His replied was incredibly fast "come now, no need to make up!!". So I literally scampered to my bathroom and reached my doorway in less than 10 minutes. Luckily the traffic on the Penang bridge was amazingly smooth so I finally braked in front of his house gate after 25 minutes time.

His mum was gardening at the courtyard and asking me why I didnt visit her for months and daniel was telling him we quarreled. So i answered her that "I made him angry". His mum raise her eyebrow and said" daniel said he made you angry".Ok, I guess we finally called off the juvenile cold war, no more bickering with each other or unleashing our fury in wrong way.( though we know he was the one who ignite the fire burning the whole forest into ground). To steal the remaining times for his mum, I suggested to have a simple breakfast at his home where his mum can continue her nag and whine over daniel which I guess they both will miss it dearly after an hour later.
unfamiliar blind in japanese style that covered his toilet, I guess I didnt stepped my foot into this room for ages. Everything looks strange to me.
As usual, Daniel's picking up his hair

I nonchalantly shared a goodbye hug with him before he hop into his mum car.He actually passed me a gift which is my effigy in korean costume. I remembered he lugged me to a conference room to take my photo a week after my this year birthday where I pretend like I am in a sulk.

And today, we ends our chapter as an official colleague and starts a new chapter as buddy . I drove back to my home, tidying my cluttered apartment without feeling ruefully over his leaving, perhaps I know Daniel is pranching his future with faith in his chest and his head hold up high now.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy birthday Dear Mang!

This is my second post today. Since these few days was head crushing by all the emo things, so I decided to patch every fragmented pieces of broken me into place again, take off my grimness mask and blog about everything that happy, in fact i am very easily satisfied kind of person. I believe ah niu will do perfectly fine in KL, grazing on his greener meadow. After all, distance is good for us. At least he will miss me fonder. (I should stop being such a narcissit....-____-)

I had a great dinner with 2 of my life very important friend today, leng and mang. Snatch this chance to chuck us back together again on Mang's birthday eve really enliven every inch of me. I kinda miss the feeling of fetching leng again, didnt have this picking up moment with her for quite awhile, where we can yak all the way back home, talking about stuff, people and share the laughter. We dropped by my apartment and waited to carpool with mang.

Sometimes having too many options in mind will vacillate you in making a decision, Im referring to the types of food and restaurant, at last we narrowed the lists down to Mang's preference, japanese food. So we headed to this restaurant called "味暖帘” which is highly advertised by me.

I just realised mang looks better on his side face

Leng and me

Kinda love this pic but it is a way too dark



你 就是这样的无理取闹,可以在褫职了之后又闯进公司,然后丢了一句“你还欠我一个东西”。我知道是什么,可是还是顽强的问了一句“什么?”。你张开了双臂, 给了一个熟悉的拥抱,然后加重了点力道,我知道这或许是最后一次了,却还是没好气地说“喂,干嘛啦你”。你知道这是一种掩饰吗?还好你也懂,因为你只是笑 了笑,然后转身地给了我一个盒子。



Tuesday, October 7, 2008






Monday, October 6, 2008


This post is likely a pictorial post because the blogger is tired after her Cameron trip post. :p ( I wonder why there is no emotion icon in blogspot)
Humid afternoon with fierce sun and me hiding under my umbrella

Not a strange tourist spot to all the Malaysian
Not sure how to call thisPoor paul, where is your hand?

At St paul church

Buying shirt from famous OrangUtan house

Had chicken rice ball in a restaurant but it wasnt taste nice at all..the famous chicken rice shop was closed at night.

Look can be deceiving

At Zhen He stadium

At jonker walk street

This was rather a rush and brief sightseeing trip. Guess everyone was exhausted after the cameron trip. Anyway, i prefer to stay at ah jie's grandma house and play with my favorite little friend.

See how adorable he is. He is 1 years old going on to 2 years old with a heavy weight of 18kg..He can greet all the aunties and uncles, brothers and sisters at home and even good in imitating some of the funny gesture from adults.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A trip to Cameron Highland

Too many memories to paint on the recently passed Cameron trip, I sincerely feel indebted to all the Malays in Malaysia for having Hari Raya falls on Wed and Thursday because you could get consecutive 5 days leave by just taking a leave on Friday. Anyway, I went to Cameron and down to Malacca in these few memorable days with 3 of my good friends, I love to have gals to join but too bad, i can only grab 3 male friends. Emm...what happens to the gals in penang? Anyway, me and my galfriends who stayed in south Malaysia decided to meet each other on Cameron.

We departed at 730am and reached ipoh at 930am, as usual we had Dimsum breakfast and also buying the ice cube to cool the chicken that I bought on the day before to avoid them from stink along the way up to Cameron.

zj and me
Reminds me of the hindi movie...

Upon reaching cameron, we visited one cactus farm which I forgot its name and later stopped by a tea shop called "Tea and scones" where you can find a greenish tea farm that is so vast behind the tea shop with its breathtaking nature view.

The four: zj, sh, me and kh

The strawberry cake and tea was not impressive but the spectacular scenery surely does compensate all the inadequacies.

We were expecting the traffic jam on cameron during the break season but didnt anticipated such a severe one. The way up to Brinchang was moving so slow that needed 1 hours to drive a 3km distance. After checked in to the hotel, we drove to the nearest bazaar to buy some vege for our steamboat.

You will go home with regret if you dont try the fried mushroom and also the sweet potato.

And not forgetting the Fresh and juicy sweet corn that you can eat without cook..

Adjourned to the Rose centre where I fervently taking pic with all the lovely roses and sunflower. Impossible I will miss any of the sunflower except those that was devastated by the storm.

The rose

The amiable sunflower standing tall in the rose garden

Cameron night was so freezing cold that I wish to have cup of hot drink in my hand. There are quite a number of steamboat restaurant located in line with the Brinchang street. But we had our steamboat dinner inside our hotel room with the steamboat cooker that I brought to Cameron.Luckily there isn't any smoke detector mounted on the hotel ceiling..hehe

Our steamboat, you can find meatball, crab ball, cabbage, lettuce, sausage and etc..just name it!.. After the filling steamboat dinner,we continue having supper with YC and her friend. What an appetite..

Early dawn on the next day, we drove up to Gunung brinchang to capture the sun rise in Cameron which is surely a brand new experience to me. The morning was so freezing cold that the chill wind makes you silvered to your bone, I trembled a little but fail to conceal the excitement that rattling inside me.

8 of us. The temperature statued at 14C-15C in the early morning and i was putting on 2 jackets.

Me and my galfriend YC. Pardon me for the drowsy eyes as I literally roll out from my cozy slumber into the car.
This is one of my favorite pic because my face was not obviously big..hehe

The dark sky breaking out with the sun hiding behind the thick cloud. Eventually, we had no luck to catch a sun rise today.

The tea farm along the way down to Cameron town again.

Look at the heavenly view behind!!

Having breakfast at one of the Tanah Rata coffee shop, I only able to gulp in 2 boiled egg due to queasiness along the winding tea farm road. The coffee shop was managed by 2 deaf and dumb couple who was so friendly, your mood can easily affected by their optimism and gleeful manner.

Smoke house at Tanah rata.

And this is the cactus valley which i visited for couple of times before. They put up a new strawberry farm inside the cactus valley where you can order a lot of delicious dessert like strawberry ice cream, shake, waffer and etc
How can he smile so ruefully in front of so many tasty dessert?perhaps having a hard time to pick?

Initially I planned to meet Brenda in Cameron but due to her tight schedule and heavy jam on cameron, we didnt come out with a proper plan to meet. However the fate still brought us together where we bumped into each other in one of the tea house on my journey back to KL.

Guess til then my cameron trip and stay tune for my Malacca trip post. Looking forward for another relaxing trip again in the coming future.