Saturday, November 29, 2008

my hairdo

Here is my new hair least it doesnt make me doomed when I saw it. Perhaps my expectation was low?? I wonder why we do it though we know it wont look much better. My hair dresser was complaining that I gave her pressure as I keep bugging her to form the big curl. =p

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Annual activity

My perseverance is occasionally imperishable, and of cause it depends on where I exploit it, but most of the time. It was concede into vileness. Due to my rash impulse, I decided to give myself a try on hair perming, ONCE AGAIN. You probably hard( but not impossible )to dig out my photo with curled hair as it was always like the precious moment that they waltzing away with a fast pace. And apparently it always, always happen once in a year. Like a season changed.

Everything started on one of the ordinary day where I woke up with one light flash into my mind and the urge of having a permed hair totally usurped my sane again and it seems like the regrets that i had before whenever I permed my hair was leaving untraceable.

Anyway, ah woon probably would try to stop me if she is here, and finally shake her head helplessly and say, " dont go and straighten it after a week". I totally understand her piety of trying to exert me from falling into the temptation again, but I am surethat this time I could get a perm that could possibly makes me look a tad prettier and different( why am I made such a dunces that so craving for others attention?????but how about for the last time? ^^). I just need to get the perm that I desire and not "eaten" by the hair dresser to try on something different, or else I might emcompass with the same regret and disappointment once again. Not the small curl of course as i was totally unfit to it, the big one is fine because it is easier to manage.

Lets recall the hair perming experience that I sauntered before though i always wash the wavy edge away after that.

This is the only pic I can find when I permed my hair on 2006. It only lasted for a week.=p

This is taken on 2007 cny. This perm was the nightmare!!!

After flicking through all these hair curling pic, it is impossible that my determination to get a perm is still unwavering...I am so so afraid that I would feel regret again, and mostly I feel so bad for my pocket. :(

Monday, November 24, 2008

New housemate

I actually spent 2 weekends decluttering one of my empty room and constantly checking through the list to make sure everything was finely equiped or well prepared in preparing of leng and her newly wed husband moving in to stay as housemate. And now the long waited date had finally arrived.

A new life and a totally different experience having a good friend as your housemate.I hope I could be a good housemate though I might not be as I was too used of staying alone=p.. but at least will try my best to ensure a pleasant 3 months stay for her.

welcome onboard. dear:)

How come that little monkey can get into picture

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ben and Jerry's Ice cream

I have great affinity towards ice cream recently. I wasnt a big fans of ice cream previously but now, I almost have ice cream everyday.

The influence was coming from my fren(you know who you are), persistently buying me ice cream, Baskin is not my type, HD is nice with its vanila and belgium chocolate, and now introducing another finest home made ice cream. Ben and Jerry's. I hate cherry but emm~ I do like ben and jerry's CHERRY gracia~

Merci beaucoup,mon ami~

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My only Christmas

Guess which is my favorite festive season? whoever got it right will get a big KISS, and the supplementary gift will be a Big HUG. Ok, I know it is cheap so I just reveal the secret. nothing could ever EVER replace the Christmas, at least for me. Perhaps I was grounded intensely by all the sweet christmas memory I had during my childhood

They all started with the christmas carol mail that fen sent out today and of coz, the excitement of waiting for christmas once again invaded unscrupulously into my concentration towards my work earlier, and the next minutes, I wish to write it down again.

I was poor when I was a kid, poor as in very poor. But my parents never failed giving us surprise when we was kids, especially on the christmas day. I believe in God, I believe in Jesus Christ, I believe in Angel, Holy spirit and also Santa and his rudolhp reindeer. And I had them growing up with me til I was 9. The only doll I had when I was 5 or 6 was a skinny doll wearing a red dress( that is why I am so into Reds right now). It was a blonde beautie and my sis has a similar one, but with pink color, which is a corny color. And that was my only toy. I really appreciated it as I never missed it from my prayer to Santa that year and 'they' made it up for me. Taking a kid's prayer seriously and the happinese was apprehensibled.

And when we had our own house, my father built 3 wooden cupboard under the staircase to fully utilized the space and that was the first time i learnt about the little privacy where I can stuff all my properties, my books, my diary, everything! And during every year christmas, before christmas eve to be exact, my parents would ask us to pray LOUDLY to santa on our wish. Whenever we prayed for something slightly costy, my parents would tell that Santa wouldnt afford to buy that as he needs to provide present for the other good children too. So make a wish for stuff that useful for you, preferable some school stationary. So on Christmas, we would hang our clean stoking on each of our cupboard and went to bed very early, like 10. I wished to wait til 12 as my parents said that was the time when Santa starts " their" delivery. Oh well, I was un-inquisitorally obeyed. But we always failed to wait til 12 as everyone was sleeping snugly til parents pat us woke up in the middle of the night and checked for our presents.

Ok, I keep this believe until i was 9. Yes, 9...and my classmates told me there was no santa and your parents was a liar. I yelled at her and pulled her hair, til I had the teary eyes back home and hugged my mum saying my friend dont believe in Santa. So my mum called my dad out and I could still remember that little breaking sound that crenching my heart and from that minute on, I felt I had grown up. I was so angry for the little fib coz it took away my small believes but on the other hand, I realized my parents are so wondrous. So so so wondrous that they could build a fairy tale for you to live in, although they had to tie their belt and empty the pocket. Buying us these memories.

I had a wonderful childhood. Can you tell? And now, before I getting more emo, let me share another secret of mine. I guess I never told anyone about this before, but this is definitely my favorite christmas song. :)

Just a night out

This morning my friend told me I am thoughtful. Am I?.....Perhaps I am. So I guess it is a compliment. But the question that alarms me is will others be thoughtful to me like i have been thoughtful to them. I guess the common fact is, you will be out of their picture once they have a PLAN. A plan without your name listed. Fact is cruel and human are cruel. So in order to make yourself acquainted to this, you have a choice. It is whether you put a plan without those NAMES or you keep their name and don't sulk if they didnt have yours.

Sincerity counts......

Anyway, watched a movie with a few of my friends yesterday after work, The guard post. Seriously, sitting in front of the 3rd row with the machine guns sweeping like crazy in the scene, blood oozing, lots and lots of filthy makes me contemplated really hard the reason i endured the uneasiness for 2 hours. I figured it is the fun hanging out with nice friends. Well...:) that makes sense.

Wonder how I looked like after work? Seriously! it is a MESS! Dont believe? just look below! TA-DA!

Tousled me with my dinner.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Intel has many pretty gals...this statement is true but it doesnt apply on me, though i am one of the intellier. And this statement is true also. How pathetic it is!!

I bump into so many pretty young ladies in intel, everyday. But I dont think they bump into any pretty lady though they bump into me. Ok... lets stop weeping for the injustice.

The inference that i can draw from the above statement is...most of the pretty gals have lots of money, lots and lots of money. I wonder how much they have in their account coz I somehow have difficulty having lots of saving in my account, though i dont shop for months. Months..! (yan woon, if you read this post. You will know how important you are to me!!! and yang!!!! you are important too..and often over spending cousin!!, you are equally important...) and now, I didnt shop for months...i mean crazily shopping, carrying lots of shopping bag with no regrets, enjoying the fascinated glances and envious sigh. High heels! short skirt..sleeveless...tight jeans..brushes on cheek, light lipbalm...oh mine..those are all nestled in my havenly memory. free lunch please. You need to pay if you want to be pretty, unless you are naturally pretty even if you only wearing a pyjamas with your tousled hair. If not, work it out gals! stop eating too much to feed your busted tummy, facial please if you have collected enough acne or blackhead or pimples; Get on your bed when it strikes at 10 pm, have a hair perm perhaps? (emm....perhaps not for me.) And must must remember to carry an umbrella during lunch time, you do not intent to further toning your skin from the blazing sun, right?

I wish i could obediently abide them, perhaps I will be a tad prettier. But... but....but...........I was totally subdued by my apartment. I am the loan slave, will be slave for the next 20 years. But thinking of how I can be so lazy off in my cozy apartment...Ah complementing the inadequateness.

Saturday, November 15, 2008



那辆老爷车,老爸开着它,在周末时载着全家口从江滨公园回到婆婆家只因为当时的我们没有家。经过婆婆家的石路上,同样清脆的沙石声,不同的是,老爷车的铁板破了好几个大洞,从车厢内翻开车贽就可以看到车底下的石路。 当时的我很小,总喜欢倚在窗口依依啊啊的唱着不知名的调调,那夜晚的星空有着数不尽的星星,把天空的距离拉远了;距离那段日子已好远了;不同的东西已有好多好多。我长大了,爸妈老了,或者那辆老爷车如今已是一堆废铁,我不懂。现在的我有了自己的考牌,却突然想驾着它载着老爸老妈,驶在回家的路上,问问他们两老,当年年轻的梦是否在今天已完成了?对孩子的期望是否他们曾经让你们失望了?

Monday, November 10, 2008

End of the war(PART 1)

Hey, I am back! it feels like forever since the last post. Had been loaded with a loadful mundane works, not really mundane but it is something big for me. At least for yesterday.

felt like burning Intel architecture spec over weekends and drink them instead of having hard time mushing with it and attempted to make them more likeable. But at least I finished my code review of PART1.

Not going to talk about how intense the discussion was, but after having like 3++ hour of my code presentation, it is a prodigy that I finally stepped out boldly from the room, alive. And first time ever,the office air seems so delicious to breath in/boo

Ok...after the long tough hiatus, all the pimples that grow on my face finally gain its value now.

Monday, November 3, 2008

happy birthday Ik ying

I am so delightful to know that you have your birthday today, not because I can treat you a nice dinner but merely because you finally older now. Imagine that you always like to laugh for I reached 26 much earlier than you, and now we are same age. I gonna laugh til I sleep tonight, and am sure that I will have a nice nice dream tonight! for we are same age OLD auntie now.
Happy birthday sweetie! I hope you love your simply wrapped birthday present and the Japanese food.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mummy's white hair

Mummy comes to penang again to attend her meeting as she is the principal representative from Sarawak state.

Meet my mum :)

When having dinner at Kim gary today, I suddenly realized that my mum is getting older each time i see her. I remember I used to help her pulling her white hair while she lying in the living room on those evening 10 years back ago, and counted 3-4-5 white hair…and now, they are uncountable. I dont like to see the white hair dominated cruelly on her head so i was suggesting to buy her the hair dyer and help her dyeing later, at least temporarily diminishing the aging trace, but she resisted the commercialize hair dyer item like WELLA, LOREAL brand and claims that dad will bring her the HERBAL hair coloring on Tuesday when he came.

Mum, I cant bare the thought that you are getting older and I am growing up each day. Even if one day the wrinkles are crawling mercilessly on your face, you will still be my most beautiful mum. I love you!

My best friend wedding

When the sun reflected the placid surface with its golden light and mirrored the bluey clouds of the beautiful morning, dispelling the shades of the night and awaken the whole sleeping world into life again, the earth whispering the meaning of this days that brings her life into a new page, just like my best friend. :) lovely morning gifted for a lovely couple, sauntering another chapter of their life.Together.

I attended my best friend ROM day at ipoh this day, holding the white roses on my hand and taking a deep breathe on the fragrance that emanates from the floweres, I suddenly realize that most of my galfriend comes from Ipoh and yes, they are really pretty like the first blooming roses. The hearsay that ipoh has lots of pretty gals is not only a hearsay. Just like people says lots of east malaysian pretty good in singing..hehe...maybe you never heard it before, but I am sure you do now.

Unlocked my memory diary again...I remembered we once asking each other which one of us will come after xiao lei, she said if she is going to marry before me oneday, I would be her first bride maid candidate. But now she does and I am not her soon to be bride maid because her wedding will be held small,simple and austere, might not need a bride maid at all. Anyway, as long as we always are the no.1 bride maid close to each other heart, who cares about making it comes true? at least not me.

This is taken at one of Ipoh famous dim sum shop-富山. Dont be cheated by Kee wah serious look, actually he had food in his mouth.

6 (kee wah not in the pic)of us that attended your ROM day, you better remember us. =p

The charming bridegroom and lovely bride.

I guess many guys silently weep inside their blacket today. Did you sneeze today, chee wai? probably many people cursing you today for taking their dreamgal finally.

I tell him, you take care of my gal and make her happy. He shaked my hand firmly and replied" I will take care of her for you".



but not the least...

I wish you, my dear and your lovely dear happily ever after.It is a bit corny, I know...:) I love you and just liked you said, we are going to be housemate before you leaving to US!

Weekend again

How I spent my last satuday? I spent a few hours in QB Starbuck, working out my test code, I was reluctant and lazy to move my feet to starbuck but no choice, my house’s streamyz was transfer to my brother’s new house after they moved to their new house.The affliction of not having a streamyz at home might last for days.

What makes this Saturday a lil different was I consented to follow ZJ and his colleague to have a fun saturday night out.

Taking pic with the only "defect" in my living room..the 21 inch CRT tv while waiting to go out.
It was so crowded in egate, got posh car show, but most of the people were waiting anxiously for TVB actor “lam fung” in the autocity. I am not a big fan of lam fung so I was nonchalantly walking here and there glancing at the car and also the car model. I wonder if those people that keep lingering locking their eyes on the car or the models that wearing those garments that revealing their alluring figure.But they does inspire the guys dropping by with their splendor.

Old old uni mates

Every guy has a dream car

Having Japanese dinner at Isshin where most of them are Fairchild engineer. Finally discovered a commonity between Fairchild and Intel, they have more male engineer too!

Adjourned to Fuel to have a drink.

The Barcardi Apple lingering on your tongue reminds on how it tasted so good like Ribena.

The bubbly and lovely brady

Life is full of surprise. Liverpool beat Chelsea and leading top at the chart that week. The only week. ( And last night they finally giving way back to Chelsea again) =(