Wednesday, December 31, 2008

So long, farewell 2008

Here comes the last day of 2008. I didnt blog for quite awhile and I well known the reason that kept me so long from putting in an entry. Probably I attempted to walk back time and occupy my current life with others stuff, stuff that I did before i start to blog actively. Well, I guess I was trying to crench for attention and at last I perished in myown greed in demanding for more blog reader.

Anyway, I have lots of stuff going on recently. I have parties, gathering, was filling. Friends kept visiting in the end of the year, makes me realize I dont really deprive of friendship. I always feel twichy of loosing something and the insecurity caught me off guard. But recently, with all those familiar faces, finally I could put all my finger cross together and bail out of all the uncertainties again.

How is 2009? I have no idea but now, at least I am nestling blissfully in cuddles that I missed.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy dong zhi of 2008

The last month of 2008 slinking to the calender like the crafty thief, and here comes the dong zhi festival which is equally important as any other chinese festival that could possibly come into your mind. This year is a tad different from the previous year as I made my first home made tangyuen ever. I'd learnt to make it during my fren's house warming yesterday and since the memory still vividly fresh, hence I decided to give it a try. After all, not always i can have this rare volition to do something like today. Luckily everything was incredibly sailing smooth and dandy.

wrap the peanut with the thin layer of flour

Ta-da!!!Presenting my uneven size of tangyuen soaked in ginger+pandan soup

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Annual pdc night

Just a pithy recap on what's happening yesterday, at least before I started to get lazy to blog again. Maybe just throw some pic to my blog so that I wont talk so much or thinking what vocab to fit into space to impress

We was granted half day leave yesterday for the pdc(penang design centre) night where the theme was "hollywood night", which mean i need to dress up gorgeously like angelina jolie or jessica alba..why only these 2 that i mentioned? coz I only loves them two.

Reached home at 2pm with yannseng and kar yee loafing at my house, pretending to be hardworking a bit at first but ended up, kar yee and me dozed off in the room, snugly for 2 hours, and yann seng and yong jia started the ps2 battle. I called them the "neighbour boys", coz it was like those neighbour small boys come to old auntie house to play ps 2 while racketing snacks to fill their stomach and usually in the story, those neighbour boys normally are stupid one, only know how to say foul words, give rude international finger sign....but of coz, they are not. :).
The "retarded" neighbour boys who was so easily contented by the ps2, see how they happily pulling ears.. Ohya, they are 荣乐and彦成,(so intentionally want to spell out their name coz they claims that they can actually boost up my blog visibility by putting their names, so i could get more comments, hopefully it was not the reverse side effect. )

Oh..I love this pic!They look like wild kids..OOps..just kidding.:p

Im so touched to have leng to iron my dress after I stamping on my foot like the juvenile kids protesting that I dont know how to iron...maybe I should try it more next time coz it works!.:D

I remembered last year during the pdc or whatever dinner, ah woon would be the supplier for her dazzling make up stuff, and educate me on the make up brand. Just when i thought I might possibly go to a dinner with plain face, su lin comes into rescue.

ok..this is my favorite girly moment and i really enjoy it very very much. I love a few gals dress up themself nicely and coloring their face together. Basically I am just trying to act like i am very professional like the others.
The main entrance put up with obvious theme " hollywood night"
I do not understand why the system was so poor this year, people had to queue up and squeezed themself in the narrow aisle waiting to register themself, the worst part was some of the people who register through the sharedpoint previously wasnt get recorded into the list at all and forced to be "quarantine" in other room waiting to be called.

We were such a camwhore, taking picture everywhere. Anyway, we should have more pretty gals shown up in the pic but of coz, they were leaving us for good

We looked so perfectly matching each other..*blink blink*. But i dont like him after he showed his butt and "ball" in the movie...forgot what the movie calls already.

Huei fen, ya teng, me and kar yee. Why am I the only one that look like a dork

My table mate, tina from chandler, me and kar yee

Even taking photo in the toilet. This was the first time i took pic from the reflection in the mirror, at first we were all looking at ourself in the mirror but pik lay said should look at the lens.

I am so excited to blog about this but for the very first time, my house had so many guest at the same time!!! and it was all night long activity...kar yee overnight at my house, again and of coz we gonna resume all the illegal stuff that we did previously in my bedroom..gossiping la, what do you think. And I have my good fren, chui ping and her bf chao feng came to penang and also stayed at my house, Leng also had a Sabah fren who visited her and stayed at my house also. So here comes the headache part, how should I allocate them nicely, so finally I decided that me, ky and leng would be in same room, leng's fren stayed in leng room and cp and bf would have their privacy time in the guest room. Nice right?

Old buddy of mine, chui ping , she is putting on weight and it makes me feel a bit better...ahaha... ok, bad me. But I told her the same thing too. :) good friend wont be mad over a lame joke ok?

Leng's sabah friend, ah chao? i couldnt recall his name. :p

As for my room first 3 of us slept on my king size bed where I slept in the middle...but I had been warned that we cannot kick each other...since im in the middle, possibly I would be the only one that would kick their ass off in the midnight. I lied down very stiffly like the mummy and suffered through the sleepless night but at last, I crawl down to the floor and dozed off on the thin is good to have freedon anyway.:)

Saturday, December 13, 2008





但在我未发霉到邻居都来敲门报警的时候,我还是答应和朋友出去。放眼过去,到处都是大减价,但老妈的一通电话却让我连买东西都觉得有内疚感,老妈说经济下滑,很多人都失业了,叫我省一点钱用。 和阿杰逗留在mng里看到好多女子买了一箩箩的衣服,是乎不必钱买的,真的好羡慕。但想了想,没有美的衣服穿我不会死,如果有天没东西吃了,我真的会死,还是当务之急下存一点钱比较实际,但与兴和杰遛到nike shop 时看到有件衣服真得很美,穿上了真得很后悔,因为很美。但是太贵了,一件rm89。。。。咂舌!

回来的心情,我又恢复了。恢复了开心的我。:) 有个秘密我不能说,因为它安定了我。原来有关心的朋友,对我来说真得很重要。所以我一定一定一定要确定我下个男友会比所有好友都好。至少我会这么认为。:) 因为我有个缺点,我爱比较。算来算去,我还真的有好多好多缺点。。。。=S.....



Monday, December 8, 2008

LOvE actually

I watched Love actually few years ago, way back in my Uni times. It tells a few couples who found the true love in their life, the scene wavered from the older folks, the mid age, youngster until the kids. The touching feeling still cling wrap my heart intensively like the first time. I am expecting to see more of these movies debut during christmas time this year.

Anyway, all about from Christmas is LOVE.

Here are a few soundtracks from the movie Love actually

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The weekend on ww49

We earn a public holiday on next Monday in conjunction of Malay's Haji which most of the people took leave on Friday to travel back their hometown in order to bypass the heavy jam on penang bridge.

I didnt plan for any interesting place this time. I wistfully wish to just lazy off at home and running some errands like my little fishes need their water to be changed, the messy bedroom piled with thick dust on every inch, the pails of fetid dirty garments, christmas tree decoration..everything yearns for a sweep. For christmas and cny. :)

My christmas tree finally got its christmas ornaments from yann seng and yong jia.

The remaining free time was dreary but luckily my fren, joe asked me to catch a movie named "twilight" which is a vampire movie and had a lunch in QB. I couldnt recall if we ever been to cinema alone, I mean we always had zj or others with us. But anyway, zj gave a pass this time as his mum and sis was here in pg.

Kim gary should nominate me as their most supportive customer for visiting their shop 2 days consecutively. I just realised the new food menu on seafood was kinda impressive.

Introducing my dish of the day- the unagi + seafood + rice coated with double cheese

kh's choice. The normal cheesy steamed rice + beef. Not creative at all...../boo

kh's second choice, fried spagetthi + beef. I guess he was having some kind of putting on weight course.

Anyway, I kinda have shopping spree today as I managed to grab one pair of shoes, some xmas gift and a shirt at Mango which cost me to pay through my nose!! no kidding. But i console myself using some treachelous reasons like didnt shopping for quite awhile, cny is around the corner, working pressure and blah blah blah.

On my way back from church today with my fren Ik ing and turning into my apartment carpark. I saw a Giant moloch struting nonchalantly down the carpark and when she passed by my car while I was trying to pull my digi cam out from my slimbag where the stupid zip was stucked, she craftily running pass my car. And thus I only managed to capture her butt. What a waste!? but then come to think of it, if I managed to get my camera earlier, winding down my window while she was just right in front of me, would she attack me for invade into her privacy???? the thought shivered me a bit. Thanks to the stupid zip.

Oops....I just realize there the show box in the pic...aih...I am so lazy to print screen again. :(

Saturday, December 6, 2008

A daily blessing

Time flies. Stealing every single second without notice, exchanging the days with warm and gentle morning sun beam, afternoon's fiery and scorching sun, evening cold breeze and the mysterious dark layer of the nights homage to the living earth..occasionally with a silent and drizzle pour from heaven paddling on your window pans with some melodious mantra, peacefully rounding up your toilsome day with drowsy eyes that urge you to bed. And then God casts a miracle by occupying your mind with dreams; In your dreams, you were thrills with the power of nothing is impossible, sometimes it is so real that you wish to stay a lil longer or even hoping to flip to the ending. And finally, the nights reluctantly surrender to the dewy freshness of a new dawn. Again.

yesterday was a history but how mournfully when you have only the memory of tapping your days away on your keyboard of remote control which i had most of the times. I threw myself "what have I done yesterday?" while hammering my fingers on the small plastic keys that printed the arabic letters.
  • I woke up seeing KY sleeping snugly beside me.
  • I had an early morning conference meeting with US folks that I didnt understand any single word from the chairman. Futilely try to twist my accent to be more adaptable to their conversation. I could hear them laughed at my impatience for requesting some information twice. But i know they are trying to be amicable to me.
  • As usual, resume back the friday breakfast at Roti bakar, but this time with my own team mates. Normally I was having friday breakfast with another team. I must say my team serves alot of weirdo but those that closer to me , now or before in the past, are all the remarkable people which I never thought I would meet.
I remembered the faces that I see everyday(or not anymore) and wondering how if I dont see them oneday. Where the gathering and seperation is just a string apart. God has given us a life where we need the friendsip to sustain it, and it is us to warble the thankful carol with praise and unemcumbered it with thought of care.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Double "yong shui" 's birthday

Translate the"yong shui" into cantonese. Anyway, it was creatively invented by our genious YJ to call the 2 birthday boys as yong shui...sigh....what a pathetic thing if you buddy with such friend. But the saddest thing is a fact. Just kidding!! you guys look lovely together!

Happy birthday Yann Seng and Yu shen. Sorry for didnt snap the pic of you guys patting each other on the
shoulder like some typical twims

The celebration was held in Kim gary Queensbay which is my favorite shopping mall and my favorite restaurant. OOopps...^^
ky, me and the birthday boy, yann seng

4 gals = pasar

Table mate

Not my table mate but you can see my face everywhere~!!!Surprise!-_-'''

As usual, the laughter chucked all the heart together, once again.:)

With the doraemon's family

Birthday Boy gave me the xmas gift...sobsob.....

Deeply touched by the xmas gift but Yj looking so sulk. Still..thank you!!!!!!

Here we gather again

I was yielded to the temptation to resume a simple dinner gathering at my apartment last night, there where several themes for the night, you could call it as "farewell dinner for Chee wai", or just a "reunion dinner", and if yann seng ever show his nose in the dinner, then we could regard it as "yann seng's pre birthday celebration". Anyway, it merely for everyone to have fun. And I wasnt sure if they did.

Departed from office at 430pm, slinking through the cubes to avoid bumping into familiar faces which eventually prompted you with something like" wah...go back so early ah???" which I might pretend didnt hear it at all. lalallala~~

Started to cook the italian spagetthi while waiting for others to bring the rest of the ingredient. The main dish for the night was pork and chicken bolognese Spaghetti,
mushroom soup and fish fillet dipped with mayonaise source.

(Reason to have 2 types of meats: fen doesnt like the pork stink which most of the chinese people favored and mang had a wound that forbid from taking any chicken related Say! I am thoughtful..\boo).

Ok, I acknowledged that I have posted alot of spagetthi dinner on my blog. And in fact I started to doubt of my capability of cooking something scrumptuos instead of just SPAGETTHI! sigh, I guess it was only spagetthi that I know every in and out.

Leng, fen and me was busy preparing in the kitchen.

Our mushroom soup chef vigorously opened 3 cans of campbell brand mushroom fluid~sh

Everything was sailing so smooth at first but out in a sudden, the luck started to oppose us when the gas supply was running out. So while waiting for the gas delivery, we blissfully took the break snapping photo at every presentable corner of my apartment. At first we was only planning to take the photo with my christmas tree, but we were spurred to take more and more photo after seeing the beautiful golden effect from the pic that irradiated by my chandelier light .

The dazzling christmas tree

The lovely couple

4 dedicated model at the balcony

Mang-the photo snatcher, but you rarely see his face this time as he has injured knee. Get well soon la!

Posing on my bed

Anyway, The dish was ready to be served at 830pm with the help from some of them and it was really a harbor satisfaction when you see the food was cleanly swept to the last drop.

The great and fun people

I was so weary when the crowd dismissed and the light was off but chatting with KY in the dark before sleeping on the same bed kept me alive again. Anyway,it has been so long since I last slept with a GAL, and the last gal that I slept with was brenda I guess. We chatted and shared the bedtime secret til 1 am and finally dozed off soundly. Just realize a little secret of her. but not going to unveil here. You gonna pay if you want to buy the secret..hehe :p

i hope everyone had fun though..:)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

so so random

Carpooling with sh to KL to continue my facial course on the last weekend, I actually spent 4-5 days vacillated between the decision that whether to lazy off in Penang or taking the 300++km trip to KL. And finally when I made up my mind, it was already 11 in the saturday morning.

The disaster of my permed hair. They are so unmanageable. Is there any perm that we dont need to apply anything but can still keep the submissive curly hair?

As usual, I slept the whole journey off until sh woke me up to have lunch at McD Ipoh. if not, I guess I might continuously slept for 4 hours until KL, but of coz I still summon my dutywell as a responsible passenger by waking up incessantly checking out my journey.

Upon reaching Kl, I literally scampered to Adonis to get my face pampered, actually it was a tormented moment when the beautician pressing hard to get a clean riddance on your stubborn acne and blackhead. After the facial, loafed around at sunway for 2 hours while waiting for a friend but i was stucked in a rueful predicament that she not even dropping you a text eventhough she was late...seriously, I am definitely not an easy to wrath kind of gal but that was not the first nor the last time. Since my stomach was protesting for food, so I cancel my date with her and changed my plan to meet another old friend of mine.

Sunday was relaxing with a short walk at One U before departed back to Penang.

Craving a luxurious lunch at italianese.

And meeting up with my ever lovely cousin

After picking up leng at One U and then, slept for 4 hours back to penang. And meanwhile, after exchanging quite a couple of sms with ky who car pooling with chya thiam on another car, we decided to have steamboat dinner at butterworth.

Believe me or not, we managed to get everyone attention from the restaurant even in this noisy environment, not because we have 3 pretty gals but we have 3 loud speakers, I couldnt understand why 3 of us cant have a nice talk instead of talking to each other with the max volume.