Sunday, January 25, 2009

Will I ever ever find my mr.right?

It is a new year and yes, I am getting another year older. I remembered I had an eccentric resolution last time which is to get married when I was 24. And yet, I am still maneuvering through this thinking now. But somehow i realize that it is better to be late than you suffered in hell for the rest of your life, waking up seeing a face that you don't really love lying with you on the same bed, but just a pool of children who makes you slog through your marriage life.

I went to my grandma house just now and as expected, everyone was asking when will be my turn to give angpao, pursuing my brother or sister footstep, I might be giving others an impression that i have set a high requirement to get myself a bf. I am not sure, perhaps I am looking for something that matches my appetite.

I wish to find somebody who could really talk to me, not only blindly agreeing on everything that you said, or following exactly what I am doing, buying the same brand of shampoo that i used, but somebody who could correct me if he thinks i am wrong, and of course, we might have argument over the decrepancy of ideas.

A guy with good temper, who never swear to a lady even when he is boiling.

Who dont think fighting with me is childish or let me talk myself there as seems like he doesnt really care what I say.

And who remember every little thing that I said.

A guy who has his own life, circle of friend instead of always wish to spend all his time with me.

A guy who should be better than any of my male buddy, who needs to be more caring and loving than my friends, i know I love to compare which is hard that I dont as I have many good male friends who treats me good.

Acting fast to my needs instead of doing it after others was doing it for me.

who patiently hear me whine over the trivial stuff and gives me appropriate advice.

who will never give up on me despite of how close i am to give up, coz it is very normal for me to give up whenever I am frustrated. I guess I am just a useless girl who cannot take failure and unwillingly to learn from mistake. So he needs to have a Jesus's love, be patient to me, pull me back and etc etc.

He doesn't have to buy me expensive gift but at least he would step out and volunteer to pay my remaining chain when i have to klutzy finding coins in my wallet, instead of acting nonchalantly like nobody business. I still think this it sweet though.

And of course, never stingy to stuff me with food too

Who makes me laugh and of coz, makes me cry too. Who never think pampering me would spoil me or making him in a losing position.

who is willingly assume responsibility to share a bill with you if he stays at your house but not implanting the mindset that it is not his house.

Who is sincerely being understanding and plop you as their top priority..

And I love a guy who read!

Who is a filial child to their parents and also my parents.

Who has a plan and a vision to build a family with you.

Who is willing to do something that i like but he doesn't.

Somebody who really loves me and I love him of coz. So corny but without love, nothing is possible.

I guess I have a long list to go and so I will add into it from time to time when I remember something important.

Anyway, I guess I just need a guy who really understand how weird I am but still pampering me because he loves me. And maybe mum is right again that, I gonna live alone if i continue to fantasize on my mr.right.

Am i too demanding?No matter how you think of me, I still believe one day I will find the only He whom i can snuggles in his arm blissfully like a little princess

Friday, January 9, 2009

New year resolution

Last time I had an idiosyncrasy to plop 10 resolutions on my new year to-do-list on the very last day of every year. I was the only one that determine to stay awake, take a small piece of teared paper and pen, and started to pour out all my big resolves when the clock's needle wandered at 12 midnight, not allowed to have some plus or minus tolenrance at all because in my believe, everything would not come true if rules were not abide. And better if the "auld Lang Syne" started to sing out loud from radio 5. -_________-

Cant believe I was growing up without any top radio staition like my fm, hits fm, all I can remember was radio 5 and radio 4 where the DJs were from the older generation folks, but it happens that some of them has very young voice and the uncle/ lao pek in sarawak loves to call up to the DJ and talked craps. But according to my mum the uncle hardly called after all the young voice DJs showed up on tv during cny. -______-

I think i can remember most of the resolution that i made last time since they are almost the same every year just some of the name was changed like, " I wish i can date with XXX" and that XXX was eventually replacible every year as they never came true. *sigh.
Apart from that nearly impossible resolution, I had some like " reduce my weight til 44kg", " Get a top 10 in the result"," be a good christian", " be a good parents gal", " become prettier", "become fairer", " become taller", " get 10 admirers this year"( shit! believe it or not!! I actually put that as my resolution. OMG!!!!).

It seems like when your body size is growing bigger, your dreams literally becomes smaller. If you ever ask/beg/force any adult to say just one of their resolution, they might just skimp your question by stuffing something like: wish everyone is healthy lo"(need to add "lo" behind coz it is always sounded like this), what kind of resolution is that? resolution should be something that you want to achieve, you wish could stretch your ability in every inch, but maybe, maybe when we grow up,we realize there are so many things that died in "reality" and "dreams" only reserved for those at their puberty age.

It is when you fail that you suppress yourself to dream again.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Quote of the day

By one chance that I accidentally expored to my cousin blog today and found a comical and yet truthful inference from her post.


It was a mixed feeling to know that she had grown this fast to grasp the dark side of adulthood.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My 2008 christmas Gift!

I had a memorable closing on the year 2008 where my mundane life suddenly flared-up again with a few familiar and yet amicable faces. No more the whinny girl who snooped for shopping kaki, i was so busy reimbursing myself with lots of shopping bag, movies, nice and fine dishes with yang most of the time and one day with daniel. There goes my shrinking wallet and credit limit. I wasnt heartache when i keep swiping my credit card, swipe swipe swipe til I dont feel like it was my hand anymore. ( But now im regret when my senses fall in again. But Golly! I am back!)

I sent my profounded gratitute to the doomed economy for the very first time. Having most of the engineering compary forcing their employee to take leave, shutting down for days, and thus chucking me back with the so long moved away buddies paying me visit in penang. And Thus again, I was having a lull in my ever hectic life with slacking and totally unprogressive days for the 2 final weeks of 2008. Talked about something gleeful, I received 20++ christmas gift on 2008. 20++, no kidding. I snapped some of theirpic and posted in this entry. But give a pass for gift like t shirt that still remaining in my laundry and gift that arrived late since i wasnt in a mood of recharging my digi cam battery that running out.

The little snow man tugging the little duck like lover/family/friends(Jena, germany gift) and also the wooden tablet from Prague, Germany.

Drinking christmas cup from Jena

Inspiring book, Men from mars and women from venus.....I dozed off after a couple of flicks.....

The shimming gel....i thought it was "slimming" gel and overjoyed in the first glance. But well....

No kidding...Dont rub your eye, it was a real SWATCH

The handmade keychain and handphone holder.

The dangling handmade beeds earring

standing tall snow man..

Spacious Roxy bag and the flowery pillow cover.

magazine organizer

Christmas tree ornaments

80cm tall christmas tree but not all the lovely bears....

Anyway, i am being such a megalomania now but give me a moment to satisfy my narcisiss ego since this kind of chance rarely falls into my basket, perhaps I wouldnt receive anymore gift next year which I am pretty sure as life was full of ups and downs so stop taking it so seriously. Enjoy the every bits of it!