Wednesday, March 25, 2009

my blue estate

I hate to admit this, but you guys give me a friendship that happens to be my estate and thanks for the great farewell treat! I love ben's diner:)
Thanks for being my real friend who walks into my life when the rest of the world walks out.
And Thanks for being those friend who read my mind by wearing blue on the same day without any fore-planning before! We did it for the second time, remember? :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I was staring at the unix window with my sulking face, again. Unix is something that's totally strange to me before, i opaquely fumbling a few command that i barely know and typed them in lines like a tyro . I knew i need to extract more info, no matter how. I cant let myself rising the white flag even if what i know is too scanty to keep me survive. Eventually, you will know more when you befriend with it. Even when i was frustrated, I still remember what my mum taught me, you read once, you dont remember, twice, you have a lil impression, third and as the number counts up.. eventually, you remember it.

I am not a smart student, i never was. But i grew up under my discreet parents strict coaching and wanted me to be diligent, to be persevere,without tv but only books. i was perpertually told that i am not smart so i need to work hard, and surprisingly, prodigy does happen when we work hard. But when i started to get a pay that is eligible to pay for the income tax, somehow the enthusiasm to work hard defuncted. The transition plan had been moving on for weeks where i, and another new members were given training and sharing. I know my new team members are going to be great and helpful. But somehow i still dwell in settling the never ended old chores, even if i gonna step out that door, let it be steps that hold my chin up high. And slowly,i started to get lost in sharing and giving blank stares. Sometimes God put you into trials where He plop a dice on your palm. To hold it tight or roll it over, it is your call afterall.While the time drifted like the heaving sand, I have my dice starts rolling and i know it is me who should determine my own destiny.

And i decide, to be friend with this something that called Unix, or Linux.

Though i was fretted when my unix window suddenly disappear out to nowhere when i was working halfway of it. And i felt so demeaning to search for assistance on such a trivial issue. I know they would not believe, but it happened on me twice. first time, i thought i was undeliberately clicked on some close icon, but when the windows swooshing away again in my very eye when i move my cursor, i knew i have to believe. I believe it is somekind of scaling problem, like you somehow was sliding away to an unknown geometry and all you need to do is to slide it back again. Is there any icon in Unix that is called "undo"? Everything started hard, i remember my programming lecturer used to print me a poem where there lies a meaningful phrase, when things turns bad, rest you must but never give up.

I aint a genius, so let me be a diligent geek.

Monday, March 23, 2009




Sunday, March 22, 2009




发觉到烹饪比debug还来得容易=p。 第一次的实验尽然比预期的好。不错不错。。又开始自恋了。

Friday, March 20, 2009

There goes my baby....

I found out couples of days before that my plant is bald, and there are dead and withered leafs scattered on the surface of the soils with the white dots. But I didn’t care that much since I was pretty much sure that it must be me who overdosed them with too much pesticide on the weeks before.

So, just yesterday evening that I found my plant left only 1 leaf and there are 2 strong and healthy funguses in mushroom shape standing tall besides it. And the fungus looks awfully geli….they are so snowy that you thought they are harmless as white always associates to chastity. But I tell you, this kind of fungus can make your face turn from yellow to purple, shit over your pants for days and lied on your bed and never get up.
So I promptly dig out the infected soil and plop into the plastic bag but seems like the territory had been expanded to the entire pot.

Sorry baby, mummy just killed you. :(

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sarawak poh piah

I just miss my childhood poh piah today. So I went to chulia street to buy the skin from the pasar. Since this is my first trial, so I didn’t buy plenty poh piah skin and the other ingredients. For those who love to try it, I will surely definitely prepare for you guys next time.

Uncle's poh piah skin is really good:) 2 thumbs up!

Here are the steps to prepare the Sarawak poh piah:
Poh piah skin, long bean, carrot, minced meat, prawn, cabbage, jicama( so hard to find this name anyway, well known as “mangkuang”), dry peanut in packet and finally garlic and small onion.

Cut/shave everything in small slices, just like this. And arrange them in order to take photo. Cheeze!

And then, stirred your garlic and onion until the smell comes out and then throw your minced meat and prawn, remember to put high fire first and follow by low one. And then throw the long bean, cabbage, follow by carrot and mangkuang. Then add some condiment like salt and pepper and you are done!

This is exactly like the one that my mum made for us.

Lastly, spread the dry peanut on the poh piah skin and then wrapped your cooked vege with the skin. And your pohpiah is ready. I am not sure if this is typical sarawak poh piah but i do know this is the best poh piah my mum served us when we were young.

Mum and dad, this is for you. Please share between you guys cause I have limited stock. Haha!

Victory to Liverpool!

It was a historical match performed by the kops and devils last night. Both team played aggressively and yet sedately on their own podium, and I believe all their fans hold their breath for the 90 min also. It was raining drizzling on the night but the atmosphere in mamak was so boiling that we even didn’t mind to have gulped our food under the rain. Last time, I never believe the ball was round since Liverpool always slides to the bad luck albeit the fact that they played stupendously. Remember the victory that we won last night. It was not only 1 or 2 goals that we scored but 4! 4 stunning goals!

Man Utd v Liverpool

My Liverpool kaki came to my house to celebrate after the match where we had chivas, ps2 and guitar. It reminds me of a song “too much wine and too much songs, wonder how I got along”.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thank God it is Thursday!

Thursday is always a day for me to look foward as overnight-ing at my house becomes kar yee’s regular regime on every Thursday. Thus, I will try to come out with some plan to occupy her night time or else she would bicker at my ear for the whole night:p
Anyway, I am glad that I didnt cancel all the plans at the last minute since I was so idly to move after all the mundane work in office.
We swam at my apartment pool. Almost knock each other head when we both swam from the opposite direction. Then we tortured ourselves at the sauna room since leng claims that it helps to remove the dead skin.
And also have our body pampered for 2 min at steam room as we were running out of time to catch the dinner appointment

Then we had our satisfied and yet not filling dinner at ecco café with pasta and pizza as well as colzone. Since we only share 3 main course among 5 people, so we decided to have a drink at the nearby famous fruit juice stall. The fruit juice was really pure and reasonable to its price.

At ecco cafe.
pizza, pasta and colzone. Almost every dish was served with tomata source.

Anyway, I had a great night albeit all my diet resolves was once again flew out the window by the tasty food temptation.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Hip Hop

I attended a hip hop dancing class some time last year. But that only last for 1-2 months. I joined merely for the reason that I do love hip hop, and love it more after I watched movie step up1 and step up 2 and soon to watch “honey” by Jessica alba. So I thought people as “cool” as me should dance quite nice, but that thought was before I danced in front of a full body mirror. And I even tell myself and my friends that I am potentially born as a dancer. Imagine how I danced on the dance floor when we go for clubbing and every gals shouting in thrill.

But reality is always cruel. And the mirror never lies.

I get this video from one of my friends who uploaded to youtube and it makes me laugh, regardless of how many times I watch, I could always pick some funny movement from myself, and the other members. But of coz, some of them do have talent but definitely NOT me and not kok mang or seong hong..! Moreover we always were like the very poor student, stood at the last 2 rows and always get called to move to the first row by the instructor because the rest of them passed their movement. I will never ever spent money to learn any dance anymore…by the way, I haven’t got my deposit back. =.=

luckily the video clip quality is bad here!! And ah mang, i dont think you were dancing there! HAHA!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Less contradiction will be good

I began to feel angst realizing myself sitting in front of my laptop and stepping through the codes, tracing out which line is the culprit..step step step step step step…and the most helpless thing is when after you fumbling page by page, function by function, line to lines, and finally when you almost reached the instruction that you could draw some feeble inferences out of it, the hardware start to hang or error prompted. Then you just fall back your chair, feeling like to scream in your cube, but somehow you tell yourself, lets do it again. So you sit still, lock your eyes back to the monitor, draw your concentration, stay focus and once again…when it is almost there, everything just died. I am not sure why I need to crap about my work. Don’t think anyone would understand how fidget I feel.
I am thinking of this life is full of contradiction. For example, some of the people they don’t have girlfriend but they would tell others that they have, but from their action, they still do things that similar like tackling a girl, asking number, complaining they are bored, asking for movie, for trips…I just don’t get it. If you don’t have, why the hell do you want to tell people you have? It wont reduce your desperate level as it already show on your actions. If you are really desperate until people also can smell it, why the hell would you feel embarrass to show it? If you do feel embarrass, then perhaps you should do less thing that makes your desperation so transparent. Anyway, I still believe this only happens on minority group who just don’t get the theory that everything will eventually overflow if you keep filling it
That was just the story that I heard from my friend today.As for myself, I am a very contradict person as well. Just look at how I end up in this engineering firm. I always did good in biology, I always scored high in biology, I should have stay on in form 6 last time, aiming for the pharmacy or medicine, perhaps I will do good in them. But engineering? *sigh*. besides that, people also says, in order to minimize the disappointment, you shouldn’t put too much hope but then, there is a hearsay that sounds you should always think positively because good thing will eventually comes.
I am confused. Can anyone give me a cue on what is supposed to be the right phase?
If thinking back all the things that happen before, things that you thought would never get over it, things that make you ashamed and wish to just ducked your head in the hole, things that you wish never happened to you but they did, things that make you cry like no tomorrow, things that seems to have no turning back and blah blah blah.. you, somehow, get over them. Perhaps sometimes never do something meaning you are already doing the best thing to fix it.
But without doing anything…could I get the hint of what is going wrong with this piece of source code?!-___-

Share something with you guys. This video clips is so hilarious but in order to watch it, you need a fb account. Have a laugh!

Monday, March 9, 2009

I love foods and flowers!

I love a weekend when I do not have to engross myself on work stuff. And today happened to be one of that unwind day. I was prompted with the impulse to try out the roti bakar that recommended by my friend some times ago when my friend asked me to go for a simple food hunt in penang. The roti bakar stall was located at one narrow and obscure alleyway between the chulia and Campbell street. Me and my friend ordered different kind of breads and they tasted better than the famous roti bakar in bayan lepas, some more much cheaper tim…besides that, I am so delighted to find out a place that makes the “ po piah pui”. In my hometown, my mum always order the skin from my grandma neighbour, but there is a stall sorely selling the skin of poh piah and I do miss my hometown poh piah very very much!

Suddenly I think penang really is a food haven. The fact becomes solid after I tried the coconut pandan jelly. The jelly was so smooth that it melted in your mouth in second.

Anyway, I have found a very good blog that introducing lots of penang delicacy and would love to try it when I have chance. I bought 4 pots of plants today, 2 plants are “keratiak” sounded like “ karatai” right? I wonder if they smell like that. -___________-. And I made a small veil to avoid the plants from exposing directy to the sun.

A day with MoOOo...

Daniel came back to penang last week as Monday is a public holiday and so he asked me out on Saturday, called it a date or old friend gathering, it still ended up as a relax and comfortable outing. First impression when he appeared at my doorway was, he has gained some weight and then the second impression was…what happens to your taste of choosing your jean! It definitely looked like a plastic..ahaha..but anyway, he just blamed that it is the outcome when a guy cant get any girl to shop with. We planned to catch a movie in queensbay, “marley and me” where he claimed confidently that I would weep in the cinema. But I guess he forgot that he had trained me to be stoned heart =p , throw away the old scores as we already get used to the way we get along with each other. At least we do appreciate after all the immature resentment. And I was right about the stoned heart, just as the girl sitting next to me, in front of us, a few rows back from us was weeping soundly in the cinema when Marley was dead, I was still grinned at Daniel when he looked in maze that the girl next to him was not in her teary eyes. And then we went to FOS to grab some cheap items where the clothes there was buy 1 free 1..i grabbed a few pieces and wearing one of them when blogging right now. =.=

And then, he insisted to try out the list of food that he had searched online. Finally we decided to stop by an Irish pub/restaurant named shenanigans since I never tried an Irish food before. I ordered a cocktail, the tequila sunrise from the menu list as that is the only familiar name I know but it tasted like coughing medicine and chicken chop as main course while Daniel had his lamb stew and Guinness stout..No kidding, our little man here loved Guinness very much nowsaday.
I would say my little buddy here was really a sweet person though he makes such a quiet geek most of the times. But I did enjoy his companion very much on this quiet Saturday reminiscing our past and gossipin on other common friends that we had. =p

The chicken chop served in shaningans is not that impressive..

Daniel's lamb stew tasted better

The familiar stern face

Like what you said, I will see you when I see you again.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Jumping over the big hiatus

There is no plausible reason to excuse myself from stop blogging. But I did take a big hiatus and stop writing.

Previously, I think it was painless to just free flow your mind without filtering anything or perhaps I did filter and reserved some privacy,but somehow im started to have that fidget feeling of pouring too much online. I used to tell myself I don’t give a damn if anyone would assail me for something that flashed through my head , as all I did was just tapping down the evidences of my puberty years. As i can't control what you might possibly think about me, but then it might be quite daunting when people that close to you telling you you shouldn’t reveal too much of your inner self, be more logical or whatsoever conservative thinking that they might preserve in mind.

And then, i started to think, perhaps it is time to change my blog. Be there at a land with privacy again and start everything brand new. Anyway, I need to thank those silent reader who loves to read my mind and constantly hastening me to blog again at this obscure site. I guess I have been taken quite a great hiatus and it is time to pull myself all back again whilst I am sure I might again vilify by the public inspection again after broadcasting my daily live on net and cowering back once again.

Connecting back to the past few weeks..I believed there were lots of things that happened back then but the impact defunct when the time passes by.

I change my workgroup after slogging in that mundane life for almost a 4 long years and finally i budge to another new group, perhaps I innate my parents’ mindset that changes are bad. The future is vague and trust me, it is a great forlorn to leave some great friends in old team.

And also farewell again…su lin leaving us to pursue her master in Korean. I wonder how the plastic surgery in Korean was. It will be good if she could check out how secure and advance the plastic surgery in Korean albeit I was sick to see her leaving us after having her great companion for years but Look at those Korean gals in movie..*envious sigh*

Su lin, gonna miss you lots!

And also Valentines Day, many people might start to speculate how wonderful and romantic night I might have, but wake up dude! My valentines day was plain. Except had a farewell clubbing with su lin and some of them.

And later on was Huei fen’s house warming. I think I was really thick skinned to have joined her every party. She held 2 parties and I joined both. Reason for that, her mom didn’t cook tomyam bee hun on the first party and I was desperately wanted to eat them, so I joined for the second time. No bluffing, her mum serves the best tomyam bee hun.

Coming next was kar yee’s wedding and I was honored to be one of her jimui that witnessed the biggest day of her life. She was stunningly beautiful on her day and I do wish I could be the prettiest me on my biggest day and s start fantasizing on who will be that lucky he.:D anyway, the groom brought 20++ brother to fight against 7 jimuis. But still, it was a tight battle as regardless of how masculine, how handsome, how fat, how oily they were, we were never cringe or shy away. We were relentlessly playing some cheeky game like pumping eating wasabi sushi, drinking stout mixed coffee, pulling leg hair( this is quite a failure as the tape was not sticky enough to pull off their hair!), hanging banana below grooms waist and asked the brother to bite it( ok..this is gross but not my idea!), playing guitar and singing songs. I guess we were not too mean though.

The bride's 7 jimui

VS.. groom's 20++ brothers..

Things change, many things change along the line and I am still the same fat me that fail to reduce my weight.:(