Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ignorance is bliss?

I am slowly becoming very ignorant since i joinned the new team, or maybe after came back from my bali trip. And the migraine occurs chronically whenever i am in stress. I figured things should get much better when everything is in shape and all I should do is to ensure I am really in a good form and absorb everything like the sucking spounge.

Never tell others it is impossible to do it while others is working on the possibilities..

I wish I could blog on my bali trip. I can still remember the scorching sun beam that hurt every inch of my skin and the smell of the salty sea wind. And for a moment, I remember vividly the big innocent eye of the baby boy who stared at me when his mother was begging me to shed sympathy for their meagre daily earning and makes my heart sink.

Nothing stays forever, even your memories that you wish to hold.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My 27th

Life is good.

and you guys are great.

I am dumbfounded for I never thought i would be so blessed and lucky to deserve this from you guys. I used to love the thought of having my party but then i was phobia of having one through the growing up years. My mum threw me a birthday party when i was 15. A year where i was moved to a new school and having the new classmate that I was slogging slowly to get acquainted with. It was almost the whole class that invited to my 15th birthday party and also an ex-classmate that came all the long way from other town to give me his birthday wish.But somehow the party was trashed when one of my classmate(A) that liking me bought me something that similar to the gift that my ex classmate(B) given me. And then A was sulking his face for the whole night together with his gang thinking i shouldnt even invite B to my party. Ever since then, I was phlegm on having a birthday party anymore and forgot the initial intention of having a party was to have fun.

But then, God must have told me a great jokes on April fool night.

I forgot how many times I had thanked Him for this but owning the happiness of having close frens who are willingly to spend their abundant working time initiating the idea to give me a good memories, mails after mails thread that blasted their mailbox, telling white lies that obliged them to do a good confession later, if it wasnt by God who creating all these wonderful people in my life who gave me such a bliss-staring moment, then who else.

Thankiu to niu who posted his early gift through post laju to me, liked you said, hopefully that little gift does something to pull in our distance of aparting from each other.

Thankiu to ys and yj for making fool on me on april fool. The Brands bottle was finally recycled from ys's cube by stuffing the notes from you guys. What makes me touched is not you guys finally buying me skinfood lime base foundation, but the effort of cutting the notes, the effort of making fun on me, and the effort of making my nose tickling in my car. I guess brands bottle finally found his new owner who will appreciate him for her entire life.

Thankiu to this group of wonderful people. Who binged into my house, hide in my guest room for hours in dark and yet, still not allowed to talk freely and loudly just to throw me a big surprise party. you guys didnt make me cry but deeply touched was inevitable. I am sorry that i was so stunned to see all the familiar faces in my house, I was totally blank and even when you asked me to make a birthday wish, I couldnt find any but simply tucked in " get a good result in my studies".I spoilt everything. I was really overwhelmed and torn between a dream and reality. I love you guys, not for the party. But thanks for loving me in return.I dont care if anyone would loose their goose pimples when they read this, but I am so blessed of having you guys around who put a great ending on my 26th.

Thankiu to the big bonquet of sunflower sender!They just brighten my dull cube.
Thankiu to all my friends who had dinner with me, who was intended to have one but didnt make it at last. Thankiu for remembering me.
Thankiu to jen who send her wish though she might busy cooking the chicken rice in her kitchen now and yet, still remember my birthday.
Thankiu to woon who remember me albeit she was having so much fun with kfc in germany.
Thankiu to cyn and lilian for your no.200 mails in fb.
Thankiu to all the midnight smses and e-cards/messages,friends who calling me though they didnt remember mine last year and who remember my birthday every year.

I said God is great and 27th is great and blessed one. Wish you all well and thankiu!

It was a merry surprise. thank you:)

This is the prettiest cake I have ever had in my entire life!Edible???!

and..I am happy:)


I am speechless. Just feel that i have to get all my fragmented broken pieces into place and my feet on the ground again.
I was truly defeated by you guys today.
lost the words to express. Feeling like laughing of all that happened but why i can feel the dampness in my eyes?