Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cash-free day

Started from this month until the infinite month, I would have my cash free day that fixed on 28th. Something like national day but in a better way as it happens monthly. I am still unsure on its detail, on how to redeem it or how firm the validity of this offer for the rest of the months but at least it did happen on august.

I can’t say I was totally consent to the idea as I was brought up in family with my parents’ upbringing that we shouldn’t spend other people’s money. Perhaps this statement is vague sometimes because you might put those who insisted to treat you in a very embarrassing situation and they might feel you are demeaning them if you keep pushing money back to them. So for the win-win situation, I would offer to treat them back next time though it might not happen at all. >_<…which happens most of the time.

Anyway, the idea of this cash free day is totally exhilarating but of coz it comes with the term and condition. (In fact I am the one make up the rules).

First, you must try to save for the rest of 29-30 days like only home cook food allowed.

Second, no unbridled spending on clothes, shoes, skin care and etc.

And thirdly, cut down the unnecessary electricity or water usage.

So what can you get on your cash free day? Anything! Anything that you can buy because you have been such an obedient and submissive girl for the rest of the 30 days and it is time for you to reward yourself. So it depends on you to make it big or small reward.

Here is my first cash free day..

Had an exotic western food at a restaurant where I love the design of all its windows are modestly wrought in the white satin curtain and the wall that painted in white pearl color.

I still prefer the mushroom soup from Italianese.

The succulent marinara chicken

Cheese cake and ice cream as appetizer

In our delight, there is no service charge and we only spent Rm35++ for 2 set of dinner.

After the dinner we went to Benefit booth in gurney tried out some products that were highly recommended by my friends as I am the avid supporter of benefit product. Since I had finished my toner at home so I bought one from benefit because it is in gel form that is extremely moisturizing like that and the promoter said I don’t even have to apply any moisturizer after the toner which is good for me because I am lazy to apply too many stuff on my face. As for "That gal" was kinda oily for me and become cakey after spreading on my face and "gorgeous" is in my wish-list for the future cash free day.

Here is the toner that I was giddy about.

Friday, August 28, 2009


今天心口有点郁闷,没有假期快来的振奋,没有了之前的期待,别问我为什么。。是我太矛盾,别太介意吧。耳机传出来的歌是乎都以吉他为主,不是轻快的节奏,打着有点懒散的拍子,我活跃不起来,只想睡个天昏地暗,不想太多的问题,也不想过问别人其他的事情,不想听到太多的为什么。。。 我想静静的一个人。有时真得很奇怪,害怕孤单但又抗拒太过喧闹的四周。我想我应该是孤僻了。不是吗?我总是偶尔来个孤僻,清理下过于烦乱的思绪, 哪怕脑袋只是一片布的大空白,也让我觉得反胃。





Thursday, August 27, 2009

Paper cards

Another backlog from me..spent a few nights making all these. I never have too much of arty or creative sentiment in me before but I tried. Handmade card is always appreciated more than the one you buy, maybe this is gauge by the time you spent on doing something, buying a card in less than 1 min vs making a card in 60 min. But the hardest thing for me is thinking of something to write on the empty space. Want to make it long but my handwriting would smudge the whole card...making it short would make people feel that you guys are distanced =.=|||.So if you received any handmade card from me with only a short note attached, try to sympathy for my incapability of writing a beautiful handwriting :)

Leng's 09 birthday card(0816)

Fen's ROM card (0808)

My mum's 09 birthday card:D (0812)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I am a pasar malam girl

I have a few backlogs that were deliberately procrastinate because I am just way too lazy to blog and I always prefer to write something inspirational rather than just blog on stuff i cooked, i ate and I have been to. They are just so bored to me and probably, I am a very bored and monotonous kind of girl who often gets lost or playing hide and seek in her own world. I remembered asking my dad once that why am I always sleepy? Then, he told me something that made the most sense which I really doubt why I never thought of it before? Here the wise man said ..because you always think a lot since you were a child. Hence I guess I just need to acclimatize the fact that I complicate a simple thing sometimes by tangled my mind like a bundle of rope.

Anyway, this isn’t an emo kind of post albeit I do have one that contemplated to blog. But I leave that aside for now and write something which is normal like being a glutton? (Besides kh kept coaxing me to blog this out because he said I should introduce some nice places to my reader, and he has a point :))

We found this night market on one of the Friday night where it turns out to be an absolute heaven to me. I am always a very pasar malam girl who love lounging around and easily subdued by lots of exquisite and colorful small stuff selling in the small stalls. Probably because most of my childhood memories was wrought by lots of pasar malam experiences like buying cny clothes from pasar malam and lots and lots of after dinner stroll with my parents in pasar malam. *Nostalgic again

Nonetheless, this pasar malam that located at Jalan Perak is the largest pasar malam i had visited so far in penang. As seem like I have been to many before. =3=. Actually i just compare it with the one in pekaka. And apparently this pasar malam won it over as it was so big and has lot more choices than pekaka as it simply occupy 2 roads that flanked with various of different stalls selling food, cosmetic, beverages, fruits, clothes and etc, and the most important is they are selling at the lowest price that you could ever imagine, so there would be no haggling over the price like how you often see in chow kit street. But the only frailty is you hardly can find any parking if you arrive late.

I managed to snap a few photo on my second visit to this pasar malam..but they weren’t good. So I asked kh to take for me and it turned out that he isn’t tall enough to capture the whole pasar malam view.T_____T he said we probably need to climb up the condo and taking the photo from above but that was just too much troubles for me so nevermind, I just simply post some unflattering photo which is better than none.

This yong tau fu is highly recommended. The sauce is delicious and it is cheap too!

And obliviously keep stowing my stomach with food and as a sequel to that, I have gained 2 kg within a night!!! 2KG! you know how long i took to detach from this 2 kg??? Probably a month! or 2000 times of rope skipping! This is truly a disaster T__________T

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The notebook

It was a heart catching movie. I had this movie resting in my video folder for quite some times, I always wanted to watch it but somehow I chose other movie over it every time. But today I opened it, hold my tears until the entire cast name rolling up from bottom. Then I cried. It wasn’t the tears of sadness or neither of feeling lost and I seldom cry for a movie, seriously..but I did for this and I cant hold it much.

Noah and Allie was such a perfect match that I couldn’t think of any reason why they couldn’t be one in the reality. If this is not just a movie but real, you will have my pledge to believe that this guy, however would be the dream guy for every lady in this world or the whole universe. It was a typical love story that a poor guy was in love with a rich young lady when they were 17 and it was the love at first sight for Noah when the smile of Allie captivated him.

First love was always the exciting and crazy and they did lots of great and stupid things together until Allie family interfered their relationship. I do believe that a love is not just about 2 persons who were in love but it is all about 2 families. So Allie was forced to leave the town and of coz her Noah. But for that 365 days after Allie left, Noah kept writing her letter incessantly, rainy or sunny days. It never stopped but it was expected that those letters never reached Allie’s hand. After 7 years, Noah came back from War and his father bought his dream house that he wanted to build with Allie back in their puberty years, but Allie was meeting somebody else already. But as his promise to Allie, Noah built the house and painted it just like how Allie was wished for though he knew she might not coming back to him anymore. But he waited. I always believe, there is only one person in this world that is going to love you til the end. Just like the song sang by Gerry in PS. I love you. “ I love you til the end”..anyway, it was a tears weeping movie too and I watched it for 3 times. There will be ONLY one guy who will treat you like his little princess and give you the best he could provide, and of coz you couldn’t make him die for you because he need to live to serve you, not serve..but to protect and love you. And it is only you that he wants and it is only him that makes you radiates from inside. This believes is stoned in me because it is very important to me that I am the only one he wants. Nobody 10, 20 years..I will still be the one.

This is from PS. I love you

Same for Noah and Allie that I was so glad that Allie did find Noah back in the end but she was senile when getting older and couldn’t recognize Noah anymore. He moved to stay in the old folks home with her because she needs the special treatment and read the notebook to her everyday and makes her came back to him, though just for a min. At the end, they died peacefully together. T_______T. In each other hand.

The whole movie was just beautiful, Noah and Allies, the love they shared, the scenery of the serene lake with lots of beautiful swam..the peaceful mantra of the soundtrack.. They are just so beautiful...

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I was really busy at the office today but when my col sent this article to me, i instantly read it without dither. Not to say the fog over my eyes after the last words. It was touching and makes people ponder indeed. Especially to those who rarely call back and has no qualms at all.



幾 次三番,我終於沒有了耐心,在電話裏衝母親大聲嚷嚷,她終於聽明白,默默掛了電話。隔幾天,母親又問同樣的問題,只是那語調怯怯地,沒有了底氣。像個不甘 心的孩子,明知問了也是白問,可就是忍不住。我心一軟,沉吟了一下。母親見我沒有煩,立刻開心起來。她欣喜地向我描述:「後院的石榴都開花了,西瓜快熟 了,你回來吧。」

我 為難地說:「那麼忙,怎麼能請得上假呢!」她急急地說:「你就說媽媽得了癌,只有半年的活頭了!」我立刻責怪她胡說,她呵呵地笑了。小時候,每逢颳風下 雨,我不想去上學,便裝肚子疼,被母親識破,挨了一頓好罵。現在老了,她反而教著女兒說謊了,我又好氣又好笑。這樣的問答不停地重複著,我終於不忍心,告 訴她下個月一定回去,母親竟高興得哽咽起來。可不知怎麼了,永遠都有忙不完的事,每件事都比回家重要,最後,到底沒能回去。電話那頭的母親,仿佛沒有力氣 再說一個字,我滿懷內疚:「媽,生氣了吧?」母親這一回聽真了,她連忙說:「孩子,我沒有生你的氣,我知道你忙。」


星 期六那天,氣溫特別高,我不敢出門,開了空調在家裏呆著。孩子嚷嚷雪糕沒了,我只好下樓去超市買。在暑氣蒸騰的街頭,我忽然就看見了母親的背影。看樣子她 剛下車,胳膊上挎著個籃子,背上背著沉甸甸的袋子,她彎著腰,左躲右閃著,怕別人碰了她的東西。在擁擠的人流裏,母親每走一步都很吃力。我大聲地叫她,她 急急抬起滿是熱汗的臉,四處尋找,看見我走過來,竟驚喜地說不出話來。



母 親只住了三天,她說我太辛苦,起早貪黑地上班,還要照顧孩子,她乾著急卻幫不上忙。城裏的廚房設施,她一樣也不敢碰,生怕弄壞了。她自己悄悄去訂了票,又 悄悄地一個人走。才回去一星期,母親又說想我了,不住地催我回家。我苦笑:「媽,你再耐心一些吧!」第二天,我接到姨媽的電話:「你媽媽病了,你快回來 吧。」我急得眼前發黑,淚眼婆娑地奔到車站,趕上了最後一趟車。



母 親樂呵呵地忙進忙出,擺了一桌子好吃的東西,等著我的誇獎。我毫不留情地批評:「紅豆粥煮糊了;水煎包子的皮太厚;滷肉味道太鹹。」母親的笑容頓時變得尷 尬,她無奈地搔著頭。我心裏暗笑,我知道,一旦我說什麼東西好吃,母親非得逼我吃一大堆,走的時候還要帶上,就這樣,我被她餵得肥肥白白,怎麼都瘦不下 去。而且,不貶低她,我怎麼有機會佔領灶台呢?








我 緊緊地把那袋油糕抱在胸前,一顆心仿佛被人挖走。原來,母親知道自己剩下的日子不多了,才不住地打電話叫我回家,她想再多看我幾眼,再和我多說幾句話。原 來,我挑剔著不肯下箸的飯菜,是她在視力模糊的情況下做的,我是多麼的粗心!我走的那個晚上,她一個人是如何摸索到家,她跌倒了沒有,我永遠都無從知道 了。




Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The latest trend

I have been sick for 2 days but good thing is, i can steal 2 days working from home.I wish I could snatch sometimes to close my eye and nestled my heavy head on the tempting bed. But I guess I never learn it well to completely shut everything off especially on work related stuff..the issues was rolled bigger like the snow ball and getting more urgent each day and causing the pain on my ass.

But one thing I love about intel or perhaps the only thing is I could stay away from the freezing office! LoL! Anyway, I am just having normal flu, a mild running nose and a trifling cough...and I was not wearing any mask ! :( I bought the china press newspaper during lunch time, flipping through the toxic smell pages while sitting inside the toilet bowl and found out an article which stated whoever that is found having flu or cough and yet not wearing mask will be fined for 10k!!!! Luckily, I am feeling much better now and tomorrow will be in absolute fine, hopefully!

But why in a sudden it gets so serious? I remembered 3 weeks ago things seems to be under controlled but in a sudden, it was like out burst and spreading like hell. Even intel doesnt seems to be a safe place to stay longer as you can hear people sneezing, coughing and talking to you with a twang voice, and yet....not covering with mask, of coz! and until now, I guess having a flu has just become the latest trend that everyone seems to have...but hallelujah if you don't! it isnt a tide you should follow though:p

Perhaps we do take this flu too unconscientiously that we think we wouldnt be so "lucky" to get H1n1 after all? But come to think about it, I was scared out of my wits when I heard my mum was having flu week ago and keep badgering her to see doctor until she was so sick of me.

I guess it is time to put on a mask regardless of you are having flu or not, it is a way to protect perhaps not only to yourself but to your loved one.

I tried making the mashed potato today. It might be easy peasy for some people but definitely not me. Luckily the outcome was quite a pleasant one:)

Sunday, August 16, 2009



看了”蓝草莓之夜“,一部平静却两次看完后把我的心都带入低潮的电影,或许有些人看了会打打哈欠,一半收场。。但我真得很喜欢王家卫拍的这部戏。。一些细腻却不老套的排场及对白,不都是生活上常出现的情景吗? 第一次看完时,我带着对白入睡,隐隐约约还感觉到戏里的无奈,往昔及后悔。

三位女主角沙哑的嗓声,我不知道是否他们是天生俱来的,但听了却让人想继续的听他们喃喃的说下去,或许这只是拍戏的手法,配合蓝调的忧郁与慵懒,带出了像梦幻般的现实,但不管是真的或是假的,他们的确带动了蓝草莓孤独的夜晚。如果现实真的有个像jude law 般敏感又痴情的店长,就像他说的每一天太忙的日子总让他错过了身边一撮撮所发生的事情,只有挂在墙上的闭路电视记载着他每一天的生活,或许不再是为了安全所设,而比较像他一天的日记本。我喜欢听他所说的每一串被留下的琐匙背后的故事,放在玻璃瓶里的每一串琐匙都记载着一份被留下的人的希望,至少还有一分希望把关上的门打开,虽然打开了门,想找的人却已不再。。或许用感情下了注的每一件事情上都不会有对或错,就像在店里最后被留下的,没有客人偏爱的蓝草莓,并不代表他不好,只是每个人都不一样。我会想去那间有着牛扒,蓝草莓,还有渗入蛋糕上的雪白雪糕,只是静静的一个人坐着,不忙也不迭的看着窗外的每一个人。有快乐的,又悲伤的,有失恋的,有恋爱着的,又驾着大车的也有拥挤在电车里的人,每一份生活,我看到的,我希望都会让我自己多爱自己多一些.

"how would you say goodbye to someone you cant imagine to live without? i didnt say goodbye, I walked away" 失恋的女主角,norah jones 在还没离开城市的那一晚走到叻前恋人的公寓,站在荤黄的街灯下看着窗里的人的幸福,窜窘的带着伤透了心离开自己曾经熟悉的公寓. 伤心的戏分,并不需太多的眼泪来修饰但落寞的背影却可以让人更加的留恋。我想起了曾经有一段一直在眼泪度过的日子,哭得抽泣的肩膀是乎想让自己在矛盾中挣扎着逃开,但却更加扰乱了思绪。 如果当时我可以平静的思考,或许我会痊愈得更快。


Sunday, August 9, 2009

McD Big breakfast

Last night was pouring so heavily that I woke up a few times, tossed and turned then finally dozed off again. Woke up a lil late and went to catch a good morning breakfast with kh as he claimed that we could get a free colgate plax sample pack by ordering a McD breakfast. Coincidently, I saw from the advertisement that colgate plax is good for those who has a sensitive gum and that would be helpful on me. So we drove off to nearby Greenlane McD, hoping to get a free sample but it turned out that they are giving away the tiger biscuit instead T____________T

The Attractive packaging

Salivating breakfast which costs us rm9.75 T____________T