Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nice meeting you, Bangkok

21 -24 September 2009 . Bangkok.

21st Sept . Sunny

Today is the first day I flew to Bangkok, which is also my first trip to Bangkok. I wonder how the city looks like though i'd pictured it in my mind for thousands times. I took the evening flight, found my seat by the window side and bid adieu to the Penang airport. What was waiting me at the city that totally strange to me? I saw a girl who sat at the same row as me kept writing something on her notebook, perhaps a diary? at least we did share a common interest.

On the way flying to
Bangkok, the stewardess was distributing the arrival card and I was panicking to realize that I haven’t got mine( of coz i didn’t show how clumsy I was) so i asked the "diary" girl if she got an extra card, she shake her head but was kind to help me grab one from the stewardess as I was sitting far from aisle. Then, I started to chat nonchalantly with her. Knowing that she was an exchanged student from Hong Kong and currently studied in USM until Dec, I was amazed of how courageous the teenager today compare to my years last time. I remembered I hardly could join any trip with my friends because of my strict family rule which lead to little exposure on me nowadays.

The meeting with this little girl by chance today totally changed my perception on HK people except they are still those who is aspiring and yearning for improvement, but they wasn’t that aloof like how the hearsay :). After we separated at the airport, i somehow regretted that I shouldn’t be shy to take a photo with her , at least our fate did cross on that short journey.

Bangkok surprising looks like another KL city albeit in a bigger size. The traffic jam was terrible but there was no jaywalking from the pedestrian or queue cutting which make the traffic worst, in fact you can easily find lots of overhead walkway every kilometer in the city. Obviously, Thai people does cultivate a better road courtesy than Malaysian, at least you wouldn’t hear sequel honing or annoying swear from the bus drivers. After settling my luggage at the HI-sukhumvit which was a stone throw away distance from Thong Lo Sky train station , me and kh hunting for the local delicacy at the nearby stall.

Stewed Pork rice. Seemingly the most common street food in Bangkok. Cheap and filling

Then took the skytrain to Chid Lon station which is a populous station with most of the shopping mall assembling nearby.

This was taken in front of CentralWorld. It was a very beautiful golden buddha effigy.

However, we didn’t linger our foot longer but instead sauntered for 20 minutes to Baiyoke sky2 hotel to capture the night view of Bangkok city. I heard about the breathtaking night view in HK but never once in Bangkok before so i didnt prepare the tripod. The entrance fee was rm25( 250 baht) including a cocktail at their lounge bar which was considering a very great deal. Standing at the viewing tower which was also the 87 floor of the Hotel, the night wind was surprising warmth and I didn’t feel the coldness at all in my sleeveless shirt.

The sickening wind mussed up my hair...

But the lounge bar temperature did make me shivering to the core. After spending an hour at the lounge bar, we headed back to catch the skytrain.

The journey seem to be shorter compare to the time when I came, probably my heart was full and contented by my first day event.

22 Sept. Rainny day

I finally see this board clearer in the morning.

I guess i can only remember this day as a whole day shopping day. After meeting with the rest of the friends who arrived from Chiangmai this morning, me and kh separated with them to start our shopping mission. We reached at platinum shopping mall as it was known as the mall where you can get a very nice and cheap stuff. Which is true. I was totally loose control and dazzled when I saw all the nice clothes hanging in the 1000++ shops. But my money was too little to get them all so I have to picked very gingerly, after maneuvered and hovered from shop to shop, skimming through the colorful and trendy clothes, i managed to pick some for my family and of coz myself too without feeling remorse at all. There was lots of similar clothes that i saw in queensbay before which selling like rm70-rm80 but in Thailand, you could get it at RM20 from wholesale price. Besides that, you can see plenty of Malaysian shoved the clothes into a few extremely big bags and selling them off later at a much higher price in Malaysia.

By sheer chance, we tried on this donut in Mister donut and it was so damn good!!! the ice
Chocolate tasted the best ever!

After 5 hours in platinum, we crossed over to another side of road where you can find a big market named Pratunam which was selling stuff in a cheaper price than Platinum shopping mall. The only impression I had for this market was only its gargantum size and you easily lost in it.

The colorful sandal

A glimpse at Pratunam market

The downpour started to drop on our head when we headed our way to take the skytrain. hence we dashed into the CentralWorld Mall to shun the pour and spent a little time walking in this luxury shopping mall.When the rain finally stopped, we adjourned to biggest Night bazaar at Lumphini. To my amazed, this night bazaar is a heaven! Toss away the batu feringgi or chow kit street please..they totally cannot fight!

You cant imagine how big the bazaar is, it literally can make you crawl out from it with the empty pocket. I was miserably down as my money was running out fast and I needed to keep some for the rest of my trip, so i had to control myself from spending profusely though there were lots of nice shoes, accessories, clothes and the list goes on that I was dying to buy. :( . And you can only imagine all the if-only which made you felt more dejected and in sulk... If only i can die in the pool of all the beautiful clothes and shoes then i would be in heaven! :'(

My leg was nearly disjoint from my body when i reached hostel. Clock ticking..and another day had gone.

23rd Sept Burning Sun

I woke up at 5am in dawn when the sky outside was still coating in its inky dark. I fumbled to the bathroom and got myself ready for the floating market. The van will be arriving anytime soon and we couldn’t afford to loose our free breakfast provided by the hostel. The sun was up high when we finally hopping into the old van and started the journey. The journey wasn’t that comfortable as the van was picking up other passengers who staying in other hotel and some of them had to pitifully squeeze and sandwiched themselves in the van with no tinted window at all which leads the sun beam streaming in directly and heating up the car. It was a scorching day though I wish it didnt rain like yesterday but at least not with this intense heat too. The journey took around 2 hours which charged us RM60 for the round trip.

a photo taken from a wooden bridge builds on stilts

Upon reaching the floating market( which was way below my expectation), I was stupidly paid Rm15 again for the boat tour which I felt nothing but wilted under the burning sun that i have to squint my eye throughout the 15 minutes tour. which for sure would be my last floating market trip ever.

Then i met this beautiful tourist which i am sure she is a model. She was so tall and stunningly pretty that i felt so small beside her.

Actually she asked a local old man to take a photo for her but the photo was totally blur off so i offered my help, then ended up both of us busying taking each other photo. I always am somebody who flinch from stranger especially foreigner but I guess i did try to change myself now.

On the way back to town...we stopped at the Royal Thai Handicraft center where you can find some handcrafted stuff there, nothing whimsical or eye catching as I have seen a greater work in Bali before.. but still good enough for photo taking.

visited the four faces Buddha temple under the burning sun was apparently torturing..

Loafing at MBK for awhile..

Ordinary, I would be ecstatic by the shopping plan but with the empty pocket and weariness that breaking me slowly?? The walk wasn’t close to fun..:(

if you ever been to Bangkok and wanted to try the nightlife there, Patpong is a place where you shouldnt miss. Named anything you wanted to see and you can easily get there, "ah gua" show, "gay" show, " pingpong" show, pole dancing and etc.....

But honestly the place made me squirming uncomfortably although with 4 big guys beside me. We didn’t go in any of the club but still manage to catch the sight of bikini wear pole dancer by passing the clubs. besides that, you can find lots of prostitute lined up on the street overtly "pulling" customer..but with the unknown identity of coz. I wonder what makes them stoop to such profession under the prod of consciences?

After hovering at the street for less than hour, we took the sky train that never fail with its sweaty horde of passenger pressing each other, went back to our hotel to recuperate our energy before going back tomolo.

Frankly, the trip was too short to remember it vividly after a few years..but for sure, I would come back here anytime soon.

Monday, September 21, 2009

off to Bangkok

A few hours to go and I will be at Bangkok. Heard that there is a demonstration going on in BKK which I am not worried now but not sure later. Afterall, I am always slow-witted and oblivious to danger but when it comes, I will start panicking and react klutzily :(

Hopefully it is going to be fun. Parents, fretted not! I am going to come back in one piece!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shopping Spreeeeeee

This is not a miserable weekend. Thank God!

Weekend is always eye blinkingly short and too precious to use it unbridly but definitely not for this week, where I finally can spend my days to my heart's content!!!

Staying up late boiling movie and wake up when the scorching noon sun hanging high, and not feeling guilty at all, it is a heavenly sin:p But frittering away weekend watching series? I have considered ceasing now before more times are wasted on movies. The truth is Little nyonya series is toooooooo long and moving so slowwwwwww started to make me feel like skipping a few episode or maybe just watch the last episode.. since it gain me nothing but heart attack too, I really don’t understand why after all the ill treatment and brutality, nyonya and her grandma never plan a runaway since they were totally unwelcoming, I can boldly say that any place, ANY place also can offer them a better environment than slaving in that inhumanity family.. at least treated like a servant by others than like a trash by owns family :S but they stay on! WHY??? What is that reason for the silly tenacity??*grumpy

Luckily yesterday's still consider a harvest day as my cousin and her friends decided to spend their Raya holiday in Penang and binged into my house, pulling a few nights here. By coincidently, my sister in law dropped by my house to return the container so we decided to have a girls shopping spree at QB. My sister in law was planning to buy a decent dress for the wedding and cousin was hunting for OL outfit, i was so close yielded to temptation of spending but Bangkok trip is coming soon and I am very sure my wallet will be at stake in Bangkok, so really couldn’t afford to spend much nowT______T. But having to shop in empty handed makes me happy too :) The jokes and titter was entertaining enough, sometimes it doesn’t need gossip for bonding though i must admit that it is easier, at least for girls. I don’t like gossip on people simply because I don’t like to be gossiped as well so to be fair, try to stay far away from unnecessary gossip unless with my clique.

I just realized that if i don’t work as engineer i can be a good promoter too:D after shopping for 3 hours, They were both in bumper crops of clothes, shoes and beauty product, but of coz in a ruefully state. :(:(..Then we had our dinner at hot and roll for Paratha. I couldn’t believe I keep psycho-ing people eating Paratha with me since most of the girls when you asked them "what do you want to eat?", you probably will get a common answer like "cincai la". I was like that years ago until i met a guy whom always gives me such answer then I started to get wearily and avoid doing the same too :p

The hp quality is s**k!! this is the hot and roll cheese and chicken paratha. I only tried this for all my visiting to this stall ^_^

and of coz us..

another camwhoring hp s**k! see the uneven color???sigh..I should bring along my camera next time. Heaven knows this is such a memorable photo as 3 of us were rarely hanging out together! Trust me! it is either me with my cousin or in law with me...but rarely too since everybody is so occupied with their lives *:(

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Series marathon

I am so addicted to series recently. May it be gossip girl or little nyonya, I can perpertually watch until 2-3 am in the morning and wake up in wee hour and off to work. Of coz, lugging steps in heavy eyelid and weary body. That is why i always told my friends i cant watch series, not because i dont like but simply because i cant get myself out from the character as my curiousity is so invincible that always yearn to know what happen next and ended up disregarding all the daily regime like i forgot to bath few days ago..eww. However it is kinda hard to avoid myself from getting acquainted with the nice series as most of the time, my breakfast gang would circulate in the topic of which series they boil recently and there i get to snoop aside. So there was one morning when they talked about this movie "little nyonya" saying how pitiful and wretched the good people character were in the movie and how guile and evil the bad people I succumb ino temptation again and thus the nightmare begins. But now i just wish to finish them ASAP and reward myself with a good sleep.

I pledge, I pledge that no more series after this! i need to compensate all the lost sleeping hour. Unless you have gossip girl season 1 and 2 then might be an exceptional.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Date of the day

I used to hang out alot with this buddy of mine, I mean alot. Until people start wonder and gossip if something fishy hovers between us since both of us were eligible bachelor and bachelorette, at least that was last time. Nonetheless the rumors keep lingering for years, making speculation if we were possibly be together or suspiciously already been together secretly... but most of the time, we don’t really give a damn though I do care how people might look at me but why was i being so cool and taking it nonchalantly this time? Perhaps everyone has their unconventional way of handling stuff, including me. And of coz the rumors will literally ceased when one of us gets attached. Like now. And you spend so little time together with friends because that is just part of growing up process, thus I am determined to draft a plan to at least chuck back with my friends once a week, and partner-less *cross finger

Here is Ali mamak( if I am not mistaken) which serves the nicest Maggie goreng embellished with finely fried mata kerbau.

not forgetting the nice cheesey pisang goreng

I suppose i haven’t told him this year that I appreciated our friendship because it simply irreplaceable and thanks for the remarkable tolerance over my kiddo temper sometimes. And i always enjoy having your companion, just like the one we had today, hopefully this is not because both of us share the common affinity towards Malay food ^^. Here is one of a potential good guy! grab him and you shall not regret!!

And me with my eyebag and sticky hair..


It feels like forever.

Forever sucking into the black holes that has nothing other than amassing huge sums of emptiness that feels so ironically transparent right now. I just came back from bus station sending him off, like 10 minutes ago and my mum at the airport on this morning. But I guess I never good in handling the seperation, regardless of you were a friends, family or anyone that close to me, it isnt a feeling that piercing me apart, or dramatically emotional broke down too but the impact is sufficient to make the heart sinks for a period of time. And It doesnt mean that I am so vulnerable or fragile, but i dont want pretentiously to be tough too. It just take sometimes to get my feet on the ground and acquaint with the fact that somebody is leaving, I dont care if you are leaving for a short period of time or long term, or even leaving abroad or just somewhere nearby..does it matter? When I shut off the door behind me just now, I wish somebody could be there to talk to me, to know that i am not home alone fact staying alone isnt strange to me at all but I started to like having a companion whom you can share the same cup of drinking water, cooking each other dinner, sharing the stories from the names that you heard over and over again but you totally clueless of who are them and yet, you started to feel like those people were your friend too...or that moment when you humming a song and he tag along..

Despite all those aside, i knew this endurance would be short and i dont like knowing myself to be gooey too, so what i should do is acclimatizing every cell and parts in me to this temporal state.

*yawn* is time for bed. The weariness is pervading in me and wedging my mind from blogging...eyelid heavier and even typed " heavier" as "harvest". I dont know what i am thinking now...#_# * yawn..... 3rd one*

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Good night. XOXO

Some people might find "gossip girl' a pointless movie..but i love it. =p

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

my blog screwed

My blog is so screwed if you view it using IE, not sure If I should scold the IE or blogspot but still, I need to fix it:(

Firefox is ok..what happen now?T_______T

Monday, September 14, 2009

Pixar's up!

Here is another backlog from me.I really wanted to blog this out but oops...I did it again. ( lame=.=)

I watched UP 3 weeks ago and really love it to bits. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t an avid animation movie lover, at least before, except those childhood cartoon from Disneyland like "the little mermaid" that I “boiled” for 7th time with my sis and also "beauty and the beast" that totally lost count with my 10 fingers. I remember how we cycled to the nearby video center renting the non-sleek videotape when my parents drove back to Sibu paying grandma's visit, and we was happily seize the opportunity celebrating our independence day without government at home. But it is incomprehensible why I never learn to love animation before though I heard on how amazingly and interesting work that Pixar produced but it never allure me a little to buy ticket, go in and watch the movie unless there was no other choices and I yearn to watch a movie badly, which is really rare. But kh was coaxing and half threaten me like a kid that no matter how I need to accompany him to watch that movie, and he is going to pay the bill, and since I couldn’t find any good excuse to reject the poor big kid, I had to shove myself going. Frankly, to drag me to cinema on weekday was really a big thing, cause I rather stay idly at home and tap away on my keyboard.

I am sure that thing that moved my heart from the beginning until the end of the movie had nothing to do with any reason that i didn’t watch movie for ages. pathetic right, I didnt watch movie like 4 months, I always prefer to buy dvd and now goes for downloading because dvd cost me rm5 for a piece too, and of coz I was totally not thrilled with the idea of 3D animation movie because the 3D goggle was rather wobbly on me, I know i have a big face but seriously it kept sliding aside and i had to hold it for the entire movie. But I had no regret even if I had to hold it for another 3 or 4 hours watching UPs. kh's goggle was not sliding at all so I suppose his face is bigger than mine..yeay!!:p

Apparently, it is another marvelous and inspirational piece of work from PIXAR that delivering some key messages which gradually alarming us from the profound true that everything is possible for you if you willing to reach out boldly catching what you want. And there were moment when we being so obliviously overlooking stuff that we think is insignificant but able to make a huge change in your life. And things that we look so high up but isnt as perfect as what we thought. Afterall it is not about the aftermath that matters but the progress that we sail through would print that precious moment in our life and it is only by appreciating thing beside us that makes us wealthy, but of coz there were times when you need to let go things that you grip firmly for good, so stop sitting there and whine for things that falls apart, perhaps it is time to get your butt up, dust the bugs from your pants and do something to your life (sounds like talking to myself..:S ).

What makes the movie special was its subtle and so true to life elements that manage to tickle your nose at one moment and then titter at the next minutes, and I could never feel more grateful and blessed for having somebody who loves and cherish me unconditionally.PS: The kids was a darling! He looked like an Easter-egg with a china-man eyes and without any neck at all!

Now proves!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Little raisin-mashed potato

I had an unusual Saturday, at least better than the previous those that I always yelled to be so damn bored. I am going to die if I was to be a couch potato or killing my time watching some downloaded movie this week. But thank God for my brother’s house warming that pulled off my suicidal intention; No kidding, I pledge I would kill myself if I had another monotonous, super duper mundane weekend again. Cant stand another one….by the way…raya is coming soon and cant wait any longer for my trip. :D:D:D

So very early saturday morning, I reluctantly rolled myself out from bed and went to Butterworth with my mum and kh but kh pit us after that to join his colleague for hiking. I guess he must be doing it intentionally, maybe he was feeling bored with his weekend too so you can actually see his face radiate with jolly light and grin all the way, waving us good bye. ( don’t be angry..:p just kidding!! I know you were anxious to go exercising and extracting fat….:p)

As for me, I was happily being the most helpful dish washer, then help my mum cluttering her kitchen a bit...and become dish washer again :S….I really thought I did tons of stuff but I couldn’t think of one other than becoming a mighty dish washer today! It seems like I were just washing dishes for the whole long days!..anyway no bluffing, there were always stuff that I need to wash :S..ohya..I did cook the mashed potato again. Yeah, again. T______T Ever since I knew how to cook the mash potato and flattered by all the compliments from my friends, I keep offering to cook my mash potato. I told my mum everyone is going to crave for more because it was so dreadfully good and blah blah…but of course my confident started to shatter after seeing all the good stuff cooked by my mum, I can foresee my mash potato will pathetically leave untouched on that dining table…sitting alone and watching all his brothers and sister swept til the last drop.. and yet, he still remain untouched..:(Knowing how pitiable predicament I put on the poor mash potato, me and my mum actually came out with a few silly ideas to sell off my mash potato like sprinkle some raisin on the mash potato( did you ever see mash with raisin? Yeah..i never but I just did), mum said it might help to attract people trying my potato.


And second “sillier” idea was setting a rule to the guest that whoever want to tr
y on my mum’s curry, must take a scoop of my mash potato first….


And finally, my mum came out with a better solution by suggesting that how about telling the guest that everyone can only take 2 scoop of mash potato, the
n everyone would fight among themselves trying to scoop a bigger scoop of potato because it sounded limited and precious..


can spot the mash potato?????totally unfit to the picture, right? But fret not baby! I wont give up on you, see you on the next house warming again! ^^

Friday, September 11, 2009


My mind is wavering.

Constantly contemplating if I should cancel my OOP leave today, taking an OOP on Friday especially after lunch apparently is an unwise decision to make as we have a long hour lunch and oftenly some folks might tend to come back office a tad late but it doesn’t mean Intel people are not taking work seriously, I am not finding excuse to soothe the misbehavior, but on the usual weekday like Monday til Thursday, there is hardly one night that you can flee yourself from signing in vpn, checking stuff and work a little( at least for me...:(). So Friday is a day where people start compensating time they lost and reward themselves with a little bit of slackness. Nevertheless, I still need to take this OOP today to settle some personal stuff.

I can see that most of my time, years that wasted by was struggling in work, sometimes you are caught up in making a living that you forget you had a life. I knew I am not alone as there are lots of people beside me fighting to earn a living, chasing away their time in works especially when issue happens. But of coz, there were people who chicken out and ran away, thinking nobody would realize but instead, the whole world knew. As the years ticked away in my ignorance, somehow I changed relatively along the line. Almost naturally. I remembered how i dislike embracing changes, keeping the flair hope that things are not dynamically varying...or perhaps I was yearning to change but wasn’t courageous enough to make it happens so I force myself to believe that, I love being now. But if I were to unleash the inner voice in me, I really wish to be somebody else. I wish I could be as smart as somebody, as intelligent, pretty, capable as anybody that I admire. And when that self-realization strikes me, i fall into a confused predicament that kept asking me what am I really good at? Am I dignifying my strength to do something I am doing right now? But mournfully, things that I felt good about myself were lying in the past. And I don’t know if they still exist. And most of the things that I think I really good at is not something my family think I should do. How can you reach your dreams when your hands are tied? How can you feel good when you know you are hiding your talents away and counting down to your expiry date?

This is not a complaint. This is how the life should be. It wouldn’t be too bad, you see. So be grateful albeit you dream a little sometimes, it isn’t too much though. At least it doesn’t hurt. But when hope fading, you started to fret of your bleak future. And so you spend every minutes thinking, and thinking and thinking.. but nothing changed. And when life starts to get busy again, your confusion deceding and you started to live in a pretentious life again where everything is seemingly fine. But you wouldn’t be vacuous for too long as when things happen, you return to your old impasse. Again.

I remember I was a very smart student back in my study time. Self disciplined, independent, bubbly and active in school. Thus I was school prefect from primary 3 until secondary school (except form 3 and 5 due to exam), I am not trying to be cocky but people don’t choose you for nothing. There must be something in you that makes people trust you can lead and able to hold the responsibility well. But those were the past as my confident is staggering now. It isn’t that I don’t like what i am doing now or I am doing bad but neither it is something I love doing. least better than last time. :):) I have a feeling that I do it for the sake of surviving. I don’t loathe my life, to be frank. But I wish it could be better, it could give me a sense of worthwhile, a feeling to be alive, to feel good at myself again.

I know life is challenging because you were living with different people and staying at the same battle field as you do, they tend to seize any chance to make you down to attain their end. Of coz, not everyone but still ,it is too much even if you have that one person in your work place. Ironically, if you aren’t strong enough to reach out your dreams, perhaps it is time to change yourself, but changes itself is not enough, sometimes you should stoop your conscience, shut off your trust and inhibit the guilt, after all, it doesn’t hurt you at all because surviving is the only rules in this game. ....but amid the entire grudge I had blurted out...I rather am the victim in the battle if it were to betray my conscience. Maybe just pull a slight scowl if shits happen.

And perhaps, you only knew you were living when there is cruelness. This is life. How can I forget.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My first nasi lemak

I was yearning for chicken and cheese paratha from Hot & Roll for the entire day. In fact i started to crave for it after having one yesterday. The reason is they spreaded a generous amount of mozarella cheese on the paratha and since i am a super huge fan of cheese and I knew how expensive is one packet of 500g mozarella cheese so i really appreciate the serving T_______T. But for some reasons, I didnt manage to grab one today so i decided to head home after work and try the nasi lemak recipe that shared by pik lay some times ago. Instead of using anchovies which I dont quite fond of its taste, I replaced them with the mid size prawn.:)

Anyway, I love my first trial nasi lemak:D. I believe it is not a perfect piece of work but it does possess with the basic requisite to a nasi lemak:D

I found 2 set of mortar and pestle lying nicely inside the cabinet when I wanted to pound the sambal ingredient :S I dont know why i have 2 but apparentlyI am not a heavy user of this tradisional utensil since I prefer to use the food processor to grain the ingredient for time and energy saving purpose. But it is not a surprise that i keep buying the same thing over and over again as I tend to forget their existence after leaving something unattended for too long. :S

sigh! The typical side of me.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

my ww36

As you can sense from my title, I am really bored. I am not sure why am I bored but it seems like there were millions of worries in my head and I couldnt toss them from my belfry. It was a feeling like you were constipated and frustrated over why you were having this embarrassing constipation :S

I guess i am so worried that i have to worry about works, They just haunt me though I tried not to think too much on them, and even worried about ah lei's interview that I need to try my best to fill up her questionnaire for her new career assessment and I am so fretted on my financial planning. I had drew out some saving plans 2 months ago after I was broke buying the new house and yet, I cant even save a penny right now. I feel so perturbed that I became easily in wrath because I want to earn more money...I had dream days ago that my manager gave me increment in my salary! and it was really a great dream but doomed when I found out it was just a frail happiness in dream. I wonder if my peers are as poor as I am now. I really wish to know if I am the poorest among them all. Tell me it isnt true? right? Should I stick to my daily home cooking plan, I am so unsure that it could help me to save though. big big sigh!
So, i ate alot. I keep feeling i am so hungry and I always hungry. I thought I should have seriously putting on weight after keep gulping food in for a few days, but I didnt. Big big sigh!!

Anyway.. a quick recap on what was going on in this frustrating ww36...over all the bad things that haunted me, there was one good thing that at least made my couples of days. Woon is coming back to town but she will be leaving tomorrowT_____________T. So we resume our usual Thursday gathering by cooking at my house again.
And another thing, I was so psyched with the idea of trying some new recipe because I am so bored of a few dishes that I kept rotating to cook. Thus, I tried out with the new spaghetti recipe and also making the garlic bread. I know I am such a noob that making a garlic bread isnt that hard at all but at least I never tried on making it before. I always love ordering garlic bread and dip it with the mushroom soup. But to save some money...i decided to make it myself, at least giving some fun to my life.

Spaghetti and mashed potato.............

anyway...who ever said that the process of growing up will be easy?