Sunday, November 22, 2009

Til then

I am not feeling well these day. Perhaps it is because of the gloomy weather and the occasionally drizzle downpour that makes me shiver and trembling in cold.

Hopefully I wont leave this site for long. Take care everyone!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sad hair

I felt very stupid sitting in my cube today and do what I did for the past 2 days. Tracing over some signal to see why it was asserted or deasserted that might literally helped me in rootcausing the problem. But I get nothing hell out of it. Frustrated by the aftermath that might cause me mentally disorder if i sit longer; I start to do find something else to do. Something else more changing color of the entire signal. *retard

Can somebody cue me on this bunch of signals? X(

*feel bad*

I found an interesting stuff from a friends, Eunice's blog!( I hope you dont mind!) But not sure how it can help me since my hair is thin and soft like baby *self praise is no praise >_<. I check out the link she shares and found lots of nice thing from the site like this.. leg/waist slimming tap that only cost RM3.9! how cheap!

and the one she introduced.. make your hair looks voluminous!

my hair was this thin back in my uni time. I remember the first time i was shocked to realize that i had a thin hair was after I curled my hair for the first time. The hair dresser said i need to thin my hair first else the curl wouldn’t be obvious and nice. So he hold his scissor and boorishly grab a bunch of my hair and start trimming them off like some psycho in terror move, even turned to my friends and said " see, I just simply cut..muahahaha!" which leave an indelible stain in my memory until now :( ....I suddenly feel a surge of relief to be an engineer and not a hair dresser as they seems to having lots of stress. Ever since then until I finally straighten my hair back again, my hair always looks this thin and everytime when i cut my hair in saloon, the hair dresser would look at my hair in sympathy as seem like I am bald. And of coz, I always protect with same reason that it is merely because I have baby hair. :'(

So there is one afternoon when my friend T dropped at my cube, i suddenly see a gleam of hope glowing from his head as he has more hair now! he used to have same problem as me but now they look thicker! Of coz I asked the secret from him and he told me it is all because of this!


Right at the lunch time, I swiftly went to Watson to buy and certainly shower was the first daily regime to do that day. The shampoo has a heavy sense of ginseng smell and generates lots of bubble when shampooing which instill more confident in me that this panacea should work a miracle on me too. But after trying out for couples of time, It didn’t help in controlling my hair fall,yet it becomes more serious and now the hair line parting become more obvious as seems like Im getting bald.:’(

Please share with me if you have any advice in controlling the hair fall!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Escapeeee to Thai

The getaway to Hatyai on the previous weekend marked as one of the most memorable trip I had, at least with my colleagues. I never like to call them colleague as it sounds aloof because as a matter of fact when you worked 8++ hours per day and faced those people most of your time,they somehow are your friends and not mere colleague and ironically some of them treat you better than friends you had back in your school time. Back to the point, the trip brought back the feisty old me and rejuvenating every dead cell in me that yearned to be stimulated again. At least for that 2 days, as i was like a zombie back in Penang.=.=

Some background of the trip; it was a 2 days 1 night celebration trip for all the backend mainstream project folks who never get anything after slogging for so damn long and now rewarded with a trip that only includes the accommodation and transportation. And of coz, others who are not under the mainstream project had to be self funded. So the perception of Intel employee is rich totally untrue, partly yes for those in high rank but working kuli like us definitely nothing better than other company’s engineers.

Friday morning, fen picked me, venus and KM up at around 5 sth as the bus started at 6am and the journey to hatyai took around 3 hours. I discarded some of the journey detail probably because I dozed off most of the time.

Stopped by for the first round shopping.

Thanks ys for the ice-cream treat! the ice-cream is only rm2 but it is so nice especially when you are half withered under the hot scorching sun. Not to mention there is glutinous rice at the bottom of the cup.

As soon as we checked in to our Lee Garden Hotel, we swiftly took a bath and started the shopping spree. We had a total of 27 people joining the trip which only consist of 7 ladies engineers. So it is normal if we did the shopping together.

sigh..I missed this:(

The first destination was the market. Sigh sigh...Somehow it changes alot comparing to the last time i came here 4 years ago. Limited choices and some stuff like clothes are not trashy too as they literally priced up the stuff to Malaysia's standard. but not entirely true if you intend to purchase the local goods which are much cheaper.

Remember this shop as you can get a better price here than others.

After satisfied with all the booty, we went to try out the Lee Garden Hotel's buffet that situated at level 33 as it only costs ~ RM15 whilst most of our friends went to have some street foods which might cost even more. The restaurant provides a great variety of food and we can profusely had as much Thai mango as we can without paying RM2-3 to buy one. *calculative mode on*

Not to mention the breathtaking view at the restaurant where you can take in the whole hatyai's view.

One of the pick event of the night was the tiger( thai girl) show which i must admit that i was really excited to join though i couldn’t picture how extreme the show before experienced it myself but it was really an eye's opening. And nobody is allowed to reveal much detail and whoever does that must die! *blerrk*. But as shorten memory person like me, I doubt I would remember much detail after a few months and might end up telling people I never watched it before.

Whoever took this photo must seek for doctor advice as he had a serious hand shaking:S another good photo wasted! darn!

As the night was still young and everyone was partner-less, we decided for another midnight rendezvous which was clubbing. I couldn’t remember the last time i had clubbing as it happened so long ago that i always wish i could have friends who are willing to bring me there again but anyway, the long waited wish finally answered, You probably asked what is so fun about clubbing? The alcohol tasted sucks, the choking smokes, all those drunkies and etc..but i love when i could loosen up myself after a few cups and you danced like nobody business but still reserved some soberness in you. It is a game when you have chances to do things you want, carefree-ly but on the other side, you keep reminding yourself, up to here, nothing further. Tipsy but not drunk was the best feeling ever.

I guess this was the biggest clubbing group ever. We had 2 friends who tie knot on the coming December so that night was the bachelor night for them. One of my witty friends, Melv who came out with this impish idea of asking the soon-to-be-groom to put on a flashy applemint undies, went around and asked for 10 signatures from different girls in the club. So we maneuvered from tables to tables hunting for chick to sign on their black shirt. Besides from the awesome live performance by the performers, another plus about the thai's pub is they forbid people to smoke inside unlike the malaysia club where the smoke irritate your eyes.

One of the pretty thai girl came up to me and claimed that she worked in KL , then she asked for my number but i was chicken out and purposely gave her the wrong number.So lame. *guilty

Ok, that look just you have any boob?...*sad*

We bid the club adieu around 2 in the morning and I barely slept for wee hour as my stomach started to stir and i had to rush in and out the toilet. But luckily it turned better on the next morning.

The trip wouldn’t be this memorable if it was not with this bunch of friends. We were growing old and we couldnt party like how we used to be back in a few years ago. Furthermore, some of them didn’t party after our project celebration night 2 years ago and it was good to have such a reunion back again. Good things doesn’t have to happen always but at least promising to be a good and memorable one. This memory can definitely savors me for years:)

The complete group photo.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Catch up with ahngu!

Like the previous year, I would celebrate ahngu's birthday with her. We seldom catch up though the island is small as we are in different life circle, work environment and physical distance(she is staying in tanjung Bungah) which I complaint almost everytime i meet up with her, so we started to feel lazy to travel so far to meet each other..:p.

Meet my pretty friend~ik ying!

But she is one of the oldest pal whom I still keep in touch with, old as in more than 10 years. I never have childhood friends who grew up with me and went into same primary, secondary school and still connecting with each other..I knew lots of my friends have and I find that kind of friendship very very precious but i dont have. Why? because I moved alot. I remembered i kept changing school when I was little. And the oldest friend(since form 1) is my best friend brenda and some of the guys whom I still keep very close relationship with eventhough I transfered in form 3...anyway, this is my fate. None of my close pals will stay forever with me..that is me! :( (for very good girlfriends gang in intel that left for good! but still keep in touch so fret not! they are still there for me:P)

So this ahngu..whom i knew since form 3 is working all the while in penang and only see her once in a blue moon but the thing is we always can talk like we see each other everyday, gap-less. I must say both of us are totally different character but we can be very
bubbly when chuck together. Anyway, we went to "No eye deer" opposite tanjung bungah to have a nice dinner and chatted for ~3hours=.=

Her mutton...She smells so good, I mean ah ngu! I forgot to ask her what shower foam she uses.

my jumbo vienna..quite nice:)...and I am stink as I drove all the way from office :'(

Happy birthday ikying!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Recharged by a spontaneous day

This morning I woke up feeling rejuvenated after a long sleep (like my new template, all fresh and new!). Woke up with nothing much in mind cues a good beginning. But the other side of me wonders how’s everything going in my hometown now…Anyway, I don’t feel like talking about that. *Sealed*

Early in the morning, (not that early actually, around 9am), me and kh suddenly becomes very health conscious that we decided to go Botanical garden to draw some fresh morning air. The poor guy was wearing his Nike sniker to jog because his sports shoes was busted in Chiang mai and now he lost his favorite sandal in good deed and has to wear my brother's oversized sandal ..But i wont buy him any sandal because i am very superstitious like that as old people said we cannot buy shoes for our partner because it literally will cause in break up. (God forgive me but I am really superstitious:( )

Today I am full of zest to make poh piah so we drive uptown to buy the ingredients, intended to give away to my brother's family and hf's family this time, we purposely buy more and for the rest, we reserved for the lunch and dinner. Actually this is a very healthy meal as most are comprised of various type of vege which helps the constipation victim like me( it had been 2 days without output and my tummy is bulged!).. no photo taken for the poh piah since I have blogged it before.

Late noon, we drove to BM to pass the pohpiah for my brother's family and routed over to see the progress of my new house construction...they finally moved out all the toilet bowls from my house! *BIG WET EYES T_T* Previously they stationed all the toilet bowl in my house like it is a toilet bowl storehouse.. but that consider luckier than other units as some of them even have poo on their floor: S Human poos and not aninal's =.=..After checking out my house, we drove to Raja uda which is just a stone throw away to buy the best “ham jim peng” you know “ham jim peng” in raja uda is so yummylicious? I am not a soybean drink fan but i love dipping the ham jim beng in soya drink because they taste just like they were fated for each other..

Check out my new hair color..the hair dresser said the color makes me fairer but i think it is tanner insteadT_____T and my upper arm!they look as tough as big tree trunk! T_______________T

Night time was the boys's night out in Apex cafe watching soccer match..Ever since i know how to enjoy 20 people(excluded 2 keeper) chasing after one ball on the pitch, i have lost the girlish charisma in me but of coz tonight i was not into the match as it is Arsenal - Tot match( i guess ah seng must be jumping up and down for the result in his living room now. ok..i know how it feels because i had been there last week) it is ok if most of you dont get it..haha.

* Thank God! the guys are not bald!*

I was in love with this wall painting. Sipping coffee in the old town, imagine! *Aesthetic mode stirs*

Tomorrow will wake up early for Sunday mass, pray for people we love and who remain in our memory.