Friday, January 29, 2010

Making changes

I have reached this state again where I dont have anything special to blog so I would simply write something random.

Something so random like how I feel about my short hair!

I went to hair impression in a rash because I was so sick of my work, and the best thing to make you less sick of your life is doing something crazy.

Without giving much thought, I stepped into that saloon with only 2 hair dressers which means i only left with 2 options. Without processing my word longer in my stupid brain, I flippantly asked them if I could get a more senior hair dresser because both of them looked much younger and fresher. But considering this is a century change ever, how can I simply let any fresher hand to determine its destiny? *HEM*

As figured, that impudent remark made the older one looked annoyed and told me they are all professional so they are capable of doing it, but knowing it is my bad so i swiftly changed topic asking kh if he needed a cut too and abruptly picked the younger, and more handsome one because he cut my hair before and of coz, he didnt look annoyed by my request earlier so I felt safer to leave my hair to him. :P

After haggling over what length and style I want, I started to feel daunted and contemplated if i should have grabbed my bag and ran off but I managed to press the stupid fear down but incessantly reminded him to treat my hair gently and die die also MUST get me a nice hair cut, and threaten if the cut was horrible, I would definitely cry in from of him. *yes, I am this lame *

But despite my ceaseless badgering, he was taking it really easy and totally undistracted by the pressure I gave. Ovation to a good EQ:P And Thank to the kindest God, it turned out to be the cut i want it to be and i smiled happily waving him goodbye with RM35 in his pocket. isk isk...that is really an hard earn RM35.*guilty*

And honestly this is the best thing i had ever done to my hair for years, because short hair looks fluffier, of coz after blowing it la. Since I just had it for like 2 days, so i still haven’t tried if i leave it naturally dried off after bath, I hope it doesn’t look like a flat pan. T_____T And the most things i do now is surfing net, trying to find how to avoid a flat hair, especially flat short hair is a disaster, kinda regret to stop my hair dresser to make it more layer else it will look more volume. damnit damnit

So most of the time when I don’t look at the mirror, I would meddle my hair to make it volumize, grab my hair to make it looks volume, sweep my hair to give volume, shake my hair to volumize it and i am getting very fanatic on how to make it volumize, VOLUMIZE! you get me! VOLUME-IZE

Last night my old friend calling me to ask for my hometown house and if my parents truly want to let it go after my mum retired and move to Penang. well, it is pretty much a yes but i still haven’t entirely accepted the house that i have stayed for almost my whole life is going to sell off and belong to other people. I still have my brown study table in that house that i kept my love letter in the drawer and all that scribble on its surface, oh..this is really sad.:( But that is going to happen soon and i hope it worth a good price because that house is priceless and priceless thing should end with a good deal. But that means, I can no longer go back to my hometown and loitering at places like sugarbun, the catholic cathedral, buying that best kebab ever, kampua in rejang park?

why nothing stays eternally?

Wrench the distraught emotion aside, sibu has lots of good food that you couldn’t name it in west malaysia. For example, sugarban. it is the best fast-food restaurant ever and it is not just a fast-food restaurant but it looks like a hawker center, you can get fish fillet with rice, burger of coz, wedges, mashed potato, those are typical fastfood la..but guess what, you can get the claypot rice, porridge, mee and blah blah..inside too. In paying the tribute to the best burger served in sugarbun, i pledge to eat one burger at least for consecutive 9 days when I go bek on cny. I promise and i will eat gao gao til I sick of it and miss it no more.

So-long those childhoods thingy that built every fat element on me. You guys had done a good job!

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

precious coz it is scarce

Before I started anything serious, I want to share a buoyant news to all the food lover who are sick of having Penang laksa with asam broth as their only and only choice, like me, apparently. *wink*
Today I have an on-earth breaking discovery which you probably had tried it but for those who havent, this discovery can literally change your life from now on. I know i am over exaggerated but who cares, my day started dandy with it:)
KH asked me day before if I heard about Laksa lemak since he knew I have almost tried all the penang food, especially Japanese food in penang. But surprisingly, nobody introduced to me before. How come?????!T_________T. And this totally quashed down my acuity as a gourmet.
So, delightfully we drove that winding road of balik pulau with 2 friends to try out this Laksa Lemak aka siam laksa where seemingly only me who hasnt tried it before. T____T.

Ask me which one I prefer more, I would give my vote to Laksa Lemak, it totally stimulate my taste bud in which i personally like its thick and delicious soup made with fish potage that tasted a lil bit like otak-otak, what is really matter for Laksa is the soup,isnt it? Asam laksa taste can be really personal it is either you like it or you loathe it because of the prawn paste they added. Unlike the other penang main cuisine like kuetiao, or wantan or curry mee..which is generally accepted by everyone.
Like I said, there is always a reason to keep my budge tummy. We went to queensbay to eat this super nice porridge and you tiao after Laksa Lemak. Imagine the stretch-bility of a human's stomach. XD
This shop started in KL,a must go place in my list whenever I made a trip to KL .But luckily i dont have to crave for it even if I dont travel down to KL anymore, it finally opened a branch in queensbay mall which still upholding its quality or even better than the one in One U.
After bunch up with a few friends, one of my friend started to tell in his clean loud voice on how his department is workmanship-deprived right now and according to him, his company is the only company where its FA department is doing the wafer dye penetration or de-processing to check on the surface damage and how valuable and precious a FA engineer like them who knows about the wafer dye deprocessing to be in penang since his department only has 4 of them where other company doesnt have any, Which means the whole penang only has 4 expertise on this firm???
I know nothing about FA but i believe it involves in lots of hurdling and tedious process. And i was told that one of the prestigious company's FA engineer turned down by his company after interview because he doesnt know what is he really doing in his department except operating the machine. Sigh.. I dont know how true the telltale is but speaking of having only 4 people who knows about wafer de-processing in penang is rather unbelievable and like i was told, it makes them valuable. Seriously, I never think a department could ever abolish when somebody resign, the operation still going on like the earth still spinning in galaxy. If that line of expertise does facing a serious deprivation predicament,then they could blatantly quote a high price to make the company counter offering them as scanty always looks precious.
Double sigh...
come to think of it, if these are true, then it is really important when you firstly decided which firm to join after graduating instead of just wanting to find a job to cater your living. Sometimes it really doesnt matter what you majoring at because you just need to choose that first job that build up a skill. Like I always toss this question around, what can a cpu post validation engineer do after leaving Intel? and the only answer i can get is, you have that experience of working in Intel. and that matters.
It doesnt sound convincing but definitely appeasing enough to hear, isnt it?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Cool wannabe

I am the most uncool creature who lived in her most uncool life in this universe.
Yeah, I am talking about life again. So many questions about life and ask me what i really like to do, i think i can do many things, but they are not bringing out the best of me, because none of things I am doing now attracts me or ignite my flaming passion. The place i am standing now is nothing different from where i stood wondering who I was in the past 2 years. As much as i was wondering how i gonna be in the future, so here it is. Am I satisfied? Surely no.

Before my friend went to study, she asked me if she should be going. I tell her to give it a try as she might probably sit in the same cube, facing the same 4 walls, typing away on the same laptop and yet, doing the same dreary work after 4 years which she probably already travels the half globe, speaking a foreign language, and of coz, tag as a master holder. But speaking of all, she had relatively changed. And if that theory goes down to me, I was taken aback by how sluggish and pathetic my courage was to make that baby step to CHANGE. I am not inspired by Obama motto though i love seeing his toned and tanned bare upper body on beach.

As much as I needed a change, I plan to start with the minor one, perhaps start from head? since i am always the faithful adherent of long hair, but firstly, I need to convince myself breathing in this centurial change.

The long straight hair is looking utterly flat lately and enticing me to make a change. Checked.

A longer hair inclined to make my scalp become oily. Checked.

A longer hair makes people look older, I am 28 this year and i dont need a hair to remind me that again. Checked.

Longer hair just had to cut shorter. Checked.

But i am still not impulsive enough to take this drastic step that by high chance transform me into an antisocial during cny when everyone looking pretty but me, standing at a corner with my short hair that revealing my big face.T________T. And I would squeeze with my obese cousins who often just stare timidly at slimmer gang maneuver around the house like social butterflies, camwhoring with every corners, the flower, the cookies, my aunty's dog but not them. Truly, this happened every year where the slimmer gang deliberately takes all the attention but the obese still the obese one. I did try talking to them but i always end-up sounded like an imperious cousin and the topic always runs out after asking.." oh, how are you now?" "wah..your dress nice ah.." ..Then the obese gang would scowl at me or pretend to look at the tv screen hoping i could vanish away. But this year, I would officially join their gang, espcially if i finally had my hair cut before cny and it turn out to be disaster. *rolling eye*

But isnt shorter hair is cooler? then perhaps my life can be cooler like others?

Praying when i finally find my tiny gut and giving all out, everything could turn out to be unscathed? can? can?

Still, how to live a cool life?

I used to have a cool life with my sister where we had couples of midnight rendezvous with a bunch of form.6 students which makes my mum went berserk. Albeit we try to convince her to trust them coz they in actual fact are not bad, maybe bad in result but definitely not bad persons. But which parents doesnt worried about their puberty age daughter, like 12-13? And which parents not holding the perception that the bad result students were actually good?

Then i had that brief cool moment with my ex housemate where we stayed til midnight waiting for those malay who stole our motor oil to fall into our snare, then everyone dashed out holding bloom, mop, rod, hopping onto my car and chasing after thief.

But when i started to comprehend love in an upper level, I become uncool.

And now with this working schedule and heavy workload, I stayed uncool.

So if I know i have 0.000000000001 of chance right now to look cool, I would seize it no matter how much it gonna pay.

Do first and cry later.

Who knows, I would grin brightly?

Monday, January 11, 2010

not done with GG yet!

After 4 days deprived from sleeps, I really have to slow down now. Something to clarify here, I thought i had finished GG's season 3 as I streamed it from youtube but it was actually not the season 3 like what it was written in youtube. My friend told me today, the ending that i thought was the ending of GG was actually season 2. Anyway, another stupid thing of me is...i just finished watching the season 1......I know I am such a noob! But i never known anyone who watched GG in my team before not until now, out of sudden, I got so many supplies for GG, my bf suddenly downloaded it for me( yes! i never knew how to download movie because i never had to! *smug* and that makes a cripple and useless me, so i had to painfully bare with youtube loading speed) and my friend also told me he had the season 1 and 2...but good thing is, i dont have to feel guilty to claim myself as a big fans of GG! because i officially am now!
And second thing after watching season 1..and on the half way of season 2...I must confess that there is some switching in my favorite role list, i began to love Blair more.( but still utterly revel in Serena's low and hoarsy voice! so sexy!) but like i tell my friend, Blair is a bitch but not a slut like Serena does. She is mean and scheming but she was so cute that you felt funny for how real she was and how unreasonably she is trying to prevail over others. And if want to choose between chuck or Nate, definitely chuck has my vote but ....overall, i still like Dan Humphrey. At least that was what I felt after finishing with season.1.
My bf doesnt see my point on why i love watching this kind of vain movie, so much that i can neglect the whole world..sleeps,works,meals and even not picking up calls but I am really so shallow that i was attracted by how beautiful the actresses are and even if you might not like how messy their relationship is,you still have to admit that you love every fashion tips, spiffy and trendy dress that you wish to have them all..and after this movie...seeking vanity doesnt seems so bad to me afterall:p
Heard that season 3 is even better than the previous 2..Emm!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

random thought

I never get into any sport more zealously than I do now, at least this statement still holds today and hope it remains after cny as that is the sole reason that turns me into such health conscious entity. One month to go and I wish to shed away 2 kg fats at least. Why do I talk about my weight so often although i should have be more sensitive to those who are heavier than me, but the truth is...if you dont feel good about you, please do something. Don’t just complaint to people when they want to improve themselves by comparing yourself with them. Do something because nothing changes if we give up our self. After jogged in speed from slow to a crawl, my face burning in heat and i could feel beads of pebbles sweat usurping on every inch of my skin, I cant sweat easily and the only way to get me sweat is to exercise and that was so rare as long as the disposition of my indolence stays. But it is amazing to feel myself so thin and fit after the runs although I cant get rid of the bulge tummy but at least I felt it is smaller, perhaps!

I went with my friend to dinner and we talked about so many things, things that we told each other before but repeat it again snooping for new ideas, who knows our perception might waver along the way and inspired with new segment from new experience along the line, we share about future, partner, friends and talked about the unrequited love we had. I proclaimed that I have been through the solstitial point of my relationship though it made me fall into pieces but I am glad for who i am now. Not that I have changed to oblivious but simply because I think I could handle a relationship better with current mentality. Somehow it reminds me the movie i watched days ago, " before sunrise" and its sequel "before sunset". I must say that it was the resemblance of today's relationship. I remember a quote from movie saying"You can never replace anyone because everyone is made up of such beautiful specific details." , and the actress was fraught in perplexity that she has lost the romantic sentiment in her though she remembered she used to dream alot but that attribute of hers subsided after falling in and out of love. And she always remembered all her ex-es that she asked why was she not the one that get married with them instead they always come back to her to thank her for teaching them that much about love. The same pathetic feeling prevail over me and what’s frightened me is knowing that I am always living in ambiguity and doubt of myself that can i love somebody so much like I used to know how to love? I wish i know Shakespeare so I can throw this question back to him. Or did Shakespeare consecrate his life to love or love is only beautiful when we know nothing about it?

Life is so dreary when you think you have known every bits of it. You even can surmise the next line, i suppose that is why long running relationship couples always end with breaking up as they had known each other too much that the chemical reaction subsides and the only stimulus to keep each other going is the " surprise" and if you had heard a quote before, you will agree on how ironically true it is "although we thought we have seen it all, life can still surprise us and we can still surprise our self"...if you are part of somebody's lives now, dont forget to constantly give them a surprise because love itself is a surprise.

Monday, January 4, 2010

my old familiar 7A's girls

The new year started so dandy and sound with my old uni housemate visiting for couples of day, thanks to Jenny as she is the reason we gathered. I never met 2 of them ever since we graduated 4 years ago, sometimes I did ponder and regretted those days where I should have time well spent with them rather than with my ex.I should have done better but how can i patch them back again? One of the indisputably fact is I always miss them, especially when reminiscing some of the orche photos nicely aligned in the album, or occasionally revising their faces in dreams, and sometimes I wondered when can we meet again but God had been good to me to answer a long yearning prayer.

I remember despite how dissimilar each one of us were, we never like to pick a fight nor having grudge like some of the housemates does. Not the first time I felt blessed harking back to those days of how stupid and worries freed we were, as seems like nothing fretted us the most except studies, money and boys matter.:p

Anyway, 3 of my housemate came to penang on this new year eve where cuci(sg) and lengmui(JB) arrived in penang on new year eve midnight and Jenny the next day. At first, I even told kh that i am not sure if i might feel aloof with them after detaching from each other for years but apparently the concern is rather redundant. Nothing flickles like we never seperated before, everything was statued as seem we were still good housemate and all young and fiesty except i became the fattest among them:(

Nonetheless, I still hope i had made a good host though. We had visited some of the places in penang, placed that made us looked so cultured like penang musuem and peranakan mansion, loitering around island acting like the food glutton, shopping, clubbing, camwhoring, chit-chatting and those are most or least stuff that girls will do.
I guess nothing to lament nor regret this time, i had very much ditched kh this time and treasure every moment of my girlie time with them, afterall, some of the friendship were simply irreplaceable and definitely not ours.

miss you girls!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Looking Back 2009

To commemorate and bid adieu to the 2009, I glide back the 364 days that passed in an eye blink. Happened so fast and happened like yesterday.

In introspect to what I'd done and left undone in those 365 days? there were so many memories and things that dynamically and inexplicably changed, things that we think we know but obviously we dont, things that we lost and gain, people who get closer to you, and who doesnt stay aside you anymore. This and that little thing of us had officially declared as, history.

but looking down at where I stand now, I am glad there is nothing i couldnt move forward. I lived for 27 years and for the first time, I am fully geared up to face a new year without a tad of grimace, nothing had went wrong in year 2009.

I had leng as my housemate for a short but memoriable period. And she was now married and lived a happy life. It was a great sheer shocking for me when I heard she was getting married to follow her husband to US. How great a love can be? it can move a mountain and parts the sea. We never expect any of us would marry this fast, but God has a plan for everyone , isnt it? and I am glad her plan is good.

Bali trip! that was just so awesome and again, engraving memory. Sigh:)

Leaving my previous working team after realizing i should have left earlier but I am great to know some of those taht close to me for years. they painted memories in me, great stoned one.

I bought my second house for some reasons but of coz loaded with debt again. I aint rich but i must said, I am willing to sacrifice tons of things that I love. Like good food.

physically losing some good friends again and gaining new one back. But for sure, old one is always good. Friends who left for studies, new greener pasture perhaps, married and feeling distanced after that, friend who treating me nice....indeed, some of the changes often stirred a pensive thoughts but I am happy to get myself back in saddle and learn to take them evenly

and of coz, having him is the greatest crop I had in 2009. It is not hard to find somebody you love but definitely the hardest thing to find someone who fit you.

So many things that I wish to list but some I wish to keep them privately in me. But am glad most of the retrospect is a pleasant one.

No more partying like previous year, only close friends dropping by but undeniably, they were far better than get yourself drunk and puke on new year. They are God sent gift for me on 2010. How happy is that?:)Look at me!