Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Chap goh meh

The 15th day in Chinese lunar calender is also the lantern festival with lots of flamboyant and colorful lantern hanging high at home or temples. And I just knew that some of the chinese family served the glutinous rice ball or tang yuan on this day too! So we actually made some stuffed with ground peanut today.

Reunion-The underlying message of having tang yuan

To celebrate the last day of cny, we made the sushi as well. Not a luxurious dinner but definitely suffice to make up a day.

Happy chap goh meh!

A Whirlwind Romance

The blog is protected as this is not my story to tell. But you may drop your request for password.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

A brief war

Life is not a bed of red roses.

As clearly as I can remember I'd told my friend yesterday that me and kh seldom had an argument and it seems unhealthy some times. Finally, we had one, definitely not because i had wished it so much.

The was fight started when he said some words that was not aptly put out and at the end it doesnt give the right meaning anymore so I started to go ballistic over the statement and morning breakfast ended up in tense and i threw myself on the bed for hours after went home, dreaming lots of funny dreams and spending another few waking hours lamenting over what happened and feeling idly to crawl out from my bed before i finally came to my senses that weekend is just too short to kill it on my bed alone! So we made peace and decided to go to Borders to grab some magazine and home deco books.

And now, I felt glad that I opted not to sank any further into my shell being reclusive and depressed over pessimistic thought, and allowing myself meddling in that seemingly never ending contention any longer but instead spending the afternoon hours cuddling in border's couch reading my favorite gossip magazine and sipping starbuck signature hot chocolate, and furthermore I was consoled with an extra chocolate cream puff today that he never bought me before, at least i can see that he was trying to resuscitate the relationship after the brief war.

As much as i have realized from what happened today, the growing of the emotional part of me that we can choose how to live our life each day, we can keep mourning over stuff that doesn’t go according our will or we move out of the shell and making up the rest of the remaining hours doing things that we like and possibly can cheer us up, even though we might not completely restored by the end of the day but at least our tattered emotion had slightly assuaged.

Like me, I felt better now.:)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Have a roaring year!

My mood stays buoyant since I came back to my hometown, on my waiting for the flight from KL to sibu in lcct, I started to hear the most familiar dialect speaking here and there, dialect you rarely heard in west malaysia. To be honest, I barely know how to speak foo chow too and it always sounds quirky to me coz they were like twisting their tongue and making the sounds like Korean but it is one of those thing that makes a part of me. It is bonded to me. I found a few familiar faces who used to be my schoolmates, some of them still greeted me back but some just pretend to be strangers. But that didnt bother me much as the thought of anytime be at my homeland made everything turns trivial.

Coming back this year also means the final year of celebrating cny in sibu as my parents will move to penang real soon and definitely will sell off the old house, besides that, my sis and brother in-law from UK is back for good after 2 year and she even joined us for reunion dinner with her husband. But coming back also meant I have to face the mean reality that I am the fattest one in the family since i failed terribly in reducing my weight but gaining more instead.
Yesterday when my father car drove into garage, my sister in her haiti figure already stood at the doorway welcomed us with her broad grin but the first thing she asked me was" how can you get so bui!!".
But sis, great to have you home!i really miss her, we hardly chatted in msn as she always sounds so busy which I truly understand la, who ever think PHD is easy peasy?She is really bold and resolute in attaining her PHD, not to mention sacrificing all the fun things which can prove by the pimples on her face. She used to be the lucky one shun from pimples and blackhead, k? my brother and I did but definitely not her.

Early in the morning, I was fervently helping my mum in the kitchen baking cheese cake, washing lots and lots of dishes, doing the last spring cleaning and etc. But cny eve reunion dinner is always my no.1 favourite of cny with lots of saliva drooling food though those food are almost the same every year and no matter how much you learnt from the previous year to not gulping too much of food, you would still repeat the same mistake. :(

It is a year older but hopefully it brings more wisdom to us as well. Happy chinese new year everyone!