Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Food log: 南乳焖猪肉

I receive the comment that I seldom do the food log. That kind of reminding me. So here is one today.

I prefer not to treat cooking as a responsibility although i have been cooking everyday for months, it was always the first thing I do after work, unless I need to work late. The menu for the week ahead was pretty much fix during weekend and even if I was running out the ingredient, I can always try t
o cook something simple like fried rice or fried mee or mee hun. But still it is not a responsibility( more like i am hypnotizing myself), so to avoid myself from getting weary on cooking, sometimes I would try on new dishes, dishes that my mum never taught before.

And yesterday was a new attempt on a new recipe, i actually want to buy 红糟 but ends up with 南乳==||。 So I need to make something out of it because the expiry date is on next year march and you will be surprised of how time flies. And all I have is only the 3 layer pork meat sitting in my fridge. I never taste on 南乳肉 before, but i have heard it sporadically and so I googled a bit and found the recipe. But I didnt follow the whole instruction since they are mainly for deep frying so after getting all the main ingredient, I decided to do the stew pork instead.

Delightfully, this turn out to be tasty according to my only ever faithful customer.^^

notice the fat oily part in the photo???? i was about to stop kh to take that but it was tooooo late coz he took it when my eyes were locked on tv screeeeen! and the next thing i did was SCREAM!

Sharing the recipe here:
Ingredients to marinate( note: I never good in gauging the portion of ingredients so everything was base on my instinct.)
-1/4 tablespoon salt, one spoon of oyster sauce, 1/4 tablespoon of soy sauce(trust me, you dont want your meat to look dark), one cube of 南乳,1/4 spoon of chicken stock, a little bit of pepper, 2-3 spoon of 昭兴酒, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 3 cloves of minced garlic.

1. marinate the pork with the above ingredients for as long as you could. I was lazy, so i only do it for half an hour.
2. stir fried the marinated pork until it turned dark-brownish then add some water.
3. simmer the pork in low fire for half and hour.

Happy trying:)

Monday, April 26, 2010

My first being a photographer

last weekend, I decided to give myself a true break. As much as I love to remind myself that the sheer genuine happiness is when I can do things that i love. I always believe the moments are priceless, happiness is priceless. And I would be totally hassle and worries free for 2 days, no undone work, no foils to prepare..no stuffed of whatsoever stuff into my mind. And I will take every step that my feet could lift me to.

Saturday swept away monotonously but relaxing by hitting my weekend regimen in Starbuck. The air-cond temperature was so low it makes me shivers to core, as the result of that, I unscrupulously took 1.5 packs of nasi lemak for my dinner at Liverpool cafe and adding a few lbs on my tummy. X(

And sunday... at first, I was scared to think of what might turn out to be, will it be fun? could I ever catch the moments I want? but later i decided to toss the baffles, who cares..I just need to have some funs. Before the sun spells its gold to the whole horizon, Me and kh drove away to pick up our models, yyee and yyung. The excitement that stimulate every sense was apparent judging by how hard we normally need to haul ourself out from bed, but this time was totally different. I swore i even dreamt of having the photographing session all night long. After our models were all set with their outfit and painted their lovely cheek with little blush, we drove off to the place we spotted inadvertently sometimes ago and finally started the day.

We were kind of rigid at first, with the super inexperience photographer and first timer model, everything just felt so strange and awkward. But when the models started to ease-off, I managed to get some perky shots that I want, with the frail sunrise beam and fresh morning air, the shooting moved on pretty smooth and finally, we were done at 9am.

Apparently the first outcome was not in perfection and trust me, I even vague of my perception on the perfection, there were so many lack off and mistakes that I made, but to stay optimistic, I know I dont do for perfection..I do to get better. And the moment when I had the camera on, I knew I would love doing this for long time. But as the price of the fun, I had a sore muscle on my thigh and shin today X(

Monday, April 19, 2010


其实我真得很罗嗦,这并不是我想说的。好吧,其实是酱的,建兴问了我:“你知道哪一种工作是排在最辛苦行业榜上的第一名吗?” 我摇头。他得意了一下就开了蛊:“在中国的一些内地地区,有一群人是以拖着船只来维持生活的,而且每天只赚取区区的十二元人名币。他们赤着脚裸一步一步的推拉着船只经过弯弯的逆流,一寸一寸地把它推上目的地。要知道,是逆流哦! 而且不单只赤着脚,他们也赤着身,只留着一条内裤憋体,因为家里的衣物有限,所以为了避免扯坏了衣裤就索性脱光了。而赤裸的脚根因为长期浸在水中的缘故而慢慢的腐烂,有时因为疼痛不堪而休息了几天,而那几天就不只是手停,口也停了”。
说真的我是真得很惭愧,不只是衣橱里有一年也穿不完的衣服,而且有事没事就自怜自哎到好像世界末日似的。。:(:(:( 所以,我决定了。。我不会再抱怨了。有时真的不需大费周章的想办法来舒解自己的情绪,想象那些比我们可怜几千倍的人,就会感觉到其实自己是很幸运的。

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend is my weekday

you know, I dont love having a weekend anymore. Weekend for me now is other people not working or studying spec but I have to, weekend is only when i can plan my time to cook like i can cook at 3-4pm whenever i like, and weekend is just tapping in front of my laptop in starbuck, working round clock instead of sitting inside my cube wearing long jean, where as I can have my short pant and sitting crisscrossing my leg in the couch. Weekend is no longer a relax and something exhilarating that I plan discreetly to occupy every hour with things i love to do like photo shooting, reading,painting, watching movie, or just taking nap for a few hours. Weekend, is no longer fun.:(:(:(
I do feel suffocated with the stress, and it makes me become so bad temper.I wish somebody could help me but when i know there is none, I get very helpless and frustrated so i throw temper and becomes so grumpy that I wish I have more time to equip myself.
The date to travel is getting close and i started to freak out, there are so much I am lacking of and I pray and pray to God to help me picking up anything that i can think of. And the edgy feeling makes me peevish and start feeling dissatisfaction over stuff that I always know should take it slower, like i started to get upset seeing kh is not praying by himself unless I ask him to. I start to become so attentive to things that doesnt go my way and make myself depressed. I wish thing could be better so I can stop wasting time to feel sorry for them.
What can I say? most of the unhappiness is created by human mind, like me being depressed over the stress and allow myself to immerse in mood fluctuation and affect other's mood as well. Honestly,i am just making myself unhappy and I wish I could learn to take thing easy, even if things go against me, let go and start anew. But to know is so much easier than action. Why life is not a bed of roses???

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


It is hard to put these in words and i am contemplated hard to churn them out. I don’t want to sound so vengeful but i do felt very down after the incident.

I had a cat and dog fight with my buddy yesterday. In the office, and through outlook. I know we had been so old that we should had a better handling on this like an adult but yet, we still behaved like some kindergarden kids who bicker over some tiny-mingy matter. How would you feel when you happily want to do something good for people and you didn’t get a good response? i don’t try to be a saint by saying i don’t like to expect some good return. Not material or physically but some encouragement would sufficient to make a day.

Anyway...these are just the karma from the perception that you perceived along the time. And perception is not easy to erase lo.

I often cooked for my friends last time, it is not i can cook very well and I want to show off to others that i can really cook. Sometimes i don’t think my dishes are nice too but they are not close to lousy gua. But anyhow...i really like to cook and i do feel happy if people likes it and everyone can settle their meal at the same table. So how do you felt if your friend turn to you and said he has no impression on your cooking coz maybe it is not nice? And after that he told you he was joking? joke like this once is ok...twice is ok..but incessantly until you pissed off and you retaliated by saying you don’t enjoy such joke. It is really not funny after you bustling inside the kitchen and getting that kind of negative feedback. If it is really not nice...you tell me why it is not nice ok? dont just said not nice and no impression and you are kidding?...ok...we finally close that topic so i don’t want to open the stack of files again.

So here I am, cook less for friends but I still love culinary..so i still bake cake or do sushi and bring over to office. And since he is your buddy and he is a guy that you would consider his appetite might be bigger, so I will intend to bring a bigger portion for him. But every time when you asked him to come and get, the only respond you got is pai seh la..wait la..later la...and by end of the day...you finished everything yourself. And next time, he would complaint why u never give him. ==''

So same case happened yesterday after he gave the same respond, so i told him next time i would just bring one to him and he shouldn’t grumble since and he doesn’t seem to appreciate as well...there he started to get angry and emo and BOLD the "appreciate" word that i told him and quote many example that he did eat/finish my food that i made...... sigh, duno..I feel cold hearted really.

It is not my responsibility to cook and you shouldn’t feel that it is a responsibility and you have done a good deed to finish it as well.

alright..maybe it is my fault to say that he didn’t appreciate much..but to be honest, that is the perception he gave since he complaint in the past and he always seems so reluctant to take your offering. Or perhaps..my cooking really so sucks? and I shouldn’t be so thick face to keep pushing people to eat my food. okla..maybe i am just so kepo looking for the trouble...

care for no expectation or dont care at all!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Be prepared.

It is coming for real and I started to feel cold on my palm. I rarely sweat but I do now. For something that I knew is the greatest challenge to me and yet, i have to face it alone and gives me a cold feet..I wish i can be a genius to know everything but I am not, and apparently i am truly unfamiliar to it and there is so much to learn about and get myself ready. But for whatever it may be, I am willing to take it. I want to take it and I am gonna do it. I am not sure if i can trudge through the hurdle, but God answered my call before and i am sure he will again.

Friday, April 2, 2010

it is my 28th!

I woke up to a birthday cake last night at 12am and of coz the birthday song too...but with my drowsy eyes and half-opened eyelid, all i can think of was make it fast coz i was so so exhausted.....=.=..muted my phone and slept soundly. I guess he must be super sian diao to get these all done in less than a minutes. -________-
Today is friday, today is good Friday and today is my BIRTHDAY! How lucky is that!!!!! i never had my birthday on good friday! i never had a birthday with God before. :'(
I received xiao lei's ecard yesterday and it meant so much to me. Coz she is my first bbf in intel. I missed our moments:( if only you were here! )

and also Leng's present all the way from US. thankiu darling. Sob Sob. I wish you were here too!

and 2 zabos(cyn and lilian) hot beach pant that undersized (nevermind, i wear it when i slim down!!)and hush puppies shirt!all the long way from sarawak!

and not forgetting the slutty dress and the scrapbook from a bunch of buddies .

Snapshot of the scrap book

And the sexy slutty and spotty dress...that i looked fat T_T

And the scrap book from him also...=.=(oh! my second scrap bookkkkkk!!!)
Thank to the advance technology now and the good family smart gene coz my parents and aunty also know how to send ecard now. =.=
I received my first ex email though it was short. I received my boss's message too!...
I received lots and lots of sms and facebook messages...and what can I say!!! i am so happy! I dont know why..I am just happy. Nothing could break my mood today and nothing should!
Before I write more, happy 28th years old to myself!!!