Monday, May 31, 2010

1st day in state

I keep walking.

My mind is empty but the heart is loaded. I am missing him more in every step I treaded. Nothing is better than going back to a place i know. Not this strange place with every single face that i can’t call out their name.

So I keep walking. Seemingly walking on is the only way that kept me closer back to home.
I had the nicest dream last night on plane, I dreamt of the most ordinary thing like having a meal with him and some of the friends. But I woke up in dismay.

Today is the 1st day in state but I wish, it is the 90th day.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

It is time to leave

I am not ready but I have to go....... if only the distance can make the heart grows fonder then I will be back for good.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I wish to have more time. More time please! Can I get all the time that i wasted on movie,sleeping, loitering in borders, lepaking in facebook back????
Alright..til i blog again! Today i only feel rush rush rush rush rush, if only i can split myself into 10 or 20!
Hopefully i didnt left anything out..*finger cross*. I dont know la, seems like when i grow older, I am easier to feel panic. I used to be super steady, super bold and no fear one mah! Where is my gut!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Durian is back!

Kh purposely took a day off from his work on Saturday to accompany me. it is rather absurd to feel a great mercy having to get a break on rest day, isn’t it?

We woke up to a windy morning, drove across the great ocean to Butterworth. There were so many things on the new house that awaiting us to get them done, stuff like applying for water or electricity supply from PBA and TNB office. But that was a trip in vain as both of us didn’t aware of the process actually needs Photostat IC and approving letter from PBA to the developer, so we wandered around aimlessly to find the Photostat shop but none were opened at 9am and our stomach drumming and yielding for food. Fortunately, we bumped into a shop by sheer chance that was so full houses so we halted our car at one empty slot and hopped down to have our breakfast.

Apparently there is a reason for that great capacity of crowd, the "sio bak" and noodles were really tasty! And the price was cheap too. We order 'Sio bak" for 2 and noodles for each that came with 3 big and spongy fish balls which only cost us RM11.20.*I am sure it is not because we were too hungry that we think this is nice la...*

After the hearty breakfast, we headed to the new house and checking for the house defects, we were asked by the developer that we need to snap photo and attach with the defect list, Honestly, I always feel like a troubemaker more than a helpers, though I owned a house but that was the second hand house and I never went through the process like checking for defects and I dont even know what to check :S but kh looks more experienced than me that he pointed all the imperfection and indentation that he thinks shouldn’t be there at the first place this tiny little hole which looks like a ant nest for me=.=

I suggested that we need to point at this tiny little hole for better illustration.

After settle with the long list, we headed back to Penang to fetch 2 friends whom we promised earlier to balik pulau for durian hunting. We navigated our way out of the hullabaloo of the city to balik pulau and saw the first durian stall but decided to look further in as apparently everyone has their past good memories of having durian at certain stall so we decided to find those durian stalls back. Further in, we saw a Malay durian stall but we had a mutual consent earlier of having the branded durian instead of kampung durian. Rumble along path with trees slowly dotted away from our sight until we reached the balik pulau town and yet, we haven’t found our durian stall. Exhausted but our determination unwavered so we decided to head towards teluk bahang because somebody said he remembered how good the durian was. Slowly, the landscape of greenery along the teluk bahang melted away without a single glimpse of durian stall and there we reached batu maung..droved passed bayan lepas and dumped the gear at the first stall in balik pulau that we saw 1.5 hours ago. -___________-

The boss took 4 "xiao hong" and charged us for Rm48 but we thought it was too expensive so we decided to go to the malay stall instead....the malay durian was cheap, RM5 but you hardly tell they tasted like durian. -____-

Feeling a great surge of unwillingness to be defeated just like that, we finally took the safest decision to head to town instead. When we had our first real durian of the day, one police car stop by the stalls, the police opened his boot and as if can read the police's mind, the boss quickly carried 2 big boxes of durian into the boot. This is the first time I see how some of us practice "one malaysia" so perfectly well together.But...... come to think of it, maybe we indirectly helped paying those durian in police's car, no wonder all the durians are so expensive!!

BTW mum!! here is for you! your best friend "mr. liu"! *not a flattering angle, but lazy to snap another=.=*


前晚搬运一个大箱子时笨手笨脚的割伤了右手的无名指。起初我完全不以为然,只觉得有些刺痛,就自以为只是磨擦后所留下的触感而继续我的整理工作。至到感觉到手心上有点粘粘的湿感,才发觉原来无名指上的皮已经被磨开了。手指上的血都沾满了它的四周,流到掌心, 干了。看到了血,我突然才觉得有点麻了的痛。起初还粗粗鲁鲁的打扫房子, 突然之间就变得小心翼翼起来, 特别留意不要碰到受伤了的手指。
想着如果水碰到伤口应该是很痛对吧?还是试一试看! 果然是很刺的感觉。我对自己的傻气感到莞尔。 人,往往有些自虐的倾向吧。



Friday, May 14, 2010



Feeling an avalanche of tendency to lavish spending spree today. But my wallet is tight.:(

I wandering around in Queensbay with fen that day and spotted a jacket in MNG, the plain design caught my eye, I wrapped it on and it makes me look a tad different, and i love being different. :):) Checked the tag and delicately placed it back again. No matter how much I love it and knew that i could easily trade it by sacrificing other stuff, but the rational part of me feels that is pointless because the jacket is blatantly over-priced. @_@ .

You know statistic shown women can live longer than man, not only women are adept in expressing themselves or circulating gossip, but also, we definitely know how to vent our anger, frustration, despair and stress through the right source which is shopping. And most of the time, that really works.:D But sometimes it becomes an excuse for me to do shopping and to avoid hearing me whine/grumble, or seeing the sulking face complaining over the tiny-minny stuff from the hot room temperature til too bored or too free, kh is always more than willing to take me shopping...anyway, it is not like I shop like nobody business, i definitely know when to stop and when's not la.

Busy bee

Talking about the recent emotion, I wasn’t feeling that happy when he is working from dawn til midnight to meet the project deadline and I guess many of them are way behind the schedule now..But the selfish side of me still wishing that he could spend more time with me. Anyway, I knew I shouldn’t let the unhappiness prevail over the understanding of knowing that everyone has their time for real business. Sometimes I was so busy until I hardly speak with him also. so that was totally comprehensible.


Today is the first day I went to Neway in Queensbay. The room was nice, food was ok but the mic was terrible. Of coz, I won’t make any assumption base on the first visit. The sound system was still new so we couldnt find some of the songs in the system. But the most disheartened thing was, we can only gulp our food after 2 hours ++. :S But okla..I dont want to complain coz i figured they didn’t expect to have so many customer on Friday. And another funny thing is, the system will automatically added some of the songs that we didnt request and sometimes it overwritten our songs.=.=...again la I dont want to least they gave us 3 hours for 5 heads whereas red box only 2 for 5. *consoling self*

I use my lousy hp to substitute my baby G11 but the quality is totally sux so i decided not to upload it.

And a confession to make ,I am not really in the singing mood today, the throat felt a sharp sting of tears and so dry that the sounds came out is like wailing sound of the slaughtered pig. :S:S:S

Thomas cup

oh..everyone is putting thomas cup on their lips wherever I go, since i am not a big fan of badminton. i skip all the matches that everyone is talking about. A bunch of them were going to pelita to watch the semi-final but I prefer to laze on my bed and facebooking. It is not hard to know the result since you are constantly updated by the result in facebook^^.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


After 5 months of looking into mirror and gazing at a different look of me, I finally had the "old" me back.
*Helo! meet the little ponytail!* How i miss you so! ^^

lonesome May

For me, May so far is nothing but 2 epic weeks of movie’s boiling. The only thing I do every night besides from working was checking the status of the downloading movie, wishing I could have one movie completed downloaded so my night time was bearable.

To be frank, watching movie could be so tiring at times, but instead of lying on bed wide awake, render myself to the enormous silence that protruding in every inch of the corner, I rather play some movies, even just let them run their course while I stare at the my purple ceiling paint that penetrates by mildew bits by bits due to humidity. I wasn’t fussy on what movie to boil, better if they could make me dozed off. But looking at the bright side, i could start to prep myself ready to be alone. I foresee I would have plenty of lonesome days after 2 weeks.:(

Speaking of movie that i watched recently, I could only remember dear John and bruno. Believe me! i watched Bruno!!! and the only word to describe the movie was "disturbing". -_____- But one thing for sure, Cohen is a genius! I google a little on him and found that he is a Jewish which explains the geniuses. And he is the husband of the actress of definitely, maybe and shopaholic.

As for dear John, it is another typical love movie like "the notebook" except notebook was more catchy and appealing. *after all they were from the same author* :p

I figured perhaps it was because the actress was Amanda seyfried? I dont know why but I couldn't help to link her with "Jennifer's body", especially rubbing out her look that covered with blood in that movie. Emm..maybe a photo for better visualization la.=.=

okla..I better stop googling for more photo on how Amanda covered in blood coz it is creepy by staring at this photo..some more I am all alone at homeT__T

But the immutable truth is, I was truly intoxicated by her smiles,the alluring dimples you know! It is amazing to find such defection that turns out to be so perfect when pairing with smile. And yet I wasnt gifted with that defect T_T *sigh*

Friday, May 7, 2010

Food log: 卡将玛(kachama)猪肉

老妈煮这道菜时大多都用鸡肉。但我只有猪肉,所以"kao kei" 下啦。:p

跟大家介绍一下,讲到好像有很多听众似的(哈!)...这应该只有砂洲才有的本地菜肴(自豪).其实我还以为是道福建人的食谱,但好像不是叻..因为大多的福建朋友都没听说.难道是福州人???? 有谁可以澄清下吗?=.=

味道其实还真的挺特别的, 有股很浓的药材味, 但又不苦,应该说是"甘香"吧:)...其实最初煮时还有点担心我的唯一嘉宾会不喜欢, 与其说不喜欢,更贴切点应该是不习惯这股香味, 毕竟不是个普遍或是大众化的味道, 但出乎意料的, 他还很喜欢的念了整个晚上,吵着叫我明天一定一定要再煮,但我说猪肉没有了.要买过...哪知道,那天之后....他就很忙了,也不能回家吃饭了.也好,难得清闲.

嗯。。。用鸡肉应该会比较好看些 @____@

材料: 麻油, 姜,酱油,五花肉,盐,红酒,当然还有主角卡将玛.

1. 切好五花肉,搁着.
2. 姜渣碎, 挤出姜汁, 分开放.
3. 开小火,隔着锅把卡将玛干炒到有香味盛起, 记得无油啊. .
4. 倒入麻油,然后是姜渣.炒至爆香.
5. 加入卡将玛, 然后五花肉.
6. 再到入姜汁,盐,一点点酱油做颜色.
7. 炒个几分钟再倒入红酒.
8. 用小火焖至20-30分钟即可.