Friday, June 18, 2010




Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First 2 weeks in State

I wish to make a nice decent recap on what's happening here on me in the state. But i am depriving the luxurious of time to make one, so here is a brash one.

Most of the time, I just updated most of my outing experience in my facebook...but of course they probably just 0.1 of my days that I feel entirely relax.

First week was a disaster, it had been a while that i felt truely vulnerable to the changes. I am totally alienated at this place, I drove a few times to the wrong lane and get horned, I get lost at the same route for numerous time which never happen to me before in Malaysia, I didnt feel hungry most of the time and i hardly gulped any food into my stomach, I recovered from jetlay in one day span which you can see as the speedy recovery, I became an observer other than topic initiator like how I did back in malaysia, which mean, I talked really less here. Really really less. I couldnt join in the conversation, I dont know why. So most of the time, I just sat and put out my social smile, i got nose bleeding everyday.

And finally, I dont cry. Which most of the people expecting me to be.There were many times when I want to, but i shred them off when the mist fogged up my eyes.

Second week, I gradually get better. I started to enjoy my lonely days, lonely breakfast, lonely lunch and at least I have companion at dinner. And I even moved from towneplace hotel to residence inn hotel which the latter one is spacious and good in facilities. :)
*check out the view from my window*

Not forgetting to mention that I met a nice friend here, I mean a nice and clicking friend whom I can hang out with 1-1. At least God is not forsaking me. I know that and thanks to all the prayer that regard to me, they answered.

And here is the 3rd week, I finally have my name on the scrum meeting which requires daily update, so basically means I have lots and lots of thing to learn

But for better or worse, I would try my best to go as far as I can.