Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking back and looking forward

Does it promise a clean slate for everything when you tear off the last sheet in your calender?

Finally, it'd comes to an end.

I’d say a good good-bye. A good good-bye that not being the teary-eyed, melodramatic, slow motion farewell. It’s the kind of good-bye that leaves that person light-hearted and serene. Wit
h the confidence that good-byes aren’t always words of Finality.

Regardless of all the doubts, I believe the coming new year is anticipated earnestly by lots of people to start a new life.

it might not promise a better a life ahead, it doesnt assure your promotion, nor assuage the
plaintiveness like the hand of God, it doesnt turn you into a wiser person, nicer to people around you, to change into new leaf, but i think the reason, it was anticpated by people who celebrate it by having a nice fine dining dinner or mangling in the countdowns jamboree, is the hope that lays ahead.

And now, as i am standing at this boundary line in between 2010 and 2011 and reminiscing back
the 2010. i must say 2010 isnt a bad year for me. A year with no broken heart nor exorbitantly shedding tears, a watery year with not many ups and downs,a year that showered with love by good confidants, a year with gains of new knowledge and skill but of coz, a year with lost of modesty and unassuming me and making lots of blunders.

I am sorry.
I am Sorry for being a friends who incessantly took things for granted, abusing others kindness for my benefit and being oblivious to others feeling, vent my spleen like some pampered brat and my hurricanes kind of temper, though i recovered real fast but nobody should deserve it

I was making the same slip yesterday when my friend suddenly changed his mind and sort of
breaking promise, i was in angst and fiery as i sort of see its coming, so at the end we sulked our face for the whole day and it didnt make me feel any better. In fact it felt worst than having him
to break the promise.

Sorry for being too busy with works and sulking my face when i am stress out, Sorry for being me who always think i am right and refuse to listen or taking the wrong approach to communicate like bickering over the matter instead of putting myself in others shoes.

I promise to be a better person and for all the good things, i wish to keep it for the new year.

last night, i rake in all the resolutions i can think of these few days and putting in the paper, lik
e how i used to do when i was in my early twentieth.

fret not, I am going to achieve them all!

aja aja fighting!!!!!

* The below post is updated 3 days later, merely because I am lazy to start a new post talking on the new year eve event so here were some of the pictorial update and contradicting the above post, this is a less "prim" one:) sorry for my laziness!

The new year eve dinner with the family at my parents favorite's ah kit restaurant.

Adjoined to the new year gathering with a bunch of rojak friends. ( friends, uni-mates, kh's hometown friends..)

thanks for the fun fun night!

Thursday, December 30, 2010


不是吧,还真地从梦中带到现实里头。 =__________=

昨晚梦了一连串的故事,但记得的只有站在一座很高很高的建筑物上,一座没有窗的40-50 层或更高的大楼,如果一踩空, 必定死无疑啦!!为何站在那,我也不记得了。
只觉得我如梦初醒时已是双脚发软, 心跳沉重的打在胸口上,唯一觉得自己还活着的是想作呕的冲动,我慢慢的弯着咯咯作响的小腿,再者是大腿,慢慢的再慢慢的增加地心引力的平衡感,没用啊,只能抱着双膝等着自己撑不住时坠下。 等着自己慢慢接受死亡降临的那一刻,我想到了前阵子在cheras从高楼跳下了断自己的面子书男孩, 我突然佩服他的勇气!!光看都已经脚软了, 还用说跳下潇洒的环抱云朵,与鸟翱翔, 再像玻璃般支离破碎。那是一股莫大的勇气, 也是一股莫大的傻气还有一股莫大的不服气!!!


来到了公司,偶然看到新来的老板进错了女厕所,我不敢笑因为老板看到你迟到也不是件好事,打开了电脑检查信箱, 受到了一封mentor寄来的信,其实我每天都倒数他假期完毕回到公司的一天,可是收到他的信肯定没有好事情了,又有的忙了。


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

catching up

Happy New year su lin! this is for you:)

I seldom chat with others through video call except with my bf when i was in US but seriously, it was actually quite fun! I should have realize it earlier!

Happy day

Nothing specifically happens today but i am happy, happy for the simple reason I suppose!

happy because I was able to have a nice chat with 3 good girl friends today, and it is like triple happiness that they all chatted with me today:)

life was hectic sometimes that you urge for your friend's understanding but when you finally hit the valley you will miss those faces and conversation you guys shared before. I am always a person who cannot live without girl friends but apparently most of my girlfriends are not in Penang or the available one will not be free all the time, so sometimes i find it hard to grab a girl friends to do the shopping, chit chatting and so on. It is different to do it with guys you know:(

but, today is special because i am satisfied with the quality time i spent with them albeit not physically.

and i guess I was relieved that I finally figured where should i celebrate my new year and when everything kind of sort out themselves it does put you in an upbeat mood!

get down to real business, i still owe myself the new year resolution and doing the retrospect for 2010. No time so til then!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Old title

Somehow i miss the old title thus change it back:p

I was relentlessly chasing after the Korea series "He's beautiful" last week until my mind was full of jang geuk suk, youtube-ing the mtv during daytime and had uncountable sleepless night revising the scene I like over and over again, imagined I was the lucky one when he make his " salanheyo" confession, the addiction was slightly getting better this week, in fact, I felt much better now. I admit i was half-witted the week before but now i'd found my sense and realize I couldn't reach him even if i fly to Korea now. Anyway, the image wasnt completely erased from my mind but at least i am much sober now. At least i knew I still need to work in the office to earn some penny so that I can buy a ticket to Korea next time to attend his concert, if he has any.

This is like falling in love for one time but heart broken for millions of time. it requires a lot of vigor to pull yourself out from the unrealistic mess.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010 with great people-part 2

This year christmas had been really slow and quiet with no party or midnight countdown on christmas eve..but good thing is we had a replacement holiday. Hooray!

on eve, we went to church like some pious christian except i almost dozed off as the english mass started late and my all time favorite Father Marshall left to Kedah church one month ago *cry*, i tried not to be bias but i do think the preaching from new priest was quite dull and dreary. ( forgive me!! ). As for the Christmas day, the morning started with a small lump and like the other weekend, we went to my brother's house to visit my parents and the baby Joanne.

Joanne seems to have a good mood that day:) mum said she sure was happy as she had done the big 4 things of the day like poo poo, shopping, drink milk and taking nap too!

I surely want to live a life like a baby!!

PS: Thanks Fen for the christmas pressie, I love the sheer chiffon texture outer wear you gave me:)

For the Christmas dinner we went to this cafe called butterworth cafe which had quite an impressive online review. I was craving for pasta but it isnt in the menu that day:( This cafe had been really old and built since 1958 so i guess it was the family business as the owner cum the chef doesnt look that old though.

I was really relief that the dinner plan was carried on without cancelled under any unforseen circumstances albeit I wasnt too sure if my family enjoyed the food but i know they do prefer the Chinese food especially from my parents favorite ah kiat's restaurant but sometimes it was good to have a change.

Anyway, Merry christmas, and happy new year!

An artsy heaven called Amelie Cafe

Driving away from the bustling Penang town centre, we dumped our geared at the designated parking outside our destination, occupied an obscure narrow space which easily mislooked is the Amelie cafe that festooned with greenery plant and pieces of recycled wooden board unleashing the artistic sentiment of the cafe owner.

We stepped into the slow mantra of the jazz music, the amelie cafe effortlessly exudes a warmth and peaceful heavenly expanse for her customer to bask in especially on a hot humid afternoon, and for a second, the agitation i felt moment ago walking aimlessly at the gurney plaza was miraculously calmed.

we greedily gazing the little cozy space, it is small but it gives a rustic romantic kind of atmosphere. Decorated with the crafty painting, the unfeigned and delicate homemade embroidery , and not forgetting the worn off wall expose the red brick embellishing another artistic element, apparently the owner is really good at recycling his stuff that collected for many years.
We wanted to order the highly recommended chocolate mud but it wasnt in the menu so we decided to try on the black cherry chocolate cake and the coconut brownies with coconut ice-cream, with the cuppicino and orange lassi.

The first bite of the warmth cake that matched perfectly with the icy cool of ice-cream literally melted in our mouth and utterly tickles the taste buds.

We exchanged a little chat with the female boss before leaving, from the conversation, it isnt hard to know the owner pursue arts ardently which can be shown from every details in the cafe or even shown from the quality of food served, even if it isnt making too much profit from the business but the appreciation from the customer on their food means alot to them.

Stepping out from the same door that we walked in moments ago, I realize my mood has changed 180, like a kid who just discover a great treasure I was really happy to have visited this new inviting and homely space, lingering in the heart isnt just the contentment and pleasure you had after a delectable appetizer but that 2 hours spent somehow appease the weariness of a busy life.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas 2010 with great people

Like i promised to my friend, I will try to keep this tradition for as long as I could and like last year, we had this pre-Christmas celebration organized at my house with everyone gather together having dinner together and randomly exchanged the gift. I remember having my housemate cum buddy leng and also yang and su lin tagged along with us last year but not this year anymore. But the blessed thing is, when some people left, you keep them in your memory and hopefully your path will cross over with them someday.Meanwhile, you get closer with some of the friends you never thought they will be a part of your life someday. Though you might just stay for awhile, but at least it happens.

I always feel deep on this kind of thing call fate, and I acknowledged the journey of growing up will be lot more painful and lonelier, it is a tedious process to trudge through so i need to make sure I never hold any grudge on people who failed me because oneday i am going to miss them, somehow.
anyway, thank you for dropping over and i will see you guys again next year, if we are still around. :)

Merry Christmas to all my friends! you guys rock my day.

Friday, December 10, 2010

When Jul is leaving

If we were have to bid farewell, lets make it a happy one.

I don’t intend to make this blog schmaltzy albeit I was bidding a friend adieu. For my 5-6 years in Intel, I have met lots of wonderful and great friends who joined as my badge or slightly older or younger and I was lucky that we could really live like a big family. But when the old faces gradually seceded from the same life cycle year after year, shifting in are those younger fresh grad whom I hardly mingled with, slowly life doesn't seem to be so fun anymore and that is when we felt ourselves grow older, and dull.

Jul is always a very decent nice girl who you can get very comfortable with, she has the nicest skin complexion but what makes her different is, she is a very mellow and humble kind of person and looks extremely sweet with 2 visible natural dimple on her cheek that divulge so effortlessly when she smile.

I will remember all the midnight rendezvous in clubs and dancing away our youth with not a semblance of regrets left.

and I shall cherish all the fun and laughter we shared and felt blessed for the friendship as long as i could remember.

Seriously, I think I must have lost a friend who contributes so much fun in my life though we are getting older and wiser that we only partying when “ necessary”.

and so, clubbing for the final time seems to be the best decision ever to sum up the whole chapter of this friend in Penang.

The 20++ of fun loving people ensued their saturday night from a wedding dinner to UPR and after spent almost an hour doing the club surveying and bargaining over the price, we finally decided to binge into Fame since most of us hasn’t clubbed for ages.

Honestly, the club doesn’t impress us at all and the song wasnt that fun to gear up the mood but you wouldn’t care much for those details when you are partying with the right crowd.

See you again Jul!