Wednesday, January 26, 2011

News: The dog abuser

My friend shared with me a very ruthless news today. I am totally dumbfounded when I watched it but the urge to cry was prevailed over the burning rage.
I have never been a dog lover before but right at this moment, I have totally changed my mindset to treat a dog as a human instead of just an animal.

This is a very heart wrecking 15 minutes video but it felt like I have taken forever to finish it.

The girl might not abuse the dog directly but her effort to stop the guy from continuing with his malicious and inhumanity act is too meagger and cause her to be penalized as well.

Sometimes i cant help to ponder, where is God when this happen?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011



(放了出来,好多了!呵呵!! 难怪她每次找我出气^^)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I forgot the last time i did it. perhaps the last time was like few years ago?
anyway, it just felt like ages.
just when everyone expect me to become the pilot and fly plane again, I shall let you guys drop your spec!
I did and it made me felt so good. I want to completely divest myself of the FFK habit else I would be crowned as FFK queen forever! T___T
but playing badminton does make me feel a tad slimmer:p

Monday, January 10, 2011

A blissful meal

It rarely happened but when it did, it never fail to give me surprise:D

I rang him today when it was almost the dinner time and surprisingly he was already at home. Cooking.

Honestly, that sounds like me more than him. But today we had a role switching.

he cooked the sweet and sour chicken with capsicums, with his creative recipe and apparently that was the best sweet and sour chicken i had ever tasted.

From the outer package, it isnt look as impressive as it tasted. But to be truth, it is one delectable and hearty meal.

instead of using the corn flour to make the starchy texture, he substituted it with egg.

no dovey dovey message for you, but thank you for everything:)

Saturday, January 8, 2011




昨天Friday Night, mang约我们去Station one看看一位歌星叫曾国辉,若果不是因为他是mang大学的同学,我觉得ah mang应该也懒得去捧场吧。

睡,但我的飞机王这顶帽业戴得实在太多次了, 是时侯卸任了。所以还是拖着去。
很难得的,当天不会太多人。所以我们找到很不错的位置,环顾四周我竟然兴奋到醒了,是kyan叻!!!如果你不知道他是谁。他就是oneFM当班的晚间DJ, 建兴每次看到他出现在电视上

很喜欢oneFM, 也喜欢他的DJ.^^



可恶!当天还见到几只野猫在kyan的身边不停打转,是不停不停那种,本来还可以看到台的, 可是就这样被他们挡住了,真是不识做!




你们两个, 还等什么!!爱要以行动表现叻,快点买专辑啦.

Friday, January 7, 2011


新年有一部贺岁片叫做 "没人帮",不懂好不好看,但是现在的我得确是觉得没人帮呵。:(

当初我还和他算好了人头,好友这样多应该没有问题吧, 一切行程还可以照续。
可是问了第一次,不是说要筹捞的就说看一下。或许到后来他们可会说开玩笑的啦, 可是听过了还真的很伤心。


嗯,我问我自己,如果换做是我会怎样。可悲的是,我觉得我从没想过酬劳这个问题,也不会说看一下,看看我有没有空, 看看他有没有空,有什么zok sou 先,真的伤心啊。那天我帮了一个朋友彩墙壁也不是她叫的,只是我们都知道她快搬家了应该需要些帮忙,所以就问了,可以帮到朋友的过程我觉得很开心,好像做了应该做的事情。




Thursday, January 6, 2011


我与一个朋友就称他为A君吧,做好朋友也有五年了。从朋友开始的我们彼此都很单纯的。 两个都没有太多的脾气,抱负,生活与工作看得都不会重,或许生活上的烦恼也只围绕在感情,友情上,少了金钱, 少了过高望远的志向,人也就简单多了。

五年里的有一年,我们总是在一起吃饭,看戏,出街,或者对我来说,不会有越过朋友界限的那个可能,不会想太多,更不会接受会自作多情的自己。说真的,我是个从来不会因为别人对我的好就当作他喜欢我,对我有意思想追求我的代表。只有等到对方暗示,或是表白时,我才会重新整理。可是人就是这样,只要是异性就会有绯闻。当然我都一一否认啦,都没有存在的东西为什么要乱讲,从开始还有辩护到后来懒得开口,毕竟我们一只手遮不到这么多人的嘴巴的,也或许他们没有很好的异性朋友才会培养出这种想法。 当然,后来的我们,有人真的如谣言说的出界了,在后来的我们 当然没有发展的继续当好友,再再后来的我拍拖了, 也没有太多的时间吃饭,看戏,讲心事。。

或许, 人真的会变的。我检讨了自己,我可何尝不是变自负了?再看看身边的朋友,在想起多年前的我们,大家好像都变了。有些变得比较自我保护,有些变得不懂聆听,有些变得只想一直往前爬,有些却变得更弱小,更怕事。。而我也夹在其中的几项,反反复复做着不一样的自己。可是,这一刻的我再想, 如果当初你们没认识当时的我, 而是在这近年来认识我,你们可以接受这样的我吗?这样少了很多笑容,多了几分斤斤计较偶尔又过静的我吗?


我,不懂我喜不喜欢从前的我, 那个太过天真,太过单纯的我。也不懂我喜不喜欢长大了的这个我。只希望我还保有一分真挚的心来对待身边的朋友。 一班看着我长大的朋友。我还真的不能没有你们。

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I am in teary eyes now. @________@

After spending 123456 seconds squeezing my brain to the last drop, 2 cups of coffee, googling and screening from site to site to find the right word to portray an awful year and how much i sacrificed( American next top model, runaway fashion, lots of movies, dinner, outing, shopping..lalalala) throughout the years, sleepless night la and not forgetting the nightmare like the sucidal tall building dreams i had days ago, tons and tons of sync up and review meeting, wizened appearance due to black circle and new curves of wrinkles and blah blah...( of coz i dont have to mention how much OT i claimed. ehem ehem)

I finally....


and now, it is all in my boss's hand now.*kiss my boss hand*

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Focal is coming!

I once rant to my friend that I hate writing focal because my poor memory failed to recall what I did after a year albeit i can refer to my weekly status report but there are too many important data that you didn't even care to mention in your report else it will be damn long. But my friend told me she loves it because no matter what you get, as long as not the BE or IR, you will still have your increment.

I wish I am positive like her! but who doesn't want a double digit increment!?????


My boss walked to my cube today and reminded me on my focal for the second time again. And yet, the clean sheet of paper remains as clean as before.

and I, continue staring vacuously on her.

what to write ah!??

Monday, January 3, 2011

Soul kitchen Trattoria

4 days ago, I tried to make my first spaghetti cabornara but my first attempt blew off like froth. but what makes me sad was i wasted the exorbitant Parmesan cheese, why is the cheese in Malaysia is so pricy?:( I don't know the price in US but i assume it will be cheaper.

Since friday was a holiday, we decided to head down to town for our lunch and since cabornara was the only thing that came into my mind so we made our way to the italian restaurant "soul kitchen" that we read from the food review days ago.

Soul kitchen is palpable if you turned into the right street. It is situated right at the small street opposite the cititel hotel. And if you steer into the street, the soul kitchen will be the 2nd/3rd shop at the building flanking the laneway on your left.

The cafe was full house in the hot sunny afternoon with lots of local and foreign tourist craving for lunch. We were lucky to get the last empty seat and feeling so excited to start our order. From what i read from the magazine, the chef is from germany and the shop is opened with his wife, so the wife responsible to take the order and serve the customer whilst the husband is the only chef.

The palatable italian cuisine.

kh order the signature dish, chicken al limone with spagetthi (bottom) and as for me, i decided to stick to my all time favorite, spagetthi carbonara(above).

There isnt too much gaudy decoration but the cafe ensures your sensory gratification

I hear you, yes, it is a little pricy but honestly the food deserves its price :)

Soul kitchen Trattoria
No.102 Lebuh Muntri
10200 Georgetown

Business hour:
10-2pm; 6-9pm