Monday, February 28, 2011

I am so angry!!

I am so angry and I felt like i am exploding anytime!
how many times do I have to hold my patience to tolerate you?
are you even a friend?
cool down cool down cool down cool down.

i wish i will learn the lesson well. never trust you, never give you a chance, and most of all, never forgive and forget how you have mistreated me!

and most of all, never treat you with kindness anymore!

but i know, next time when it happened again, I will realize that i never take the lesson well.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy spending money day!

These days are really emotionless and senseless la.
I lost my interest on cny and i lost my interest on v-day also. And i lost my interest on blogging as well. So this will be a very succinct post as i am running out of vocab nowsaday.
What have I done so far?
i worked. Worked on new house, most of the time. Worked on my office work, not really committed but still manage to close my AR on time. And I cook less now compare to the time when i still stayed at my old condo. I might not know how to cook anymore, who knows?=.=
i am money deprived now so my friend suggested me to go sell off my stock option, how can I forget that?=.=
but anyway, i have a nice house to stay in now. Though i hate the traffic on bridge and I hate knowing the fact that i have less interesting place to go now in mainland and couldnt find any italian or western restaurant in mainland as well, all are seafood restaurant and Chinese hawker stalls that doesnt interest me much.
As for the valentines day, i believe I wont have any present this year nor any celebration but it doesnt trouble me much as I am really money deprived now.
So for those who had a full wallet, happy spending money!

Friday, February 11, 2011



才前一天她还是一个到那里都需要人抱的宝宝,第二天放工回来看到她,她竟然会坐了!!而且这是第一次我觉得宝宝好像听得懂我们说的话,叫她握手和hi5, 她都照做了,虽然她看起来百般不甘愿的样子,但毕竟她还是应酬了我。我不懂是谁在她身上下了神奇的魔咒但她确实做到了。

这条路很长,我会希望当我有天走上它时, 它会是一条平顺幸福的路。


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy chinese new year 2011

This is the first year I dont like having the Chinese new year and I couldnt feel it at all.
There are too many reasons that makes me dislike it and I am too lazy to spill it out now.
For the continuous 3 weeks, me and kh was rushing between the mainland and island, there are too many things to settle but we only have 2 people. Luckily we got help on and off from family and friends, but most of the time, we still have to settle it ourselves.
I dont know why i should rush to move in before Chinese new year, probably parents want it and we didnt want to disappoint them. But at the end of the day, you just felt wore off, too many works had been abandoned and I felt bad for my counterpart, i felt like i had failed my mentor and I believe every hard work and reputation you built could ruin over night if you failed to sustain it.
Believe it, every now and then when I was busying unpacking, painting, cleaning the dusty new house, mopping for zillion of times, i had that fear in me that I still owe my mentor some works.
I felt bad. But still, we need to move in before Chinese new year.
Tonight, i just miss Sibu. My mum told me the family is here, that is right. But Sibu will always be my hometown that i miss every corner, every cafe, every familiar faces, the foo chow dialect..and that is something I couldnt lie to myself that i can rip it off easily.
But now, I have lost that special feeling of going back to a place that i celebrated Chinese new year for 28 years and landed in this place which i should learn to call it a home now.
I felt so bad hearing every friends going back to hometown. I know I have no hometown to go back too anymore, and also the anticipation on the great firework when it was approaching midnight.
Sibu has the craziest fireworks i have ever seen:)

I have lost my words today, I am exhausted.
Happy Chinese New year.