Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The durian's hunter

we went to hunt for durian on the last weekend, initially we thought of going to balik pulau but since nobody knew which stall is nice so we changed to have it in macalister road instead.

couple 1

couple 2

the hungry ghost month must be coming too early this year, see fred was too hungry that he decided not to let go the shell as well, issk issk

another tam chiak fello jelaking his finger

Seng's ROM

We were like the very proud parents witnessed the transformation of Kina Seng on the last Saturday. I believe it was the most important day to the couple. The world is indeed so small that wherever you go you will bump into familiar faces including your registration day where we saw another 2 couples from intel that had their registration at the same place too.

The friday traffic was a disaster especially if you intended to cross the bridge, to shun the heavy traffic queue so we could reach on time, we played the dirty trick to cut the queue and
seize the chance to cut into the line, when we stopped beside the traffic line that waiting to drive up the bridge, and preying for our victim that showed a sign of slowing down so we can cut into his line, the car that stopped beside us got very angry and roll down his window prepared to give us a middle finger or some vulgar hokkien word, kh quickly manuevear our car to the cars queued before him and successfully cut into the line, but I was blurred off and stupidly asking him why he moved away as the angry driver was just about to scold us -.- anyway besides from feeling a pinch of guilt, we felt funny thinking that the angry guy was not able to unleash his bullet and lost his coolness, the driver was really fierce la, swear I wont do it next time, I mean swear I wont let kh do it next time.

People at the ROM

we adjourned to Overtime at autocity after the ROM and had a great fun playing some silly dice game with some crazy punishment. Honestly, i didnt had so much fun for so long, life had been bored sometimes that I only have border and queensbay to spend my time.

me and cat when we were still sober, ehem, I mean me.

and I am glad su lin is finally coming back for good:D which mean I have more friends to hang out with.:D

Usually i hate drinking beer but this house beer is really nice, it tasted like some sparkling juice. I was thirsty that night and it quenched the thirst perfectly:P

The singer was pretty good too. I think she looks like fei chui from far=.=

I don't know what happen to ah mang in the photo, he seems like he is preparing to sing the anthem song or something, or maybe he was preparing to sneeze or what...=.=

it was a great night with lots of blur pic=.=

Monday, June 27, 2011

The theory of ffk-ing

This is the N time I was ffked in the late night meeting. Honestly I wasnt really bothered as I wasn't too keen to attend a midnight meeting too. I realize i never been annoyed when people ffked me, or suddenly turn down my plan last minute. Not at all. zilch. So I guess that was why I used to ffk people last minute long time ago as I thought people dont mind like how I do. But I was wrong so I made the mistake to turn down people from time to time whenever I felt lazy or tired to go out. Thus I was "honorably" crowned as " ffk queen" after that. FML. And I DON'T LIKE IT. Since I don't like it, I resolute to change and attend every outing I promised earlier, no matter what. But bad thing is, there are people who are always so bad that they will keep mentioning about the past thing without seeing how much people had changed, hello! in that case, then i will keep ffk you since you already think I am a ffked queen, what is the point of changing if people only look back? get over it la please! I really don't like narrow minded people who always talk bad about people and not knowing they are human and they do the same mistake too.

some thoughts

Recently my time passed like light trail, sometimes I felt like I only did one thing in a week, working vigorously in cube( sometimes i dont know why i spent so much time working on just one thing too!), meeting at night, I used to have that stage fright, especially talking in english. But I am doing better now * aplause! yeah, it was a great improvement la wei, sometimes it seems people dont understand what I am talking too but at least I talked. Haha..and that's matter:P

And there are many times I was convoluted with lots of pensive thoughts like I used to have, I drafted in my blog but didnt publish it. So they remain delicately in draft. But werent they the most genuine feeling I had? Probably i am not ready to put down my guard yet, I love myself to be strong, unbreakable, the happy go lucky kind of me albeit i was just masquerading it sometimes but they managed to convince me back at last.

There are uncountable moments when I have that recurring fear in me, better described as insecurity that this demon disillusioned me over the little small things that goes wrong. But i tell you what, having the fear or inedequated over something is better than you feeling contented all the time, as you incline to take things for granted and being that obnoxious person who disregard people who really care about you. But the more you do, they will come back and hit you badly oneday..so I always need a moment of solitude constantly remind myself to appreciate things especially people around me.

Life has been filled with beers and gathering recently, the crazy one of coz.

I had great laugh and great fun with frens over the past weekends, we dont usually have this. But recently I just feel like to spend more time with friends, maybe I would stop doing it oneday. It is weird sometimes. I am weird sometimes. I love revealing things, especially digging to find out what is real and what is fake, some people they can laugh with you during the good moments but at your gloominess days when you cling for people to wield, you contemplated for seconds whether they are the right person to seek for. There are always a few faces that I know I would turn to whenever I need somebody to talk to, they are so nice that you just know they are the great confidant to give you constructive advice or even just a hug or a heartening word like " dont worry", " I know you will be fine"...plain simple but fully encouraging and trusting words. they dont have to be people who party with you or laugh with you, but they are always there. Like your shadow. I dont have many true friends like that. I remember having a very close friend who borrow my company settlement fee saying it was to pay for her master but end up used the money to had fun with her friends, and of coz shun me after that. I remember friends who seems to listen to you attentively but at the back, they disagree, stab and jeer at you, I remember those who no matter what you said, they would give you their contemptous comment, I remembered friends who never include you in any of their outing, but they know I would always do that for them. I had friend who never invited me when she had fun but after end of the party like 3am, I am the person she called to fetch her back because all her party friends think she lived at the other side and they stayed another side. I think I must had too many friends in my life that put me into these withering trials in life..but out of so many friends, I can only manage to think of a few faces who are really true to me. I hate this kind of self-pity mode so I am going to continue laugh like nobody business, constantly set reminder to me to stay happy and positive thinking. It is their lost after all to have lose me, right? right?

I have so many photos to post actually but I am just too lazy to do that. I didnt tidy my photo album for longggg time and all the photo are scattered around and placed in wrong folder, and not to mention there are lots of old old photo that I havent exported from my cam...I need to find time to do that.

okla, my friend ask me to go down take coffee now. Til then!

Friday, June 10, 2011

my serendipity

I had this band and it is called serendipity, it formed as brisk as wind and dismissed before you ever know its existence. Kind of sad right? But some of the moments they will forever etched in your mind even they just stopped for a while. You couldnt remember a moment so profoundly without people who resonance with you, good moments without people is forgettable, unless it is a bad moments. I had a lot of bad experiences and those that I remembered crystal clear were those that I had to face it myself, I suppose I tend to remember them so easily because at that moment, I wished I had somebody.

obviously I am just mumbling and I should have changed this title to "good vs bad moments"

it wasnt a fair game at first but it lasted with a fair one. At least it didnt defeat my principle, if I were to lose in one game, let it be lose for a good reason.

honestly, the recording quality sucks and the mic on the audition day sucks as well, and of coz la..i didnt perform the best also la..hahah..but it still worth to be a great memory=p.

I looked damn fat! but i have no motivation to kiam bui also.

though we sang "badly" but we still managed to take great picture together:P kalah tak apa, gaya mest ada!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011




真挚, 诚恳,我知道你或你是没人能取代的。