Friday, July 8, 2011

gear up!

After doomed for a few days, stress and stress and stress, I am back kicking again! Though I am still stress!! I learnt a new word yesterday," emotional sponge". Actually he force me to read an article and I think it is making alot of sense.A LOT. Emotional sponge is only for people who is emphatatic, the more sensitive you are, the more you are inclining to become one. Scary ah! it sucks all the negativity from your friends, and I always have that. And fen too! so fen, listen up now. Lets stop being the emotional sponge, inhaling other people sadness la ah. Just be a good listener enough and we dont have to feel for them. Sounds mean. =.= but who cares liao la. I decided not to care too much, from now on(very resolute)...sometimes be a little bit realistic is good:D Just treat those who really treat you nice, nice. The rest, you just have to try to learn how to give before you take something from me.

put that stress-ness aside, I am fully anticipating for the trip tomorrow. The sun, the oh-not-so-nice-beach, the photoshooting....I am looking at lots of photo sample these days and I wish, (oh God please help me!) and I wish to take nice picture like how people took! *cross finger* I am all geared up for the trip! I know there are lots of issue(shits) awaiting me to do when I come back, poweron, meeting, poweron, meeting... but who cares now!