Thursday, December 22, 2011

2011 solstice day

Solstice day always pang me with a stream of consciousness of how fast the time slipped through you like a sneaky thief!

This year solstice day is quite meaningful to me as this is the first year I celebrate it with my parents ever since they moved to Penang, it supposed to be last year but I dont quite remember why we skipped it.

anyway, today is still a day when I have so much laughter with so many people I loved around me, albeit the day was started ugily with a little argument with him. But the gloomy day was finally cheered up with so many cold jokes, the silly conversation, the gathering that comes in and brighten the remaining days like the gleaming of sun after the rainstorm.

me and my gang went to canton-i to celebrate the solstice day. Just to make this day a tad different by having something better.

Another good year finally comes to its end, leaving so many memories pieces for me to savor and hopefully next year will be as good as this year:)

This year doesnt have fen's mum tang yuan but lucky thing is, I have cat's mum's tang yuan! Thanks to all the great mama!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

They give her a name, the name is "Shermaine".

They give her a name, a name that called "Shermaine". We have discussed about her for so many months and now we finally see how does this Shermaine really looks like. :) No more guessing, no need to crack your head to imagine anymore! She is right here in the world!

I wanted to pen this post gingerly and hopefully oneday it can still reminds me of every detail, even the trivial detail of how this beautiful beautiful baby come to this world and the joy it brings me. It is not my daughter of coz but my good friend huei fen's baby girl. And fen, I hope after 10 years when i read back this post, we are still good friend:)

The feeling is inexplicably complicated, a mixed of anxious, excitement and happiness, intertwined like the convoluted vines as seem the hangover after taken the extacy pills. I believe the parents felt the formidable joy more than anybody else. I had the similar excitement when ky delivered her baby a year ++ ago and now it is fen's turn. When it was KY's turn last year, she called me in the midnight and said she was in the middle of packing her stuff as she needed to admit immediately. I felt the exact worries and happiness that I felt now when fen smsed me in the midnight saying she needed to be admitted due to emergency case. To be true, my heart really skipped a beat but i was really anxious to see the little baby! Imagined that we have been waiting together with her for 8 months, seeing her tummy growing bigger and bigger and learning new parenting skill every day. At the moment like this, you just have to admit that life is a miracle, and love creates that miracle. It felt like yesterday that we knew each other, when everyone just graduated from high school. and slowly all of them were getting married, pregnant and having child.

I understand so little about how a mother felt in the past, i remembered so many times when i was in primary school until secondary school, whenever after lunch or dinner when everyone sitting at the round table, my mum will start to tell us on how painful the delivery process would be, and from her explanation, I believe it was an excruciating pain that is unbearable, but i dont quite get the meaning behind the story or figured how much joy we brought to our parents when they saw our little finger,and how much pain we caused them when we started to grow up and having the thought that we can do better without their guide and advice and we start to retaliate on every things they said, and everything they want us to do. ( but of coz, we have the time when we were right too!). and when i am at this age now, an age that if i were lucky, i might have 2 little rascals running around me, I started to feel even more for my old parents that they have been sacrificed too much for my brother, sister and me, especially my mum. Giving birth is the responsible of a mother, and you cant share this burden with the father, but the father can definitely share so much love to the mother. I looked around my friends and I am so glad that all the guys seem to know what to do and I really felt very happy for my girlfriends (except....)

I thank God for every good things that He makes it happens. Nobody says that this is a easy process, every little babystep is tedious but fen, you made it happened. I am so proud of you!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Random stuff

The bf saw an advertisement last week that Turf club was opened for public on the weekend and asked me fervently to go and said that it was like one of his dream to visit the turf club, and also trying to sell me off with some ideas of how interesting the event would be. Anyway, I wasnt that keen with the shows but I decided to give the photography passion a warm up after cool off for sometimes.

Early in the morning,( not quite actually, around 10) we went to Farlim to have dim sum for breakfast. I was grumbling for a few weeks that I miss the dimsum there dearly and boldly claimed that this is the best dimsum in Penang. Actually I am not a big fans of dimsum myself but I would crave for this dim sum and I just realize that the last time I had the Farlim's dimsum was like 3 years ago. I thought it wasnt that long, but the bf was protesting that I didnt take him to this nice nice dimsum but I thought i did. So we were arguing and hoping with all bits and pieces, we could put out a date of when was the last time we ever came to Farlim for food. So 3 years ago it is!

yea, they do provide more choices of sauce than any other dimsum restaurant :)

To our delight, the dimsum still ranks the best in penang ! (just my sheer opinion).Better than Max dimsum, better than the dimsum near kimberly street, better than any dimsum I have tasted so far in penang, especially the one that near my house, that was rank no.1 from bottom.

Anyway, we didnt manage to visit the Turf club, we steered our way there and peeping from outside like stalker but it looked so quiet and quiescent so we drove to Gurney to spend the MPH voucher that i redeemed on some scrapbook material. The scrapebook had been a trend these few years and it had become one of my hobby when I am free but this is quite time consuming so I only do it during festive season. Will post some of my works on my next post.

Stay Tune!


guess what, I was having diarrhea yesterday and so as the bf.

Early of the night, I was haunted by bunch of weird dreams that all of them were related to toilet, like I was heading to a toilet room and somebody barge into my way and snatched my toilet room. And in another dream, I was in a meeting and suddenly my stomach cramped and so painful that I just couldnt hold any longer and passed in the meeting room and everyone was looking at me in a gross look.

finally it must be one excruciating stomach pain that woke me up and made me rush to the toilet. Ever since then my tummy felt so uncomfortable that I suspected I might had taken food that wasn't compatible to my stomach. I remembered my bowel was really clean and over healthy last time that it cannot tolerate slightly filthy food, so I had food poisoning very often in the past, and the most serious one was i blacked out for a while in the toilet and had my friend send me to the hospital after that. But ever since i came to Penang to work, I had trained my digestion system to be stronger until one stage that everyone get the food poisoning and I am the only one still survive, for example there was one time that me, woon and lee huey went to Kayu for my favorite maggie goreng. Then the next day both of them were telling me that they had diarrhea and I was constipated for 2 days! how sad. So I kinda feeling blessed that I finally had a thorough detox now. haha.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Good Friday

I love to hang out with a bunch of friends and crack the stupid joke, and I also love spending quality time hanging out with friends in 3-4 where we will never fret of our topic to dry and nothing to chat. And sometimes I love having time going out alone with a friend, just the 2 of us. But the wonderful of being all alone with a friend is, we shares heart together. Shared some very personal thoughts, about life, friends, works and love. And I found it hard to find chance come out 1 to 1 with a friend at our age since most of the people are attached.

Most of our lunch gang made their plan today, and it had been quite awhile that I didnt hang out with mang, alone. We decided to spend the long hour lunch together, had a really nice and expensive food in a cozy environment like Berlin restaurant, chatting away the lovely afternoon.

loving the cozy ambient in Berlin:)

The sinful bratwurst sausage.

To shun the heavy traffic on Friday evening, we decided to swim at Regency Height before heading back home. I know swimming is the most effective way to keep fit but I don't enjoy swimming as the pool water is normally cold. After the excessive exercise, we drove to Chai Diam Ma at Georgetown to have our dinner. I saw from my friend's picture that she visited a very exquisite and obscure cafe in Town called Chai Diam Ma, so I ardently urge my friends to go there and have a try.

The food wasn't very appealing but the place exudes its artistic dexterity as every corner is delicately adorned with artistry painting and carving handwork, which is something that i adored too.

The handcrafted accessories was for sale and they were placed as seem like hang inadvertently was pretty expensive too.

This corner is another photography spot that portray a strong christmas season feel.

If you ever visited this cafe at night, you will hear the live band music coming from the second floor, but you would need to pay extra RM15 as the entry fee to upper floor. But it didnt move us a bit to pay that RM15 to go up since we can hear the band music very clearly from ground floor.