Monday, December 31, 2012

Last day of 2012

Today is the last day of 2012. The morning wasn't started great as we fought again, over the trivial stuff. Again.
There were little little arguments going on these 3 days, and I was feeling a bit tired. But I wont let anything to ruin my last day of 2012!

Morning, I went down to have breakfast with Ing chin at cafe, chatted for an hour, came back to cube and to realize there isnt too many emails in mailbox, at least nothing related to work:S guess everyone was taking a day off before new year is coming. I talked to my friend on her family, and i talked to her on family i saw, just realize mine was far from the worst. Some of the family ended up in divorce, some doesn't talk to each other for years, some neglected their spouse, some quarrel everyday, but mine, sometimes i forgot what we were fighting for, maybe the reason to fight was too small to remember. I felt that I make a few good changes in this year, I was happier and cleared with my direction, compare to a few years back, when so often i woke up in maze, wondering what should i do to sort love out, wondering who would i ended with so i could stay happier.

And I have more confident this year, I have gained it from some of my very good friends, they make me feel that I am important to them, and i get so much care in return, so as a result, I tend to ignore those doesn't treat me well, I never feel so attached to some group of people before( did i mention i live like a nomad when i was young? :)), whom you know wont judge you, whom you know will give you the most honest feedback, whom you know will not care what others say about you, they accept the worst part in me and cherish the good in me and yes, I found that i have exposed lots of bad part in me in front of them, but i felt good. I am comfortable to what i have now,and that, I would need to thank to the one who quarrel with me this morning and friends whom I chose to be with this year. Thank you! please accept my profound gratitude:)

2012 is good too as i finally got my dream job, not entirely like how i imagined it to be but it is closer to what i wanted to be. Being a technical marketing exposed me to lots of new thing i never saw before. I missed being in SV family, there are lots of good friends and i have built the network that makes my work easier to handle. But when i came out from this family, I felt that i was totally standing alone unshielded in a world that completely strange to me, with lots of uncertainties and incertitude around me. But gladly, i met lots of new friends who helped me up. Thank you!

2012 served me good and i don't wish for better in 2013, just please please please, be it as good as 2012!

happy new year:)

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Millie crepe making

The week had passed with its slowest pace I ever had felt it before. This is the last week of 2012,the Mayan prediction has proved to be fraud,Christmas is over and ensued by another new year, but I'm still feeling uber lazy to do something useful, all I want is holiday and more holiday! Anyway, I heard from radio days ago that every human has 3 days, yesterday, today and tomorrow, if your yesterday is equally same has today then your tomorrow will likely be the same too,so do something different. I was inspired and decided to come home earlier on Friday to make my day more useful.

I was hankering over making my own Millie crepe but I knew it wasn't just a cinch, unless you have ample time yourself else you can choose other easier cake to make.
I refer to a Chinese written recipe which was linked from a friend blog but I think to make an easier batter, you can refer to this video instead.Isn't everything easier with Internet?:)

My Millie crepe still needs a lot of improvement, the batter for every crepe was fine but I should add more sugar to my cream,and of coz be more generous on my cream!!

I will continue making my Millie crepe until I was fully satisfied, but as I mentioned, the process was sucking too much time but gladly, I wasn't as busy as I was before now:)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Merry Christmas

It has been sometimes.Leaving this corner in solitude.

and when i came back, a few old comments were patiently waited me for its moderation and even, some were a few months back.

anyway, at least i saw them now. Thanks for dropping by anyway:)

I love Christmas, looking forward to it but when it passed, I was appalled by a thrill of fear of how fast it became a day in history. But ponder from a good side, i knew i was finally settled and belonged now, from family and friends. at least that was what i felt.

This is the forth year I was having a Christmas party at home, it didnt give me too much headache on the guestlist as I dont want to make anyone feeling left out in this merry merry festive season. Like last year, we had steamboat at home with every guest "volunteering" bring one steamboat ingredient or food to the party, and the rest, we could figure it out eventually, but the only difference this year was we were having satay celup instead( Lee fueng sponsored the satay gravy, bought all the way from Malacca though she wasn't able to join the party. Thanks lady:)) thus, i feel more free this year compare to previous years, didnt have too much to prepare though. Most of the faces were the same, except we did have a few new guests this year. a blessed and fruitful year indeed.

Christmas never failed to make me felt blessed and lucky, looking at the gifts given from friends and people around me, it's not that I must have been a good girl this year, but He must be loving me so much that he granted me nice friends around me. So what can i ask for more?:)

Merry Christmas Everyone, may we have another good and blessed year ahead.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012



启程的前一夜赶工赶到临晨三时, 小歇了三个钟头后又爬起身准备等待阿猫来载我们去机场。有人送机的感觉真得很棒,就好像小学生去郊游时带着妈妈准备的丰富便当上路一样,有一种自豪的幸福。 ^^

在lcct等到2-3pm终于可以上机了,飞到Incheon Airport 已经是韩国时间九点多(他们的时间快马来时间一个钟), 等到我们的行李时都已经是1030pm. 最后一趟的Airport Limosine bus 6011 号应该也是1030pm, 而最后一班的airport subway 是11pm, 所以没法子,我们只好下租airport limosine taxi,和司机.讨价还价后还是得被砍到80000(~RM240). 如果时间允许的话,选择bus或 subway真的会节省多。6011 airport limosine bus 才10000won(~Rm30). Subway 则是19岁以上就一律1050won, 不管到哪一个站。但还是要确定住的宾馆附近有subway,这样就会方便多。

Subway(Seoul Commuter Train)站:
Airport Limosine Bus No.6011站:

Subway站看是很复杂,可是好在首尔的每一站都有适量的英文翻译, 所以还不至于太头疼.当地铁快到达时站里就会播出一些音乐来提示等待的乘客, 很不错. :)  阿祖说首尔的整个城市规划到 地铁形式都很像香港,所以去过香港的朋友就更不需太当心了:)至于 地铁的票费,可以到任何一间7-11或便利店买T-Money, 一张卡差不多是3000(~Rm9), 如果想要添加数额,可以和店员说"recharge", 而且T-money卡也可以用在其他城市如济州岛或busan.

第一天夜晚我们下榻了位于首尔最繁忙地方的Namsan guesthouse, 南山客栈有三间, 南山1到南山3. 我们住的是最陈旧的南山1. 我没看到南山3, 但和南山2 相比下,南山1 不只旧而且要走上坡(有太重的行李就比较辛苦), 地方也比较小.但价钱算是很不错了55000won(~RM 160).

首尔正式的第一天, 天气很好,但我刚新买的黑色皮夹就显得多余,真的浪费.南山客栈 最近的 地铁站就是明洞exit4. 每一个exit走下去就是underground行人道让你越过对面的马路,真的太方便了!! 


我们的第一站是首尔第一间天主教堂, 就位于明洞市区.没太大的惊喜,但可以去看一看.

热闹的明洞是乎什么都有,咖啡店,烧烤,小食,化妆品,时尚店,真的很热闹.但只有在1030am 之后到11pm 才有比较多人潮.我的朋友告诉我每一间的 skinfood, natural republic, Etube house 等都不要放过,因为他们会给很面膜sample即使你没买点里的任何东西, 可是很遗憾的,这次的赠品很多都是facial cotton, 而且拿了赠品走进去就会有人一直一直的跟着你, 真的很烦.除非你有很多的东西要买.

另外一个贪小便宜Tips就是如果你真的想买很多东西,记得要分散来买,因为明洞里每走几步就有一间skincare的分行, 这样你就可以大言不惭的拿赠品,还有每付钱又有赠品拿.^^ 别说是我教的。

还有就是在明洞市区你会看到很多穿着红衣的翻译人员所以真的不用担心会迷路.而且很多店的工作人员都会说华语来满足那里大量的中国游客, 所以买卖方面都不会太困难. 可是这仅有在明洞,其余的地方就真的是语言不通了. 


GyeongBokGung palace:
首尔最大的王殿, 入门票才每人3000won(~Rm9)还可以走到Korean hanok village去看看.


韩国的hanok village门口.

9.6.2012 晴

夏天的早晨来的很快,晚上也比较短。早上五点多天就开始亮了,我们离开了南山从明洞乘着地铁到Seoul Station。开往Busan的ktx从八点多到一点多,但票售的特别快,我们只能买到最后一趟时间. 

Seoul Staion's KTX


到了Busan已经是下午4点多,会说英语的人真的很少,我们好不容易用全韩语的地图找到了旅店. 这家旅店很不错,地点说复杂也不会太复杂.只是位于在很happening的Bujeon 2-dong, Bujeon有点像KL bukit bintang 区,但不知道为什么,在韩国你不会有人心惶惶随时怕人打劫的担忧,因为就真的比较安全. 但这里卖的东西都不必明洞便宜,所以我们决定走到Seomyeon station的underground shopping去看看, 这也很近我们的hotel.很方便.这里卖的东西就比较"明洞化", 比较便宜,种类也很多.

听朋友说Busan好看的就是全球最大的Shinsegae Centum City department store还有Haeundae Beach海边. shinsegae里还可以去汗蒸幕, 如果有时间可以去试试 听说脱光光的很好玩:P 

很幸运的我们误打误撞得走进一间烧烤店用餐, 这里的店都没有英文翻译,好彩这间的烧烤真的很好吃! 真的好吃过首尔的烧烤!不懂店名,只有照片.店员们都很亲切,虽然只有一个会说英语,但可以看得出他们对游客都很有礼貌,烧烤也不会贵,因为分量真的很多.~RM120就能享受美味又厚德韩牛肉, 猪肉,酸菜汤, 小食和饭.真的比首尔便宜!!

吃完了,我们走到对面路的小食档口买宵夜,就这样我爱上了Gimbap, 韩国寿司.


10.6.2012  晴

说真的我和阿祖都很怕死,因为对韩国路线不熟,所以我们很早就起身出发到Busan机场,从angel hotel租taxi到Busan Gimhae机场只有10000won(~RM30). 想起第一天晚上到机场被砍了RM240的经验就心有余悸,再加多多的不干!我可以用那个钱买很多化妆品哩!! 生气!生气!不管阿祖怎样劝我忘记,我就是不行!现在想起来还真的很不爽.

Gimhae airport 里还挺简单的,很容易走.哦,还有就是如果你乘去济州的航班是jeju air的话,checked-in的行李重量可以到达15kg


就在Gimhae 机场的sweet bun coffee cafe


朋友的介绍下,我们先前定了济州岛的Tae Gong Gak Guesthouse, 这是一间很值得一住的旅店.(~Rm200 per night)

Tae Gong Gak guesthouse:


如果济州机场在北部,那他就为于岛的南部.从济州机场的 exit 5 出去,就会看到600号巴士.车费是按地方而订,我们住的地区因为很远所以一个人是5000won(RM15).从机场到客栈大约需要一个多小时左右.

提示:如果不赶, 其实可以先从机场租Taxi去附近的Love Lane Musuem和mysterious Road看看,这样会比较顺路.除非真的有很多时间在离开济州岛前, 因为这两个地方可以花上一个小时来好好参光.Love Lane Musuem是比较适合成人去的地方.其实还芒有趣的.Mysterious road就位于Love lane门口直走不到五分钟的路程.

Love lane Musuem入门票: 9000won(~RM27)


在Tae Gong Gak(TGG)放了行李之后我们就又搭600号巴士到Jeju convention centre下站,再走到附近的jointed lava 海边去看看.

其实去过美国7-miles drive 的朋友应该都会像我这样感觉到这里和7-miles 有点相像.如果哈韩足有兴趣的话,还可以再走多15-20分钟到附近的The seaes Hotel Resort去看secret garden 里Ha-Ji Won和Hyun bin亲吻时坐着的凳子. ^^

到了可以吃晚餐时已经10点多了,很多店都已关店.TGG的客长, sylvia介绍我们到附近一间道地的店,不是当地人应该都不会到这里吧.店面很简陋,但食物真得很好吃.我们点了店里出名的韩国水饺,gimbap还有Teobokki.真得都很赞!


11.6.2012  晴

Sylvia帮我们租了一辆Taxi(9am-6pm, ~RM210). 不懂是不是司机不会说英文,还是路途很弯曲,我们都坐得很不舒服,头很晕.去了几个地方后就打算回酒店休息.

JeongBang Waterfall(入门票: 3000Won ~RM9)



Seongsan Ilchulbong(日出峰) (入门票:忘了:()
风景很不错的一个地方,爬上山顶需要45min. 秋天或冬天去看看应该很不错,夏天就绿油油一片,和马来西亚的森林没两样.网上很多很美的照片都是从直升机上拍下来的,所以别期望可以看到一个火山出口.^^

Manjanggul Cave
听说这个也值得一看,但因为我和阿祖都去过Gua tempurung所以对我们来说没什么特别.

Trick Art Musuem


All-in house

济州岛其实真得很大,大过新加坡2.5倍,如果可以四天三夜的住宿时间是最好了.因为可以到其他的地方如Osolluc Tea Farm, teddy bear musuem, Alice in the wonderland musuem 等看看.我们没时间所以放弃了其他地方.

12.6.2012 - 15.6.2012 晴
从济州岛会到首尔, 我们下榻了靠近Insadong的Bee won guesthouse 还特别选择了榻榻米房间.

Bee won guesthouse:

Insadong不像明洞,这里卖的东西都比较传统也比较艺术.我爱艺术所以这对我来说都还是一种享受.还有就是这里很出名茶艺所以到处都有品茶的地方. 因为前几天的赶路,我们决定在后几天里放慢脚步好好的游览首尔的每个角落,从南大门到东大门再到明洞,有时走累了就找些坐下来汤杯咖啡,连原本想去的Nami island计划都取消, 或许因为我们都了解到夏天的都不会太特别,两排冬季恋歌时拍的树在这个季节里就像槟城某个角落的, 却要花上坐渡轮,再坐巴士的精力. 倒不如等下次在冬天时买个机票再来这里参观的好.

最后的几天都在购物着,说真的如果想买韩国品牌的护肤品如Laneige还是去明洞的Lotte Department store 的Duty Free 部门买, 就在第九层, 但记得带护照还有机票咯!( soft copy 的也可以,只要可以证明你在韩国的出入时间).

Lotte Department store不难找,就在明洞的Shinsagae 附近. 


还有这家monoffin muffin


首尔大多地方都可以看到angel-in us cafe, Tom and Tom cafe 还有 Bene cafe. 但还是觉得Angel 比较好.:)


还有大发现就是Omarket的brownies. 真得很后悔没有太早发现!!!

这些都可以在7-11或lotte Mart找到。

还有就是位于明洞的Issac Toast, 我特别爱她的Ham, egg and cheese Toast. 如果你走到了明洞的Stamp Musuem, 就真的很接近.

Stamp Musuem前面.



每一次的旅行都给我不一样的体验,不管多累都好,只要是和阿祖一起走的我都觉得比较轻松。但每次离开家几天又会开始想念家里的家人,朋友还有屋前的小花。:) 很期待下一次的新体验。


Sunday, April 15, 2012


I wished for that little humdrum weekend last week that i can laze in my couch and enjoyed couples of movies at home,and it is amazing how fast i got it today.

anyway, talked about yesterday since I didnt do anything today. I received invitation from a fb friend, xjun last week, she is my friend's friend's friend, haha..see how far the relationship can go and she posted some very nice photo in fb, very artsy kind of photo and ever since then, i have declared myself to be her little fan. I knew that she and her photographers friends started a company called mocco and yesterday was the offcial opening so she pinged me in fb to ask if I was interested to join, they were giving out some wedding talk on photography, wedding details and wedding videography.

MOCCO located at nagore road, just at the back of sitigun cafe, or opposite the continental bakery shop. The shop is painted in blue so it is easy for you to notice it.

we were accosted by the warm and friendly people when we reached there and i finally met xjun in person, i think the first thing that always came to my mind when I meet the new friend is whether i should talk to them in chinese or english? luckily she greeted me in mandarin so that makes it easier for me:P We brought to the room that decorated with very exquisite and beautiful furniture and decoration.

the welcoming dessert they prepare for the guests.

The mini cheese tart is really nice! does anyone knows where can I find this?

And they took every couples's picture and gave us as souvenir after the wedding talk.

the wedding talk was quite interesting but you have to always heed the smile on your face because there are lots of camera around you, make sure they don't capture us yawning or sulking the face.

after the wedding talk, we went to spend the coupon that I bought couples of week before. The place is called kwong Sang which is located at leith street.
met shin huey and bf there, they also bought the same coupon.

Apparently this used to be the tailor shop but the boss refurbished it to western dishes cafe but still keep some of the fine details. The voucher costs Rm30++ for 2 person with one main course, dessert, appetizer and drink.

my chicken cordon bleu

his salmon in butter and mashed potato.