Thursday, January 5, 2012


I told him I want a bicycle after we moved to our landed house. I couldn't list all of them down but cycling on my bicycle was one of my very fond childhood memory. me, sis and brother used to share one bicycle when we were young, and we took turn to ride it, whoever didnt get their turn have to run at the back chasing the bicycle. Dad was the one who taught us how to ride but always within my parents's sight. at least that was before we were in secondary school...before me and sis turned into mak rempit on the road. \lol/

2 days ago, kh suddenly asked if I wanted to redeem the valentines day's present earlier since he gave me earlier Christmas present last year also, he said it is better to give it earlier so I still can receive my Christmas's present this year before the end of the world on 21/12/2012, if there is any.

and he bought me this beauty!! It was second hand but ithis is the model I always wanted and some more it was imported from Japan where you can find the label written in nihongo on her body. very classic indeed!

and I was happily riding it yesterday at my neighborhood. VROOOM! and of coz reminiscing back my childhood memory!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012



布囊里装着的是一切美好的回忆,在旅途上慢慢的撒开, 一点一滴的,就像当初我聚集他们一样。不再有留念。


如果可以, 我不想背着眷恋或是一丝丝的不舍。或许我太不切实际,但现在的我连现实或虚拟都分不清楚,所以不切实际对我来说,都无所谓。

如果暂时的逃避可以让自己看清自己的下一步该怎么走, 我需要这份逃避的勇气。

或许连觉得眼睛看到的都不是真的,我应该学着接受用心眼看到的事情吧, 不要怀疑感觉,它永远是对的。只是人往往都需要时间去应征自己当初的感觉。


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Backlog: Christmas and New year 2011

my blog was stalled since last year. 2011 has gradually become the past, I still cant understand why the time flies so fast and holiday ended so soon and yet, I still feel like nothing has changed?

I have a few backlogs that I need to settle before they keep rolling like snowballs. I must say that I love the Christmas this year, I felt so much fun getting myself busy like bee! Looking back to last year, I realized how much I love having party with a bunch of friends, I think my family doesn't really enjoy having party like I do so they always shun away but they were supportive to me and offer help if I am in the mood of having one. Seriously, I didn't realize until now that I love cluttering my kitchen, doing all the cleaning job after that and by the end of the day, haul my dreaded exhausted body to bed but with absolute and plain self-satisfaction when looking back the day.


Christmas is always my favorite season since little, I will never forget the memories that my parents painted in my childhood with the hanging stoking under the mistletoe, the tale of santa visit at 12am midnight, the small christmas tree, the church, and also a very faint picture of the whole family lying on the carpet in that humid afternoon watching "the wizard of oz" movie together. Life was poor but full of merry surprises and love. Afterall Christmas is all about giving and sacrificing to people we care. I made a small gift to a few friends before christmas and received some gifts back from most of them, which I never expected them actually but thank you for the thought although most of you didnt celebrate Christmas like I do. And amidst the crazy working hour, I took half day off doing the christmas shopping for my family and bf.

Like passed year, KH and I wanted to have Christmas gathering at our house with some friends,I tried not to miss out anyone so i didnt bother to squeeze my brain thinking who to invite and whois not. Early in the morning we went to the nearby wet market to buy some ingredient for steamboats, I always wanted to try out the soup base for fish head bee hun and this seems to be a good chance to try that. We bumped into my parents in the wet market, which was actually the right time when both of us hovered at the market trying to pick up the right fish for the soup, my mum came to rescue and even helped me deep fying the fish since her wok is much much bigger.

The preparation phase is always the most enjoyable moment in a party. Since the solstice season just over, so some of them took the left over dough to my house to make tang yuen.

and not forgetting our first trial on roasted chicken in substitution for Turkey.

I do feel bad that i was too busy that i didnt have time to serve everyone but i hope they still able to self entertaining themselves:D

since the roasted chicken was a success, so kh and I decided to do it again on Christmas day for my family's dinner. We have planned earlier to cook a dinner for my family and made the roasted duck as the main dish since i think my whole family love eating duck.

New year:

I had my new year celebrated in redbox for the passed 2 years and this year we countdown at ktv again, but with a complete different gang of people. I do miss my friends whom i celebrated new year with last year although some of them had left Penang but the new gang is equally fun too. Anyway, hopefully we can do something different next year. The best thing on this new year is nonetheless the sleptover with woon and had the girls's midnight chat until I lost my voice, it had been awhile that we have girls slept over and chatted until the breaking dawn.