Wednesday, March 28, 2012

busy day

kh usually hard to take leave off from work but today he managed to get leave from the boss, so i have to apply mine as well in order to settle some really serious business that we deferred for so long. I wasn't able to rest even for a second as I was chasing behind the time running around settled my EPF, house loan, the wedding registration and commisionary of oath, the visa and the passport. But at the same times, my mind couldnt keep out of work, I stayed until 2 am last night trying to work something out but at last i was fed up and exhausted so I dozed off when i was taking my lunch:S

kh managed to snap it down since I wasnt talking to him and he happily play with the phone. He found a software which is actually quite fun.

at the commisionary of oath office. This camera tool really can smoothed your face!!

The uncle officer is super funny, he was really busy as he was stamping on the document and signing on the paper for the half an hour we stepped into his office, and when it was our turn, he solemnly turn to us and tell us that marriage is not a game and the divorce rate is super high now. And he uttered something about the birthdate and said that I was lucky that kh is a powerful man because he was born on 23rd. And then we have to pledge in front of him saying all the information we gave is correct else we will end up in prison..wth. Anyway, it was fun listen to his story though we could actually be off 15 minutes earlier.

and we have to come home to decorate our bicycle for pre-wedding shooting tomorrow. Thanks to woon that she bought the teddy couple for me to hang on my wedding car but we thought we can use it first for pre-wedding shoot so here they are, happily sitting on my bicycle:) and not forgetting the beautiful kissing ball made by my super mum:) they are just lovely:) thanks mum!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

you cheered me

Receive this little card that by the first glance, i thought it was from my company or some insurance company to thank me for some milestone achievement or send their profound gratitude as I had been a good customer for them last year.

but it is more than that.

the feeling is complicated.

And all i can say is...

you had me at hello. Again. Thanks for not giving up the Aries me.

Monday, March 26, 2012


我的梦想.感觉上很难去实现,很难是因为我的双脚太沉重踏出第一步.有时不只双脚难,连心都容易觉得疲惫. 我想开个小店面做烹饪,却因为觉得不够资本,又或者因为老爸说了一些话就胆怯的放弃了.

感觉到小时候的我比较勇敢,敢做大大的梦,长大了,胆子却越变越小. 从小地方出来的我,学到的只是要以诚待人,要笑,要看开,要置业,要记得单纯, 要记得不会缴交税没关系,一切有父母帮忙. 出来社会几年,我学会了很多,看到身边的朋友少了父母的保护,却可以勇敢的变成大人,替自己打算,不跟人交心没关系,依然可以有好多人约着出外玩, 会自己储蓄,买车不需向任何人交代,包括自己的梦想,也是自己交待.
而我不同,我的梦想.却牵涉着许多人,裹足不前. 我永远都像个小孩受保护. 我真的很羡慕赶追梦的人.几年了,我还在原地踏步,斟酌同样的问题,面对几年了的同样问题.难道真的, 注定放弃了吗?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I didn't see this cousin for 15 years but not that i get to meet their family very often before the whole family moved to New Zealand, and now when we finally met, she is already married and with 3 beautiful kids(Elizabeth, Jared and Melanie), but she still looks so good!

Looking forward for the next visiting.

Tuck Soon's wedding dinner

I attended TS wedding with a few friends at Park royal hotel, I was feeling tired that day and reluctant to go but since promise is a promise, I couldn't afford to have them calling me back the "ffk queen" though I knew they will always call me that way coz for them is always fun! #$$$^%&^^&*&^

They gave the roses as the door gift to the female guest. The fresh blooming flower, too bad I wasn't a big fan of flower.

since it was a little early when we reached there so we took a walk by the beach and....camwhoring. I look fat in every photo! unbelievable!


I borrow the black dress from cath, surprisingly i could wear it since it almost seems impossible:S but it fit well just a little short. The dinner was fun, too much wine and too much song, reminds me of the song" season in the sun", I was intended to leave earlier that day because I was totally weary but too much laughter makes the night so young to leave. So the end of the story since I wont remember it too much after that was, we had too much wine( ok, I had) and end up talking nonsense and lots of nonsense. Aiya, forgive me la friends, i had known you guys for the good 7 years! time flies and we are all almost 30 now! from the early twenties to early thirty, I am just glad we are still around and grow stronger:)

and I forgive you guys for always twisting the fact that I look fat or clumsy or not as pretty as every new girl you meet! The fact is, I have to suffer my eyes everyday too..

Friday, March 9, 2012

pink jacket

By sheer chance, I peeked into one pink jacket hanging in MNG store, I flipped on the price tag and put it back delicately again as that is a hefty price tag, but the texture is so soft and the tactile sensation lingered on my finger tips for a little while before it imprints in my mind. For the next few days, I told myself I am going to get it.

a few of us went to the store after the lunch, I tried it on for 3-4 times, contemplated whether to buy it, woon reassure me that it is really nice and trendy. How can i resist the temptation! without taking too much time to feel regret, I grabbed this beauty, after all it just need a swipe, I just need to cover the bill with extra work time. ok, I do feel guilty actually but the material and quality really worth the price. Loving my pink jacket!

and tonight i was so crazy that i drove from Butterworth to island again after office hour just to hang out with woon. It was friday night so the bridge was so jam-packed with cars, as usual.But I wasnt affected since I was on the opposite direction. We went for a drink and chit chat..I was lazy to talk that day but it was feeling ok to talk to woon. Maybe it is hard to find somebody to talk to at this odd hour, i wasnt really troubled by something but i just wanted to hang out that day.thanks my Girl. I am glad you were around.


Do you have some days in so many of your days that you don't feel like talking? I do. My friend asked me whether I had a bad day, no. In fact now is just the beginning of the day and it would be wrong if i felt bad. Perhaps i just woke up at the wrong side of the bed? I dont know. Assailed by palpable giddiness, I didnt want to admit. But i assume it is due to the medicine I applied on my feet. I just want to be idle and stoned myself at one corner or maybe gulp some good expensive food or just lying on bed without doing anything, staring blank to the ceiling and counting how many times the fan spins or maybe there is just one fun thing that could rejuvenate me back, shopping. maybe.I guess.

This morning I was sitting in the car beside him and felt the whole world was whirling like crazy as if I was sitting on Mary goes around. He asked me to close my eyes and rest for awhile, something he will do when I get into the car. Usually i will just close my eyes and listen to the sounds around me, guessing where could I be right now, turn left, bumpers, right turn, up to the hills, stop....sometimes i would open my eyes to prove I was right on what I visualize. But today, I just put myself into deep sleep until I almost reach the company. I must be exhausted.

Heavy downpours almost everyday, and today the sun still cowered behind the several layers of overlapping heavy grey cloud, the faint thunder thrown a few miles away, the aircond exceptionally cold today, the same bright LCD screen but it hurts the eye today.. out of no reason, I remembered the movie i watched with him that day "beginner"..there is one funny girl in that movie that somehow resemblance how i was sometimes, seems to be lost but not entirely, confused but figured it out after a while, struggling between knowing what to do but still reluctant to make things right.. I think, there must be one very confused rebellious beast living deep inside me...emm...

Sunday, March 4, 2012


In preparation of our pre-wedding shoot this March, I need to thrust myself into an extensive workout regimen to shove away a few pounds that plague me for years or few inch of stubborn fats concentrated around my waist, toning up the saggy upper arms, I don't expect to overhaul into the body like Jennifer Aniston and many many else. I just wish i could get my flat belly back! the long gone flat abs I had a few years back.

So I put out a plan. In fact, a bunch of plan that fits the mercurial side of me, so I actually dont have a fix disciplinary schedule,but I try to do it whatever I can.

I sacrifice my favorite dinner time with him and family. By that means I lost one of the way to release the stress after work. Eating is always my thing and it gives me so much pleasure like shopping.

skip rope. I tried to make myself doing this skipping rope thing for 500-600 times. my cousin was really fat once and she just did this rope skipping for a few months and she was so fit until she delivered her baby daughter. I used to just skip for 200 times and I thought that was the max, but you can do this while you watching your drama, stopped when your leg cannot take it but remember to pick it up again.

Jogging. this is one of the exercise that I hate the most. I totally felt bored of it but they said this is the most effective way to trim down your weight, and this is like a journey that you must trudge regardless how laborious and how heavy hearted you are. I dont enjoy it so i always give so many excuse like i dont have a running pant, or my running shoes is too tight or couldnt find my stoking.

swimming. Never realize I enjoy doing this so much but of coz only when I settled myself to the water temperature. Kind of regret that i didnt fully utilize the pool, sauna and steam facilities at my old condo. :(

Aerobics. This is a rhythmic exercise that requires the synchronization between your hands and legs, and I am lack of that. I felt ugly and instead of following every steps the instructor leads in front, i felt like I was struggling and waving for rescue like people who's drown.

I really hope it workout pay out good for me and the result could be apparent, hopefully i can fit into those beautiful wedding gown and doesn't look like an klutzy elephant in them.

Friday, March 2, 2012


This is a very vain post. I permed my hair again. If not mistaken, this is my 3rd time perming my hair and the most satisfied one. So everything started off when I mentioned to Cathrane that I wanted to get my hair colored and perm, it was an an impetuous thought that strike me out of sudden when I was debugging my code. And it hits her even harder that she decided to take some action to her hair almost immediately that weekend. And since i do really curious on the hair saloon that she always visit, I saw a few of my friends have their hair done at that saloon and the outcome was amazingly nice. But i still wasn't sure if I want to get my hair perm this time since I broke my record that i straighten my hair a week after i got it permed last time. Instead of feeling it was a waste, i rather do something to make myself happy. I am really that impulsive.

Anyway, we went to this saloon which located at the first floor of 1926 Heritage hotel.

And they didn't take too long to convince me to get my hair perm. I told the boss i didnt want to cut my hair before the perm and asking if that is possible as the hair stylist that i used to had told me I had to trim my hair so the perm could look better. And surprisingly, it is doable, probably my hair isn't too thick in the first place. Cathrane got herself a bob + korean perm hair and I must said this saloon could really do a nice korean perm. The boss is skillful and experience, and mostly he gave you the confident that you can trust your hair on him.

Anyway, It had been forth day now and I still feel comfortable with this perm.

My counterpart, Sergei is on 2 weeks business trip to Malaysia. Truthfully, We never been closed, or we never had a chance to. Although I used to be in US for 3 months, but I think it is pretty common that people don't hang out like how we do here in Malaysia. Anyway, not that we are so close now that we can crack silly jokes, but we talked something else other than works, chatted other than we were reviewing our code or something. At least I knew where he was from, and where he used to be.

A few of us brought him to lunch everyday and introduced him with all the foods that we can think of, tomyam, tandoori chicken, dimsum, chinese cuisine and everything we introduced him, he said he loves it. But I always am curious on the comment I received from US people, when they said they love it, do they really mean they love it? maybe they just being polite or they dont want to disappoint you but nevertheless, I still feel happy when they love it and look forward to see their face expression when they taste out the food. It was the same feeling when you give something new to the baby and you observed on their expression, it just funny. I think it was more fun bringing a foreigner around than the local friends, they find almost everything interesting! Like he said, things that we think is common like even the coconut tree could be fresh and new to them. I enjoy the bonding session and I think I do love this job sometimes:)