Sunday, April 15, 2012


I wished for that little humdrum weekend last week that i can laze in my couch and enjoyed couples of movies at home,and it is amazing how fast i got it today.

anyway, talked about yesterday since I didnt do anything today. I received invitation from a fb friend, xjun last week, she is my friend's friend's friend, haha..see how far the relationship can go and she posted some very nice photo in fb, very artsy kind of photo and ever since then, i have declared myself to be her little fan. I knew that she and her photographers friends started a company called mocco and yesterday was the offcial opening so she pinged me in fb to ask if I was interested to join, they were giving out some wedding talk on photography, wedding details and wedding videography.

MOCCO located at nagore road, just at the back of sitigun cafe, or opposite the continental bakery shop. The shop is painted in blue so it is easy for you to notice it.

we were accosted by the warm and friendly people when we reached there and i finally met xjun in person, i think the first thing that always came to my mind when I meet the new friend is whether i should talk to them in chinese or english? luckily she greeted me in mandarin so that makes it easier for me:P We brought to the room that decorated with very exquisite and beautiful furniture and decoration.

the welcoming dessert they prepare for the guests.

The mini cheese tart is really nice! does anyone knows where can I find this?

And they took every couples's picture and gave us as souvenir after the wedding talk.

the wedding talk was quite interesting but you have to always heed the smile on your face because there are lots of camera around you, make sure they don't capture us yawning or sulking the face.

after the wedding talk, we went to spend the coupon that I bought couples of week before. The place is called kwong Sang which is located at leith street.
met shin huey and bf there, they also bought the same coupon.

Apparently this used to be the tailor shop but the boss refurbished it to western dishes cafe but still keep some of the fine details. The voucher costs Rm30++ for 2 person with one main course, dessert, appetizer and drink.

my chicken cordon bleu

his salmon in butter and mashed potato.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I was busy cluttering my closet finding dresses when kh shouted my name and dashed into my room to find me, the first thought that strikes me is somebody broke into the house, but he asked me to stand still and right that moment, i can feel the earth moving under my feet. Scary! We rushed out the house and I can see my main door was slightly rocking, almost all the neighbor rushed out their house and everyone was discussing among themselves on the tremors that was still shaking under our feet that time. We exchange some regards with the neighbor, honestly, this is the first time I see mrs. lee who stayed just next to my house, i met with Mr.lee my neighbour couples of time but not his wife. After everything back to normal, we can see facebook was flooded with news regarding on the earthquake that happens in Indonesia, I tried to call my parents and some of my friends but did not avail, seems like the aftershock somehow affect the operator service. When we finally reached parents house and talked about the earthquake, we could feel ourselves wobbled again.

Hopefully the earhquake doesn't cause too much loss in indonesia, tonight i will definitely carry the prayer to bed with me.

Monday, April 9, 2012

weekend recap

Weird, dont know since when my weekend becomes very hectic, there is no weekend that i could sit at home watching movie for the whole day. At least let me finished 2 movies in a row. But i shouldnt complain since I was really happy doing all the stuff over weekends. Last saturday, we went to choose the pre-wedding photo with my mum, surprisingly there are lots of photo that turns out to be better than i expect so we had to be steadfast to our early concession that not to add more photo as one photo can cost RM40-50.

It was really hard to pick the best 50 pictures over the 300+ pieces, we managed to filtered to 190 photo in the first round, follow by 130+ and 66++ in the second/third round. The photographer from the bridal shop unceasingly try to persuade us to add more photo but we insisted not to take more photo. KH chose most of the photo and I wasnt look that flattering in some of the photo but he said those photo are more natural and serves as better memory. anyway, he has his point so i dont want to argue.

ah, I actually forgot to update the post for pre-wedding photo shooting, we went there at 830pm but had our breakfast until 9am since the shop was still closed. The makeup process was disastrous and photo shooting as well, i wasnt that enjoy though my makeup artist and photographer were really nice people. But simply it was more tiring then working in the office for the whole day. == i am glad i wasnt a model afterall:P

after choosing the photo, we rushed back home to cook the pork rib for our friend's jinwen's house warming. The whole process took 2 hours to complete, took longer than ever but doesnt taste the best too== I was really exhausted that day but it had been awhile we didnt have such a complete group gathering with these bunch of friends, some more one of them brought their baby girl, tiffany to the gathering and i am a big fan of baby!

On Sunday, we went to St.Anne Church for easter sunday mass. After the mass, we went to meet up Su fang and her husband for lunch. Su fang dated me since last week to celebrate my birthday. Another good birthday treat, thanks Fang! Hopefully we can celebrate each other birthday in many many years to come:)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

when i turned 30

I used to ask myself how would i be when i turned 30. Can I still walk on my sneakers and short pant? messed up my hair when i was frustrated?should I stop asking why as at this age, I should figure out all the whys. Should I change my closet so I no longer have pleated skirt or checkered shirt? no hoodies but only jacket? But surprisingly, i turned 30 as natural as it could be, no lament with a tinge of emotions, but maybe just a little surprise on how fast it happens.

I rather think of 30 years old as beautiful golden 30. When you were 30, and you knew you have done so many things in your twenties, you bought the house independantly, you gainned the wisdom of picking up your soulmate,you have a bunch of friends whom you can reach out to, you are financial independant, you have been to couples of places in the world, then you have enough. And I am not sure if it is wrong to say this, i still feel so young at heart, and even younger compares to a few years ago. I walked with a friend to his car today and talking about our yearly assessment, i told him I felt enough with what i get, it clearly isnt too great but i felt enough. and he told me, life considers good when we have a good career and own a hobby. Yeah, talked about hobby. I wasn't sure what i really love doing in the past, but i think I've found it now. my hobby might not look impressive or great for others, but it makes me feel great, and that is enough. :)

This week has almost come to an end and i could finally call it as a good week. A week that i felt so much love from people around me. Friends who work with me but they are not my colleague, they are friends, and indeed more than friends.

Clearly there are a few people that i always feel thankful for having them around me, almost everyday. I never like guessing what's in other people's mind, I wish people to tell me what they think instead of making me guess. And I guess I am just glad that these friends just make you feeling so easy.

Fen, I thank you for being the most thoughtful person I have ever seen, you always give me a feeling that I am your best friend and i deserved it, and who cares if what i feel is wrong if it just make me feel so wonderful:). you are the one whom I know would just support me in almost everything i do, defend me when there are somebody try to gun me down, and even when I was wrong. they said love is blind, so i knew you truly love me.

Mang who survived with me through rumours and gossips and stay strong until now, thanks for giving me the best of you, our friendship, I would never trade it with any other things in the world. we quarrelled but amazingly we never hold any grudge towards each other, you are a family, to be true and i just knew we are in our best form when we stay together like family, sister and brother.:)

woon, at times, i felt confused and was afraid that i know her long enough but not well enough as she obviously is a smart girl who holds a shield that guard her from expressing her thoughts, and i honestly used to feel afraid that I might loose her oneday. But we survived and i am glad how much she had tried to pour her feeling to me, it is a trust that you gain and I wont take that for granted. I promise.

cath whom I didnt know her for too long but some of the people just give you that feeling that you guys have known for years, in this short interim, I have come to know so much about her. I am glad I didnt miss too much on your past and really excited to accompany you walk through your life chapter, you will have me when you fall in love, or out of love or even get married. I am sure I shall witness this together with you.

hua zit and gan hoong, seriously, you guys are just silly and crazy that gives me so much laughter and believe or not, sometimes i had the bad days that you guys can just turn it over effortlessly. No kidding.

I knew there are lots of friends who are far away from me but still care for a friend like me who basically just lazy to move her finger to call. We are far from each other but i hope we wont get distance. I want to care so please just open the heart.:)

And my family that sometimes i felt i was too feeble to make an impact to them, thank you for making me feel that you guys really care for me. Thanks for the birthday cake with 3 big candles, it makes me sing in heart and God knows how long I didnt feel that way. Mum and dad, your youngest daughter just turn 30, can you believe that?

As i sit in starbuck writing this post now, sipping the cup of cocoa coppucino waiting for him to fetch me. I am glad at my 30, I have this guy who sees the good and bad in me and still takes me in unconditionally, see the plump side of me as cute, perceive my clumsiness as natural, my ignorant as blur, my sheepish look as adorable..I guess I must have done lots of good deeds in my previous life to deserve him as my husband in the life to come. Although we have that small tiff the night before i turned 30 but compares to all the good thing you have done, i just know that I have to put the bad feeling aside.

I am proud to be my 30th and thanks to you guys who makes me happy.

Friday, April 6, 2012

mum's artwork

I am tarrying my birthday post simply because I love to spend some times to write it, maybe weekend but now i just wish to do a curt recap on what's happening yesterday.

Super mum creates wonder again, and this time it is a wedding ring holder. Woon gave me this hugging bear on my birthday, so my mum took it and modified it to be the nice ring holder adorned with some tiny flower on the heart shape cushion pad. Anyway, she really put lots of effort on my wedding comparing to me, the brides-to-be. I was just so selamba, maybe i trust that everything will eventually fall in good shapes.