Monday, December 31, 2012

Last day of 2012

Today is the last day of 2012. The morning wasn't started great as we fought again, over the trivial stuff. Again.
There were little little arguments going on these 3 days, and I was feeling a bit tired. But I wont let anything to ruin my last day of 2012!

Morning, I went down to have breakfast with Ing chin at cafe, chatted for an hour, came back to cube and to realize there isnt too many emails in mailbox, at least nothing related to work:S guess everyone was taking a day off before new year is coming. I talked to my friend on her family, and i talked to her on family i saw, just realize mine was far from the worst. Some of the family ended up in divorce, some doesn't talk to each other for years, some neglected their spouse, some quarrel everyday, but mine, sometimes i forgot what we were fighting for, maybe the reason to fight was too small to remember. I felt that I make a few good changes in this year, I was happier and cleared with my direction, compare to a few years back, when so often i woke up in maze, wondering what should i do to sort love out, wondering who would i ended with so i could stay happier.

And I have more confident this year, I have gained it from some of my very good friends, they make me feel that I am important to them, and i get so much care in return, so as a result, I tend to ignore those doesn't treat me well, I never feel so attached to some group of people before( did i mention i live like a nomad when i was young? :)), whom you know wont judge you, whom you know will give you the most honest feedback, whom you know will not care what others say about you, they accept the worst part in me and cherish the good in me and yes, I found that i have exposed lots of bad part in me in front of them, but i felt good. I am comfortable to what i have now,and that, I would need to thank to the one who quarrel with me this morning and friends whom I chose to be with this year. Thank you! please accept my profound gratitude:)

2012 is good too as i finally got my dream job, not entirely like how i imagined it to be but it is closer to what i wanted to be. Being a technical marketing exposed me to lots of new thing i never saw before. I missed being in SV family, there are lots of good friends and i have built the network that makes my work easier to handle. But when i came out from this family, I felt that i was totally standing alone unshielded in a world that completely strange to me, with lots of uncertainties and incertitude around me. But gladly, i met lots of new friends who helped me up. Thank you!

2012 served me good and i don't wish for better in 2013, just please please please, be it as good as 2012!

happy new year:)

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Anonymous said...

this is a bit late :p ehem ehem... who cari pasal with you that morning..just blah out when you felt downs.. then u will feel better liao later

this is the jia i know!!!!