Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Merry Christmas

It has been sometimes.Leaving this corner in solitude.

and when i came back, a few old comments were patiently waited me for its moderation and even, some were a few months back.

anyway, at least i saw them now. Thanks for dropping by anyway:)

I love Christmas, looking forward to it but when it passed, I was appalled by a thrill of fear of how fast it became a day in history. But ponder from a good side, i knew i was finally settled and belonged now, from family and friends. at least that was what i felt.

This is the forth year I was having a Christmas party at home, it didnt give me too much headache on the guestlist as I dont want to make anyone feeling left out in this merry merry festive season. Like last year, we had steamboat at home with every guest "volunteering" bring one steamboat ingredient or food to the party, and the rest, we could figure it out eventually, but the only difference this year was we were having satay celup instead( Lee fueng sponsored the satay gravy, bought all the way from Malacca though she wasn't able to join the party. Thanks lady:)) thus, i feel more free this year compare to previous years, didnt have too much to prepare though. Most of the faces were the same, except we did have a few new guests this year. a blessed and fruitful year indeed.

Christmas never failed to make me felt blessed and lucky, looking at the gifts given from friends and people around me, it's not that I must have been a good girl this year, but He must be loving me so much that he granted me nice friends around me. So what can i ask for more?:)

Merry Christmas Everyone, may we have another good and blessed year ahead.


Ming Seong said...

Looks fun, and merry christmas

Anonymous said...

very very funnnn!!!
i love and joined every single gathering at your cozy home since our friendship grows :D