Sunday, December 30, 2012

Millie crepe making

The week had passed with its slowest pace I ever had felt it before. This is the last week of 2012,the Mayan prediction has proved to be fraud,Christmas is over and ensued by another new year, but I'm still feeling uber lazy to do something useful, all I want is holiday and more holiday! Anyway, I heard from radio days ago that every human has 3 days, yesterday, today and tomorrow, if your yesterday is equally same has today then your tomorrow will likely be the same too,so do something different. I was inspired and decided to come home earlier on Friday to make my day more useful.

I was hankering over making my own Millie crepe but I knew it wasn't just a cinch, unless you have ample time yourself else you can choose other easier cake to make.
I refer to a Chinese written recipe which was linked from a friend blog but I think to make an easier batter, you can refer to this video instead.Isn't everything easier with Internet?:)

My Millie crepe still needs a lot of improvement, the batter for every crepe was fine but I should add more sugar to my cream,and of coz be more generous on my cream!!

I will continue making my Millie crepe until I was fully satisfied, but as I mentioned, the process was sucking too much time but gladly, I wasn't as busy as I was before now:)


Fong San Ng said...

wau... so coincident, I am thinking to make creepe during this coming holidays :)

Adelene said...

sometimes, you would be amazed on how thing happens! happy making your crepe!!

Anonymous said...

we do for another time again looks good for me..bravo jia