Monday, January 7, 2013

Banana week

I am not a baking person. And I took 30 years to realize this.

Recently I love to close my sleeping time by going through some recipes and banana bread recipe is one that caught my eyes as i had all the ingredients in my kitchen.

But ended up I baked two banana breads in one short weekend.

The first time, I blame on not having a nice bread pan and the second time, I can almost certified myself as a baking dimwit. But it isn't that bad actually! I think it is not...emm. I hope not. =S

Anyway, i love the pervasive banana aroma that filled my kitchen in the last 20 minutes baking time. If only I could make the time cease in that last 20 minutes and never have to face the outcome. After all, the genius said the most important is the process and not the result isn't it?emm..again, it isn't that bad. =S

Here is the recipe video that I took the reference. But the banana bread that I bake with this recipe is a bit hard but....moist? Feel free to try.

The unflattered image of my first trial.

At least, it is better at second trial.

Before I clobbered myself with too much fattening food, I finally bought my alphabet stamp at the cheapest price I had ever seen, RM25 after discount, Material shop sell it at RM45-50 if not mistaken, and now i got it at the nearby cafe.with this stamp, I could imagine how happy my scrapbook or handmade card are to forever get rid of my ugly handwriting. Hooray!

And the waiter made me this latte with a very warmhearted message, kh said the waiter knew I didn't smile for whole days.

I think that is true. I was battling with my emotion that had gone through its roller coaster ride these few days, I was really chirpy on Friday receiving one very good news from the office and even heard good news from good friends but today it slides down to valley but it was gladden with the little cafe latte and my long finding alphabet stamp.

Actually that little cafe latte experienced buzzed me with the story that I heard not long ago. A child quarreled with his mum and dashed out from the house and out of cold and hungry, he met one old uncle and the old uncle brought him to one cafe and treat him a plate of hot noodles. The kid was immediately in his teary eyes and keep praising the uncle on how good the uncle treat him and started to tell the uncle how strict and unthoughtful his mother is, after hearing all the rambling, the uncle paused and said: son, with only one bowl of noodles, I had become the greatest person for you,but your mum had been cooking for you everyday but you might never said a thank you and now she is the worst mum in the world. Is she really that bad or you had taken it for granted?. Remembered this story, I felt a bit guilty for kh as he always tried to cheer me up but ended up, i was effortlessly cheered by other things like the message on cafe latte.

What a mess I am sometimes. Maybe... I was the banana bread myself if I weren't a human:(

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The lists

We woke up late on the first day of a new year. Last night, we went to joe colleague house at gurney paragon for new year countdown after having a good filling new years steamboat with my family.

The col family is really wealthy but they were really down to earth, they definitely can live in a more lavish life style but they didn't, I heard from joe, the husband hp had been served him for years, and he still treating it like precious.

love the group pic!

me and ing chin in the party:) we can see the whole gurney view here:)

Looking back 2012,we definitely had spent almost every penny that we have earned, I almost checked every bullet in my wishlist but I realize my wishlist is extended every year, there is always new things emerged and scrambled the plan.

I just love new year, it gives hope to people, a hope to start something anew, a hope to fix thing and a hope to try again. And here, I effervescently strutting out the good things I gained in the past year.

1.the Bali style shower head
I always fancy on the big shower head as it gives you so much pleasure during shower, it isn't a very costly item and I could have close this checklist earlier but I marked a price in my heart and only buy if it is really a cheap deal and finally during a home trip to Terengganu, we found one with a price that we couldn't complaint anymore.

2. The wooden floor
I like everything in cottage/vintage style, and wooden floor exudes a very shanty sentiment to your house, we managed to get a good timber floor deal at one furniture fair, though embellishing a house of our size isn't cheap at all, but I'm glad to see the outcome. I love love every bits of it.

3.color laser printer.
Well, we could print any handmade card or photo, anytime!!

4.A husband
If i would have to pick the most poignant memory last year will nevertheless be the day when we finally tied a knot after 4 years of gf-bf relationship. A marriage didn't only bring me a husband but the whole family, now I have extra pair of parents, 4 more sisters, nieces and nephew, cousins and friends. The family is getting bigger and I definitely like that! And not forgetting that I'm getting a human irobot who promised to vacuum the house every week. He made a promise since he stopped me from buying an I-robot:( well, as long as somebody cleans then I'm happy:)

5. buddies
Thinking back, the greatest achievement I had over the passed year was I brought people together. I brought cat, lee Fueng to the gang and not forgetting yoong Fuang too , but of coz they are a bunch of easy people to mingle with. I'm not claiming the credit now, but I'm really happy our family is growing. Most of them are not mere colleague but also good friends who share every secrets together.

6. The business trip
People said I was lucky as I was sent to state for business trip when I joined the new team. I guess I was. Las Vegas to new York trip was an eye opening to me, I finally saw the statue of liberty with my own very eyes, and  fostered a closer relationship with my team mate throughout the trips. I had great time!

7. Technical marketing or application engineer
One thing, I have to admit is I think my forte is people. My ex boss told me before, he think I'm a very adaptable person who fits into everything I do, but what I think is when I grow up to be older and hopefully wiser, I slowly know what I love doing and what I can do. But to live, I choose the one I love doing, I love working with different people and i love marketing since I was born!. So when I joined the new team, I don't care if it was app engineer or technical marketing, I like the job not the title, and I don't give a damn care on whether the job title was changed from time to time. Don't be surprise, some people do care.

8. Things I learnt.
I think if you have lived a good 30 years, you should be an adequate philosopher yourself. And i learnt so much from joe and people around me. I have learnt that do not judge a person from what other people say unless you totally understand that person. I have been judged for "almost" my whole life and most of the time, those are the people who don't understand me and if there is a chance in the future for me and people who judged my wrongly to cross path, I'm sure they will get to see who I really am. I talked about this with one of my friend last year, he told me he thought I wasn't serious in relationship before as I broke his friend heart but when he got to know me, he knew he was wrong. There must be a reason for everything that happens. It is amazing as I knew he was prejudice to me before, so often, when we don't like a person, no matter how hard we hide it, they would still smell it. It is just human instinct. So don't explain to those who doesn't understand you, because they will not listen, put more action than words, as that was what people see.

9. More times
Changing life style is a way that earns me more time. I have more times to do things I like now. I felt it and I hope this year will be the same too.

10. Plants
Some died and added with new members. And I even revived one of my withered plant which I almost gave it up. And hubby told me, planting isn't about taking care of it but to make it alive. Point taken.

11. Weight!
Bad bad thing. But I need to shed some of it off.

12. Puzzles
I finished my "starry night over the Rhone" puzzles, finally. Hubby said he was impressed as I always is a hangat-hangat Tahi ayam kind of person,but this time, I could spend hours sitting there to fix puzzle up. But actually i just to have a new painting to hang!

13. Eco bike
We added a bicycle, a fold-able Eco bike on joe birthday. No more cycling alone or having other one running at the back.

And as for the things I should do more in this year? I haven't bundled up a good list but I hope they will be a good one when I looked back in the end of 2013.

I love a word I heard today, let the best of 2012 be the worst in 2013:) well said! So if you think you survived through 2012, but you actually lived through it.