Monday, January 7, 2013

Banana week

I am not a baking person. And I took 30 years to realize this.

Recently I love to close my sleeping time by going through some recipes and banana bread recipe is one that caught my eyes as i had all the ingredients in my kitchen.

But ended up I baked two banana breads in one short weekend.

The first time, I blame on not having a nice bread pan and the second time, I can almost certified myself as a baking dimwit. But it isn't that bad actually! I think it is not...emm. I hope not. =S

Anyway, i love the pervasive banana aroma that filled my kitchen in the last 20 minutes baking time. If only I could make the time cease in that last 20 minutes and never have to face the outcome. After all, the genius said the most important is the process and not the result isn't it?emm..again, it isn't that bad. =S

Here is the recipe video that I took the reference. But the banana bread that I bake with this recipe is a bit hard but....moist? Feel free to try.

The unflattered image of my first trial.

At least, it is better at second trial.

Before I clobbered myself with too much fattening food, I finally bought my alphabet stamp at the cheapest price I had ever seen, RM25 after discount, Material shop sell it at RM45-50 if not mistaken, and now i got it at the nearby cafe.with this stamp, I could imagine how happy my scrapbook or handmade card are to forever get rid of my ugly handwriting. Hooray!

And the waiter made me this latte with a very warmhearted message, kh said the waiter knew I didn't smile for whole days.

I think that is true. I was battling with my emotion that had gone through its roller coaster ride these few days, I was really chirpy on Friday receiving one very good news from the office and even heard good news from good friends but today it slides down to valley but it was gladden with the little cafe latte and my long finding alphabet stamp.

Actually that little cafe latte experienced buzzed me with the story that I heard not long ago. A child quarreled with his mum and dashed out from the house and out of cold and hungry, he met one old uncle and the old uncle brought him to one cafe and treat him a plate of hot noodles. The kid was immediately in his teary eyes and keep praising the uncle on how good the uncle treat him and started to tell the uncle how strict and unthoughtful his mother is, after hearing all the rambling, the uncle paused and said: son, with only one bowl of noodles, I had become the greatest person for you,but your mum had been cooking for you everyday but you might never said a thank you and now she is the worst mum in the world. Is she really that bad or you had taken it for granted?. Remembered this story, I felt a bit guilty for kh as he always tried to cheer me up but ended up, i was effortlessly cheered by other things like the message on cafe latte.

What a mess I am sometimes. Maybe... I was the banana bread myself if I weren't a human:(


xweing said...

Hey.. practice makes perfect!

That being said.. I myself have slowed down on baking nowadays.. hehe feel so lethargic and no motivation to bake.

Maybe you should get a proper rectangular cake pan if you like to bake fruit cake

And the devil is in the details.. such as dont overmelt your butter, your eggs must be at room temp, dont open the oven door to fast, etc

Adelene said...

megan, you can watch more recipe video to get yourself motivated again. I am a very lazy person also especially need to clean up all the mess after that. but somehow, going through other people's recipe gives me a boost to try some new things:D

josze said...

I can relate to that totally. My other half has been complaining he could never ever cheer me up or get me to try something new. And I started eating pasta after I came back from Italy which he has tried to get me to try for 3 years. Why ah!

Anonymous said...

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Adelene said...

Dont know wo..weird! maybe we just dont want to be pushed to do something! WAHAH *rebellious!!*

Anonymous said...

jia..sorry for didn't folo your blog for sometimes d. I'm glad to see you back lor. the cake is nice la. I like and love banana cake, you know ma? next time when u bake again, i wan to try again k.. yes dear, joe is a good hubby as he always be with you no matter ups or downs. so cute is the letter stamp. I bought a few cute 1 too with the wordings. sometimes will chop for my u next time :)