Saturday, July 20, 2013

The memorable cream cracker layered cake

A bunch of backlogs piling, and scarcely have time.

But I give it an exception today not because the fond memory i had on this recipe back in my uni time, but also upon many requests on this recipe, thus I will make time to blog again.

The recipe is shared by my old buddy, Jenny. I vaguely remember how it was done though she wrote me her recipe some times( years!) ago, but no where to trace now. So with this vague memory, I put this out myself and hopefully the outcome is a pleasant one. And luckily it did.

so here is the recipe.of my memorable cream cracker layered cake that helped me reminisce back my uni life , one of my friend called it lagsana..but regardless the name, it was a fairly easy recipe and you would grin after you know it.

cream cracker ( 27 pieces)

1 can of luncheon meat( mah ling brand is the best)
1 big onion

5 eggs
1 can of ideal milk/evaporated milk
a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of sugar

1. Smashed the luncheon meat and chopped finely the onion
2. break the eggs, beat it and add in the milk, salt and sugar. Mixed well. leave aside
3. add a dribble of oil into cooking pan, and stirred in the onion. cooked evenly until fragrant.
4. shift in the luncheon meat and add a little of black soy sauce(optional).
5. Prepare a square pan, soak the cream cracker into steps 2 for a few seconds..probably 10?
6. lined up 9 pieces of cream cracker to form the first layer
7. Spread the cooked luncheon meat on the layer top.
8. continue until you finish you luncheon meat, for me, I make a 3 layers but the top layer must be your cream cracker.
9. pour in the remaining ingredient C.
10. steam it for 25-30 mins.
11. leave cool before you cut it.

easy peasy, isnt it? :)


Jen said...

Hi jia, my recipe is 8 eggs, and half kilo of onion. My steaming time is 45 minutes.

Adelene said...

yes sifu!

嘉 ji@ said...

i haven't had luncheon meat for ages... gotta try this out *drooling*

Elain said...

Steam 1..I wan a try jia..happy blogging