Monday, August 19, 2013

natural or C?

We had a good laugh over the lunch today. 4 girls and 1 guys, frantically discussed on the pros and cons of c-section or natural birth. We have 2 experienced mother who try to persuade me on taking the natural birth. seriously I am still contemplated on going through the natural birth although i thought i had made up my mind.
Hubby said natural birth is good, not sure if it is because it is cheaper?:P but maybe i should have told him that our company covers all the medical fee if we go through the c-section. which is really attractive!!
Anyway, I have heard them saying natural birth gives a good massage over the baby, helping them to develop the lung better and you only need to endure the contraction pain which only last for a few hours, then you are free to walk the next day.. but on the other hand, set aside the labor cost that fully subsidized by company on C, i have heard that it actually reduces the risk on delivery complication and it is cleaner that they helped you to remove everything during your operation, and the pain after the delivery is durable too..
I have no right to debate on any of that now..if i would like to choose, i wish i can experience it once on the natural birth as that is the special gift that God gives to us as women, but I am afraid to take that reason and causing a risk to baby... another dilemma as a mother perhaps.


Dawn Ng said...

Actually, c-section is not really covered by company insurance one, only emergency case that need c-section is covered.
But, a lot of doctor will help you to write a "justification" that you can do c-section free :P

Dawn Ng said...

You may find this article interesting :)

Elain said... matter how you urself is the one who is goin yo go thru these. If u ask me to choose again, I will choose natural delivery unless dr advise me go for c sec, I will listen to him. I had thru the pain but it's worth it when you see yourself heal faster and your lil one grown up well. I has never said natural delivering is the best. Just that as a mother we wish for a try..jia, you can de. Cant wait to hear from you the moment of delivering. I still remember u called me when I was at labor room waiting for shermaine's arrival. On that day, I will b proud of you my dear as you made it..hugs. dun think now, leave all to god and your bb..