Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The new addiction-Dcova cafe

Finally, Imma's back from a long hiatus!

Reason behind, simply because I miss blogging again! miss it so much that I told my hubby I need to pick it up again.

But, I wonder when will I disappear again. *Playing "leaving on a jet plane"in my mind like ipod without the shuffle mode on.*

Things have changed. I'm a mother now.A mother to a 9 months old baby Oscar. Which practically means many things have changed.
But wait, today I am not here to blog about the little rascal:) there will be time to blog about him:) but too much! I wonder If one page is enough for him XD

Recently the new cafes has increase to spiral in penang and we have been randomly budged into some of the newly opened cafe almost every weekend. The best way to rejuvenate yourself after 5 days of working days is having a nice brewed coffee and maybe accompanied by a nice hot plate of small bites, sometimes. At least it works for me:) to call the weekend as a good weekend.

So far,we have never been wowed over by a cafe like the one that we visited today. This café Is seriously good! its really good that if you just tap on the google for his name, you would see lots of good review and now it just add a number. And to be a good café isn't only about the food but the people! you could never find a cafe that you receive so much smiles from the staff when you step your foot in. At least I have never find any except in Dcova cafe.

Check out this café. This box used to be occupied by Lighthouse coffee but now Dcova café took over and making it looks more like a random café that you saw in those European town.

I will just let the pictures do its talking.
Dcova F&B is not over priced. It is reasonable for its quality and portion, in fact some of it is cheaper than other café.  If you have an eagle eyes, you probably can see the price from the below pic:P


If you are a affogado lover, I can assure you that this is the best i can get in penang. For its price and taste. Not too strong of caffein, the ice cream adds to some sweetness, but it is just good:) Complements each other, I would say.

The birthday boy order the long black. He likes it bitter. And I ordered my café latte as usual. Well...café latte is quite ordinary. I have tasted the best so this is still ok:)

And here comes the main course. We ordered pasta. In fact they don't have too many varieties on menu. Only pasta, and steamed rice. Maybe for quality control? but Pasta is great for the pasta lovers like us. :) Didn't manage to capture a single photo for carbonara. This is the Elbiko pasta which is the signature dish for Dcova. Cheesy and scrumptuos!! unbeatable pasta! Pasta of the year!! whatever you want to name it! A must try!!


And what should I call this? Fungus mushroom aglio oglio pasta? well, I still prefer elbiko pasta! 
The little girl picked this for the daddy:) the double chocolate tart. I had a better one before so this is just ok for me:)

The walnut tart with ice cream. We were too full that we couldn't really indulge into this anymore.

I just need a photo of me in this blog:P caption locked!

The group photo of  2 families! we truly enjoyed ourself in this café, you can definitely tell from our face!

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Starfish said...

Maybe u could try Coffee Mansion next time. It's new in town!